Kagome PMSing? Poor Inuyasha...

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When all she heard was a grunt reply she sighed and walked up to him. "Inuyasha..."


"He didn't mean it, "she said, "honestly, Kouga, just swung and hit me on accident."

"Yeah right!" Inuyasha seethed, "I swear Kagome...if he even lays one more finger on you."

She stared at him. But looked away and sighed. "How is it?" She heard him mumbled.

She looked back at him, "how's what?" She asked blinking innocently.

Inuyasha looked at her, "the hit," he said softly.

She touched her cheek and flinched, "pretty bad," she said laughing nervously.

He sighed and took hold of her chin, "why don't you put something on it?"

She swallowed and stared at him. He stared back and winced. She pulled away blushing, "I was too busy trying to stop you from being too angry."

Nothing was said for while. "Kagome!" Shippo said coming over. He looked at her cheek, "what happened? Did Inuyasha hit you?"

"Idiot!" Inuyasha said hitting Shippos head, "I would never hurt Kagome and you know it...but for you it's another story."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said, "he was only worried about me!"

"Hmph," Inuyasha grunted, "shouldn't have accused me then."

Kagome rolled her eyes and picked up Shippo, "you alright?"

Shippo nodded rubbing his head, "so what really happened?"

"Nothing much," Kagome said with a smile, "Kouga, just came by."

Shippo touched her cheek and winced. "Shippo," Inuyasha growled angrily.

Kagome glared at him, "it's alright...geez, your paranoid today."

Inuyasha glared at her, "so you'd rather if I didn't care."

She wrinkled her nose, "you know what I mean!"

Inuyasha crossed his arms, "Actually I don't."

"Ugh!" She said carrying Shippo back to the camp.

"Hey!" Inuyasha yelled, "Get back here! Kagome! I was talking to you!"

She let out a breath and placed Shippo down, "go to Miroku and Sango, OK?" She asked smiling. Shippo went off.

She turned around, "Inuyasha...I'd really appreciate it if you didn't talk to me like your fighting me."

"B- But we are fighting!"

"No we're not!"

"Are too!"


"Are too!"


"We're fighting now!"

Kagome glared at him and groaned. She buried her head in her hands while sitting on the ground. "Kagome?"

He heard a sniff.

"Oh," he said, "come on! Don't cry!"

"Why do you a- always have t- to be like this?" She asked. It slightly muffled but her heard all of it.

"Be like what?" He asked.

She looked up and glared at him, "like this!"

He scatched his head, "sorry, Kagome, I don't get it."

"Go away!" She said placing her head down again.


"Go away!" She said again.


"I didn't mean it!" She said.

"Your really confusing me...Kagome?"

She sniffed and rubbed her eyes. "I hate her."


"Kikyo...I don't know why I always help her," she sniffed again.

Inuyasha didn't say anything.

Kagome let out a long breath, "you don't love her do you?" Kagome asked looking up into his eyes. "Pleeease say you don't," she said; she snuggled into him, "pleease."

"K- Kagome?" He asked; she had fallen to sleep. He let out a breath, what the hell? He thought...oh well.

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