"Come, join me by the fire." The girl called. I jumped, my nerves on edge and my body tight as a bowstring.

She sounded like Ginevra used to whenever I had managed to frustrate her.

"I promise not to hurt you. Please, I need to know who you are." I shuddered. The girl sounded exactly like my Ginevra. Why was she torturing me? Did the Vampires know about my one weakness- my weakness for her?

The girl stood up and placed her hands on her hips, looking like an exasperated Elect, power coursing through her very stance. She snarled at me and took a step forward. I took two quick steps back.

"Get out here before you force me to come after you." She hissed.

I could not think, let alone move. This girl looked exactly like my Ginevra, sounded exactly like her, and she even had the gall to have the same attitude. I shook my head free off these foolish thoughts. It was impossible for my Ginevra to be standing in front of me. Ginevra was dead. Voldemort had killed her seven years ago. The girl was an imposter!

I called in some of my powers to steady my body and stalked forward. It was time to ask this girl some of my own questions.

I stopped walking when I was about a foot away from her and crossed my arms across my chest with a snarl. "Who are you?" I hissed with a cold commanding voice that never tolerated lies.

"A good question," she shrugged and shook her head sadly. "It is one that I am inclined to answer. First, please take a seat." She carefully sat down on a log in front of the fire. "I refuse to answer all of your many questions while standing up."

I frowned at her impertinence. Did this girl know whom she was talking to? I am the leader of the Elect! No one dismisses me like that! No one dared to sit in my presence without my permission! I carefully put my hand on my sword. It would take two seconds to kill her.

She turned her head and glared at me. "Take a seat!"

I sat down next to her; forced to comply because of Ginevra's voice.

She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. "The answer to your question is easy, but I am terribly afraid that you will not believe me." She turned to pierce me with her icy eyes.

My heart slowed. This imposter had my eyes! She had stolen the eyes that Ginevra had taken to her grave. Oblivious to the fact that her death was sitting next to her, the girl continued. "I was- am Ginevra Molly Weasley, the only female of the entire Weasley clan. Voldemort possessed me in my first year at Hogwarts and because of Voldemort's belief that I was the only person alive who could help him return to power, I was given special powers and a new beautiful body. I became Voldemort's First Elect and fought, killed, and tortured for the snake alongside his other First Elect.

"In the last battle against the Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort was losing horribly. He called all of the Elect to him. Instead of giving the Elect to him, I decided that the Elect belonged to me. I fought against him to wrest control of my people back into my hands. I lost." She sighed. "He took control of my body, stopped my breathing, slowed my heart until it only beat once every couple of minutes, and did everything else the bastard could think of that would kill me."

I stared at the girl as she spoke about Ginevra's past. She spoke as if she knew every detail from the first person. There was only one problem, the girl never mentioned me. I was there the entire time. It had also been my decision to rule the Elect ourselves. I was there when Voldemort killed Ginevra. If she knew so many details about what had happened that night, why did she only leave out my side of the story?

The girl had been looking at the ground for a few minutes, giving me time to mull over everything she had just revealed. Now she slowly raised her head to look at me again.

"I don't think I died, though I was definitely very close. All of my bodily functions had been forced to a stop, I couldn't see, I couldn't think, darkness took me for a while. In that darkness I felt the force that was holding me dormant, ease and slowly dissipate. That was when Voldemort was killed. His control over me had ended but I was too weak to heal my body.

"In the void that my mind had temporarily become I heard someone call to me, someone whose heart was breaking. I struggled to come back to awareness. I needed to let that person know I was still alive. I failed; my body's injuries were too drastic. I slept.

"When I woke, I found myself in a wooden coffin, surrounded by cushions. I clawed my way out of the coffin and dug through six feet of dirt only to find myself abandoned in a clearing that was filled with beautiful flowers. It was night at the time and I was alone and powerless without a single clue of my whereabouts. I was also faint with hunger for blood. I found a small village and gorged. I think I killed everyone there, I don't really remember much of that night. What I do remember is the next morning I woke up, covered head to toe in someone else's blood and feeling the extreme need to run from the sun. That's when I knew that my powers needed to grow considerably. If I couldn't even walk in the sunlight without getting hurt, how would I be able to find the person who wanted to die with me?

"The first thing I tried to help strengthen me was something I vaguely remembered from my days with Voldemort. I could speak mind to mind with someone very important to me. I knew that he would willingly help me regain my powers. I tried to connect with his mind and I realized that I couldn't find it. In fact, much to my horror, there were huge holes in my memories and every single hole hid a piece of this person. Instead I was forced to kill humans for their blood. It has taken me these last seven years to regain my full strength." She turned to look at me, her ice eyes imploring me to help her. "Can you see now? Do you understand my predicament? I am completely unable to remember this male. I do not have even the slightest idea of who he is and what he looks like.

"I do remember that there was another First Elect, a male who would hopefully be willing to tell me who I am searching for. That is why I invited you here."

My mind was spinning in circles and tripping over itself in an attempt to comprehend what she had just told me. If everything she had said was true, the girl sitting in front of me was my Ginevra without a single memory of me. If this was not my Ginevra, there was a spy among the ranks of my Elect, one who had willingly given all of this information over to the enemy. But… that was not possible. Before I grant any contender the right to join the Elect, I carefully pick through their minds, searching for any sign of duplicity. I have never initiated a new Elect with any doubts to their character. I also trusted the original Elect with my life. No, there was absolutely no way that this girl had been given inside information.

That meant that the girl sitting next to me really was my Ginevra, risen from the grave to sooth my pain. Ginevra was alive!

I didn't have time to dwell on my happiness. As soon as that revelation filtered through my writhing mind, I received another one. I had left Ginevra all alone, under the ground, when she needed me the most. Then, when she was helpless, I left her to fend for herself when I should have been the one leading unsuspecting humans to her weakened form. I was the one to blame for her pain. I berated myself mercilessly. I had hurt my love!

She was not my love. How could she love me if she did not know who I am? Ginevra had forgotten me! My stomach clenched uncomfortably. There had to be something that would force her to remember me! I searched through my mind, hoping beyond all hope that there was a way to help.

I found it! The link between us was still strong. I had buried the link under years of grief and it took me a few moments to uncover it. I should be able to send her my memories through the link. She would have to remember me now!

I slid closer to her. Touching would increase the power the link held. After all, our close relationship had been the factor that had created the link in the first place.


I slowly closed my mouth, my lengthy explanation finished. All I could do now was hope that the handsome man sitting next to me would listen and understand. While I was waiting for an answer I took a good look at him, curious to see what type of person shared this link with me. He had long, snow-white hair that fell in thick waves past his shoulders to pool on the ground behind him. There were braids in his hair to keep it from falling into his face. It reminded me of a gentle snowfall that was promising to turn into a raging blizzard. His body was well muscled and was clearly toned to perfection. The tight black armored shirt and the dragon scale black pants with the strategically placed rips that enhanced movement proved that very nicely. At the moment his eyes were closed and his pale face looked shell shocked. Emotions raced across his features faster than the icy wind of deep winter. I could feel all of his emotions pounding down our link. First overwhelming happiness, then disappointment and remorse, happiness again, and then strong resolve. Suddenly the changing feelings stopped. All that was left was one feeling that I did not recognize. Love?

I opened my eyes, wondering when I had closed them and gasped. He was sitting much closer to me, a familiar smirk gracing his face. Where have I seen that smirk before? I wracked my mind but I still came up with a blank hole in my memory. I pushed my mind harder; trying to remember the first time I had truly noticed that beautiful smirk.

Potions class, we were making a potion with blood and I couldn't give the blood because of the changes in my body. The boy next to me, wearing all black and a cap on his head that covered his hair refused to give his blood as well. We failed the potion and the boy had smirked at me, the same smirk that was in front of me now.

But what was his name?

A gentle hand clasped my cold hands and a door in my mind cracked open.

Draco, Draco Malfoy. He had a name! Draco Malfoy was the one in my potions class, the one who had refused to give his blood because it would have shown his powers to me. He was the one who had introduced me to Voldemort.

There was more, much more, but I could not remember anything else. What had happened after?

An arm slid over my shoulders and pulled me into Draco's embrace. His body was warm and it felt like and extension of my own. My head fit under his chin perfectly and my back filled the space in front of his chest. It was almost as if we had been made to fit together like a key and a lock.

The door creaked open wider. I remembered Voldemort explaining how he had made us and why he had chosen me. I remember the outrage that Draco had felt when he had been told that he was not the only First Elect. Then we ran from Hogwarts to escape discovery. At Draco's manor he carefully taught me everything he knew. And… I fell in love with him? Yes I love Draco.

I turned my head up in a near habitual way, the way I had asked for a kiss back then. Slowly, as if he was not sure if he would regret this, Draco touched his lips to mine.

The door whipped open, memories pouring out and healing all of the empty places in my mind.

"Draco," I sighed staring into his bloody eyes, my eyes, and the eyes we had exchanged one night so long ago. He bent down to kiss me again and I eagerly accepted his mouth on my own. It felt so right. Memories surged back into my head and love melted back into my body. We stared into each other's eyes as our tongues met and slid against the other. Soon, instead of looking into blood eyes, I looked into ice eyes and love looked back.


"He is most certainly not trustworthy. Dumbledore, how can you even speculate that Elect Malfoy has nothing to do with all of these attacks?" Ex minister Cornelius Fudge was standing in front of a large council in the Ministry of Magic. Even though he had been forcibly sacked as Minister after his botched attempt at hiding the truth of Voldemort's revival from the public, Fudge was still an influential member of Wizarding society.

"I trust the First Elect because, at the time when he was at his weakest, having just lost the love of his life, he destroyed Voldemort. Then, knowing that he could not kill Voldemort himself, Malfoy willingly left his entire existence in my hands. He could not kill Voldemort; only Harry had the specified power to accomplish that feat, so Malfoy was forced to leave Voldemort alive! If we had let Voldemort live that night, Draco and the rest of the Elect, including Elect Ginevra's grave, would have been destroyed by an angry Voldemort. If I find out that someone is planning on attacking any of the Elect, I will offer my services to the Elect. Do not try and cross me Cornelius. You will not like the results." Dumbledore stood and walked from the room leaving behind an enraged ex-minister and an equally unhappy ministry council.

Waiting outside the room was an anxious trio. "How did it go?" Harry asked quietly.

"As it was expected to," Dumbledore answered. "The fools have found their scapegoat and are exploiting him to their fullest." The old man looked sad and world-weary. "They are planning on sending as many Auror contingents against the Elect as they can. Harry, you and Ron need to go to the Auror headquarters and build your own army. Try to convince as many Aurors of the truth as you can and urge them to join you in fighting with the Elect." Harry and Ron nodded.

"Dumbledore, what should we do about Lucius Malfoy and his Death Eaters? We know that they are gaining power very quickly. Soon everyone will know that Voldemort is still a danger to society." Hermione asked quietly, waiting for the answer with dread.

"I told the First Elect about Lucius. He said that his Elect would search for the Death Eaters. Unfortunately, the fools in that room are still concentrating on the Elect being a danger. They are too preoccupied on destroying the Elect to even think about the more immediate threat." Hermione nodded sadly. "Hermione, will you send a missive to Elect Draco explaining the circumstances? Please use Hedwig; enemy forces will not catch her." Dumbledore asked. With another nod, Hermione walked off, Harry and Ron trailing behind her.

I woke up feeling something pull out from underneath my head. Last night I had fallen asleep using Draco's chest as my pillow, but I seemed to have shifted in the night. I was now using Draco's hair for my pillow and it seems that he wants it back.

He was standing over me gently pulling on his hair with the hopes that he would not accidentally wake me.

I laughed quietly and stood up to let Draco have his hair back. It was a beautiful morning, though I suppose everything must be beautiful after you find your true love again. With a smile I walked around the clearing, gathering my clothing from where it had fallen last night in our haste and slowly got dressed.

Draco had pulled on his clothing and had walked off a ways into the woods.

Draco? I called, using my mind voice like we had before Voldemort had destroyed our lives.

Ginny! You can talk to me again! Draco screamed back clearly excited that we could still talk mind to mind.

I winced. My mind wasn't used to having another voice inside of it. Yes. I guess I can. I answered. Where are you?

I'm trying to figure out where we are in the woods. We need to get back to Elect castle and inform all of the Elect that you are alive.

I sent a nod back to Draco and stretched some sore muscles in my back. Sleeping on the ground was not pleasant. Suddenly, a white owl flew into the clearing. I recognized her at once. "Hedwig!" I called. The owl veered to the left and soared over to me. It dropped a letter into my hands and flew to a perch in the trees. The letter was addressed to Draco.

Draco, you got a letter from Hedwig.

Thanks I'll be right there! He answered back.

A few seconds later, Draco was standing next to me. I handed him the letter and he opened it with a snarl. I could tell it was bad news because of the angry feeling I felt from Draco. He handed me the letter and leaned against the tree, waiting to see what I thought of it.


How is the search for the rogue Vampire going? I hope you find her and destroy her soon. We really need that good news here. Dumbledore has instructed me to update you about the situation. In this letter is everything I know about Lucius and the Ministry.

Lucius Malfoy has created a strong following of Death Eaters and other supporters of the same ilk. He has begun attacking muggles and families of muggleborns. He even has some sort of spy or way of getting information from inside the Ministry. We think that he is planning on resurrecting Voldemort. We hope that your Elect manage to find out where they are hiding so we can eradicate them. The Ministry is ignoring Lucius and his following. I think they hope that Lucius will just disappear.

The Ministry is planning on attacking Elect castle sometime in the near future. They have the mistaken belief that you and your Elect are the ones attacking all of those people. Nothing we have said and nothing that we will say will dissuade them. If they do attack you, Dumbledore will come and fight with you, as will Harry, Ron and I. We are trying to gather anyone who is willing to help fight on your side.

Please either visit us discreetly or send back a letter with Hedwig. Tell us everything you know so we can plan accordingly.


Hermione Granger-Weasley

I looked up a Draco and shrugged. "This is all news to me. What are you going to tell Granger?"

"We are going to Elect castle. They have the right to know you are alive first. Then we are going to visit Hogwarts. I want to give them a scare." He smiled coldly as he explained his plan to me.

I smirked evilly back at Draco and linked an arm through his.

Lets go home.