A bloodied hand shot out from the earth, splinters of wood and dirt mixing with the dripping blood. Slowly, another hand followed. The dirt was pushed away and a head could be seen, buried up to the neck in dirt. Gradually, the arms hoisted a small, dirty body out of the ground.

Blue eyes glared at the surrounding area. The person stumbled forward, trying to stand up on long unused limbs. The person was so weak.

Finally, the person stood up and snarled, the blue eyes shining defiance in the dark night. The person stumbled into the woods, trying to find a safe place to rest and gather strength after its ordeal under the ground.

Dawn came to the little grove the person had found itself in. The sun burned brightly and the blue eyes winced. The light hurt the eyes and burnt the skin on the body. Maybe the sun should be avoided? With a final snarl of sadness, the person attached to those blue eyes disappeared into the woods. It would spend precious years gathering its power, and then it could find the someone who wept for it. The someone whose parting words had been the most heartbroken goodbye the blue eyes had ever heard.

My heart is broken

I'm lying here

My thoughts are choking, on you my dear

On you my dear

On you my dear

-Avril Lavigne- Together

There was an undertone of sadness filling the hall. It was not because of the muggle that my Elect were torturing. It was the forced cheer. Normally everyone would take part in slowly peeling away the muggles' skin while the muggle was completely aware. Instead, only the newest members of the Elect took part while everyone else watched with sad smiles on their faces, remembering when she had taken up a whip in a similar occasion. The older members, the originals, all remembered her. It had been years since she had died and it would be years until the poison her memory left behind would fade into a dull ache. For me- there would be no respite. I was bonded to her. My life, my love, and my body were hers to keep. She had left me behind when she died. The only thing she had taken were my eyes. My eyes were red blood, the same color as the blood that streamed down the muggles' body as another piece of skin was slowly pulled off; the same color that her eyes had been. My ice eyes had gone to her grave with my heart.

The muggle shrieked hoarsely, his throat raw from his tortured screams. I turned and walked out of the room. I could still see her, standing next to the muggle, laughing as he cried and licking up his blood. It was too much.

I walked up the large marble staircase to the top floor of the castle and settled myself into a chair in my room. She had never been here; her presence was not inscribed into the stones of our new home. Yet, I still thought that I would turn the corner and find her here, waiting in the doorway, a smile on her face.

With a snarl I pushed away my wishful thinking. It would do no good to dwell on the past. The present was much more promising, even if she was not here. I had created a treaty with the wizarding world and the vampire and werewolf clans. All on my own I had forced plans into action that we had spent long hours in bed at night preparing. She was supposed to be at my side; Queen to my King. Now I was barely getting by.

I stood up from the chair and threw myself onto the bed, a sob escaping my throat. Her dark red hair would never grace my pillow again. I would never wake up to her stroking my hair and smiling down on me with that special smile that spoke right to my heart.

When I realized that lying on the bed was not helping my situation any, I got up again and promptly collapsed on the window seat.

There was nothing to see out of the window except snow and trees. Her grave was in a clearing in those woods. I had filled it with wildflowers and I visited it as often as I could. It still was not enough. I needed release from my pain.

On the window sill next to me was a knife we had found among her belongings. She had used it on herself when she was just discovering her powers. I picked it up and held it to my wrist and sighed. I could cut myself down to the bone as many times as I wished, but my body would heal everything before even a drop of my precious blood spilled. I had already tried to slit my wrists before. I had even jumped from the highest tower in this castle and had landed on my feet without any injuries. I was immortal. I never aged, never died, but I was dead. As dead as a person could be when their heart still beat in their chest and they still breathed.

It was all because my Ginevra had died.

There were tears sliding down my face. I thought I had cried myself out by now. I had been crying for seven years. I guess I could cry for seven more. Maybe then I would be allowed to die and go join my love in hell.

A soft tap on the glass of my window and an even softer hoot woke me up from the fitful sleep I had been able to fall into. I opened the window and a small ball of fluff flew into the room. It circled excitedly above my head a few times and I watched it with chagrin. It was Weasleys' owl. Pig was the only owl that could fly to Elect castle. Potter had tried with his white bird but Hedwig had been to large to fit through the wards. Having Pig fly around my head could only mean bad news.

I sighed and grabbed the little owl out of the air. It had a small letter attached to its' leg. Once I had freed it from its burden, the owl resumed its interrupted flight around my head. The hooting circles gradually irritating me until I snarled and threw the little menace out of the window.

The letter had Dumbledores' personal phoenix seal on it, signifying that this was a message from the Order of the Phoenix. I opened it with a pained sigh. They clearly wanted me for something and I wanted to be left in solitude so I could mourn my sorrow until the end of time. Why did they refuse to acknowledge the fact that I wished to be allowed to die? With another sorrow filled sigh, I opened the letter and read it.


We understand that we are the last people you wish to hear from during your time of mourning. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances have occurred that you need to be informed of. It is being speculated that a rogue vampire or Elect has been attacking people and villages. We have asked your ambassadors, second and fourth Elect Blaise and Pansy for help. They have been unable to locate this threat. Since you are the most powerful Elect, we need to ask for your assistance. We understand your reluctance, but we are helpless against this threat. We are holding an Order meeting tomorrow at noon in the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts School. Please seriously consider what we have just been addressed. We hope to see you there.


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Head Auror Harry Potter

I dropped the letter on the floor with a snarl of pure annoyance. Since they could not capture this creature by themselves, they resorted to begging for help. I sniffed. They were lowlifes. The one rule that I had followed for my entire life was to never show weakness. Begging was the worst thing to possibly do.

Why should I aid people that were so weak? I was the most powerful being alive. They even mentioned that in their letter. Why should I stoop down to their level? I sighed and shook my head. How could I refuse to give them the help they so sorely needed? We had a binding contract, endorsed with my own bloody signature. We had agreed to stop the fighting and to come to the others aid whenever there was trouble. I was extremely tempted to break the contract and continue to sit in front of the window and mourn. I sighed again and stood up. I could not, in good conscience, stay here and mourn for the one I loved and lost when she would have jumped at the chance to honor the contract. My love may have been blood thirsty and sadistic, but she held to her word. I had to go and help those weaklings because that is what she would have done.

I strolled into the Room of Requirement a half hour early and went to stand in a corner. The room was empty at the moment. I wanted the room to remain empty until the first order member arrived.

I slowly pulled my power around me and weaved a sight shield between the room and me. Now, if anyone looked into the corner I was currently standing in, they would only see the corners' tacky furnishings. I was going to remain hidden until they needed my presence. If this was a mere hoax to get me to work with them on an inconsequential piece of business, I was going to leave.

A few minutes later Dumbledore and his three little ducklings strolled into the room. Dumbledore looked old and weary. The fighting with Voldemort had hurt his body immensely. I was extremely surprised that the old fool had survived so long after Voldemorts death. Potter walked in next, his head held high, looking like he owned the castle. His black hair was longer, nearly brushing the bottom of his chin and it was just as messy and unkempt as it had been when we were attending school together. Weasley walked into the room about a step behind Potter and a little to Potters left. He made a great lackey to Potters kingliness. Weasley had not changed in appearance from the last time I had seen him seven years ago at the end of the war. His clothing was a superior weave from the threadbare rags he had grown up wearing and instead of wearing the maroon color that clashed horribly with his hair, Weasley had given up on his disdain for Slytherin and was wearing a green sweater that actually matched his complexion. Granger walked into the room with her head down and her nose buried in a scroll filled with notes. I smirked. Some things never changed. She looked up once she had entered the room and set down her reading materials. Her hair was long. It almost reached the small of her back. She had also straightened it with a complicated spell that I could see hovering around her head. Other than that, Granger looked the same.

"Malfoy isn't coming, is he?" she asked quietly, looking around the room as if she was expecting me to pop out of thin air in front of her.

"Watch the bastard not show up when we need him most. Malfoy signed the contract. He had better get his ass down here." Weasley snarled.

"Watch your language Ron," Granger hissed. "You know how hard it has been for him. He loved Ginny even more than your entire family combined! You saw what Malfoy did to Voldemort when the Dark Lord stopped her heart."

"Yes, but-" Weasley started but was interrupted by Potter.

"Look Ron, just leave it alone. If he can find the courage to come, Malfoy will leave his castle. He doesn't care how much peril the world is being subjected to. You saw how much pain Malfoy was in when he signed the contract. I would have to wonder if he was even alive if Pig hadn't returned without the letter."

Weasley opened his mouth to argue again but was stopped by the doors of the room opening again. Witches and Wizards started walking into the room and taking their seats in one of the many chairs. It was time for the meeting to commence.

I grew bored after about an hour had passed and all the Order had discussed was mundane business. There had not been a single word spoken about this rogue Vampire and I was quickly becoming annoyed. If they had dragged me out of my solitude for this dribble, there was going to be hell to pay.

They had gotten to a lapse in their conversation about cauldron bottom thickness that an older Weasley was leading when one witch stood up in the back of the room.

"I have a question," she called in a wheezy voice that made her sound like she was out of breath. Dumbledore nodded in her direction to acknowledge her. "When is this mysterious guest coming? The one you said might be able to help us fight against the thing that has been killing all of these innocent people!"

"I am very sorry but we aren't sure whether he will be able to make it to the meeting." Potter looked around him sadly. "I'm afraid that our help is too busy wallowing in his self pity. He probably will not be here."

That hurt. I was not wallowing in self-pity. I was whimpering over a broken heart. There is a vast difference between the two. I had to speak up and defend my honor.

"Are you sure about that Potter?" I snarled. Everybody in the room jumped and some of them pulled out their wands to fight an enemy they could not see. I smirked at their helpless reactions and walked silently past the frightened weaklings to stand in the middle of the floor.

"Perhaps I wanted you to sweat for a bit." I laughed quietly and dropped the sight spell. I was suddenly standing in the middle of the Room of Requirement and there were about ten wands pointed in my direction, Weasley's wand included.

I could understand their fear. Besides having a stranger suddenly appear in the middle of their top-secret meeting, I was dressed to kill, literally. I was wearing all black, my favorite color and the color of deep mourning. The pants were tight dragon leather with dragon scales covering the skin in links making deadly armor out of a simple design. There was a silver sword at my hip that seemed to be an extension of my body rather than being a weapon. I had a leather beater on top with the same dragon scales. Over all of that I was wearing a floor length duster that had slits in the sleeves that showed pale skin and corded muscle and had such intricate embroidery and was tailored so well that it looked like I had dark wings of death floating in the air around me. My hair was swept behind my back were it hung down to the backs of my knees. My hair had braids plaited into it at strategic places making it look like ice was falling down my spine in a waterfall of power.

"What type of welcome is this?" I asked with a haughty smirk. "I thought I was supposed to be your savior. Did you call me here to exterminate me? If you did I can assure you that you will not last long in a fight against me." I swept the crowd with my blood filled eyes and watched them shudder away from the death they saw hidden in the depths of my soul.

Potter held up his empty hands. He was one of the few that had not pulled out his wand. "Everyone please calm down and put away your wands." He called out. Slowly everyone tucked their wands away and returned to their seats. They observed me cautiously with eyes filled with fear. "Malfoy," he said nodding politely in my direction. I smirked back.

"You called me here because you are unable to capture a rogue and probably powerless vampire. You want my Elect and I to search out this murderer and take him into custody." I lifted a white eyebrow at Potter to make a question of my statement.

Potter nodded. "We will give you all the information we have on the killer and we are willing to give you as much assistance as you need."

"I accept your challenge." I said with a cold smirk.

Hermione walked up and handed me a scroll filled with her neat scrawl with a shaking hand. I guess I looked more deadly than I originally thought. "This is all of the information we have on the murderer." She said quietly as she slowly backed away from the cold, blood filled glare I was giving everyone in the room.

I nodded to Dumbledore and tucked the parchment into a pocket. I looked straight at Dumbledore and let him see the triumph in my eyes. "The Order owes me a boon in return for my assistance." I smirked at the outrage that ran abundant in the room and pulled my shields around me. I second later I disappeared from view.

The moment I disappeared, the fools began to talk about the thoughtlessness they had shown in agreeing to ask for my help. How could I be allowed to receive a boon from them? It was an outrage. Maybe the entire Elect should be eradicated before my people could cause any more harm.

As tempers began to flare and control of the meeting was wrested from Dumbledores' hands, I apparated away.

Once I returned to the solitude of my room I sat down at my desk and opened the scroll. The first thing I saw was that it was almost empty. There was a list of the villages the killer had attacked, the names of the victims and whether they were alive or dead, and a dismally short description of the murderer.

Eyes of ice, skin of snow, blood of hair, death of mind.

I sighed. It was definitely a vampire. No other creature had the power to hide his true features from humans. An Elect could easily ensnare the mind of a human but I was positive that none of my Elect would bother playing such games with mortals. There was little point in wasting power to hide what you looked like when the only time you approached a human was to capture them and take the individual to the castle to be tortured to death. The blood tasted so much sweeter when the fear had time to ripen from the moment the person was captured to the moment the first drop of blood appeared.

After two hours of pouring over the scroll and checking the villages with a map I had come to a conclusion. The murderer moved around a lot and did not care who he killed. There was not any consistency. There was no way to discover where, when, or who the next victim would be. I guess I would have to do this the hard way and go out and look for the bastard myself. I smirked sadly. At least I had some distraction from my sorrow.