Title: Betrayed With a Kiss

Author: Unspoken Tragedy

Rating: R for violent themes, and later on Torture.

Spoilers: All five books

Disclaimer: I do not own Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Krispy Kreme donuts, McDonald's co., Orlando Bloom or Dr. Pepper. And as most of those things have absolutely nothing to do with my story that last sentence was highly irrelevant. I am not making money off the writing of this fanfic.

Summery: When Dumbledore is forced to choose between Lupin's freedom and Exposing Snape as a spy, he makes a choice that he will forever regret.

Series: None yet, but I already know pretty much where this is going and do have ideas for a sequel.

A/N: Wow. This is my third new story started in only a few weeks. :) I'm just too nice (or mean depending on your point of view) to you guys! Well this story takes place during the end of Harry's fifth year holiday and on through his sixth year. It starts roughly two weeks before vacation ends, and is Severus & Remus centric, though will still have a bit of Harry thrown in from time to time to keep things interesting! This is not slash now, will not be slash later and if you ask me to make it slash you will be promptly ignored. This will be in mostly Remus's and Severus's points of view, though some of the minor character's points of view may be thrown in from time to time.

Betrayed With a Kiss

Prologue: Spy

"You treat me like a spy,
When I come around.
Just like a private eye,
Roaming through your town.
You treat me like a spy
And I can't see why.
If only looks could kill."
-Tait "Spy"

Severus Snape, Order member and Death Eater spy, strode purposefully through the doors to the Order Headquarters, at twelve Grimmauld Place. He'd been informed that the order would be dining there and felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to call a meeting. The past week had been spent among Voldemort and his Death Eaters brewing potions, making plans and discussing battle tactics.

For the first time in a while Severus had actually returned to Hogwarts uninjured and he was eternally grateful for that fact, even if spending a week with Death Eaters was not on his list of 'fun ways to spend summer holidays'. As soon as he'd gotten in Severus went in search of Albus Dumbledore, the Hogwarts Headmaster and Head of the Order of the Phoenix. After scouring the castle to no avail, he finally gave up and retired to his rooms for the night, only to find a letter waiting for him telling him that the headmaster was at headquarters dinning with the rest of the order.

And here he was. Even from the front hall he could smell the aroma of a delicious meal cooked by Molly Weasley and could hear the muffled sounds of laughter and merriment from the kitchen, where the Order (along with the Weasley children, Potter and Granger) ate. A stab of jealousy hit him as he listened.

What he would give to have a chance to be one of them... But he knew what they all thought of him. Not one of the whole lot trusted or liked him, save Dumbledore of course. He couldn't blame them, really. He was the spy, the greasy git. He'd been in Voldemort's service once before, even if it had been a long time ago.

He sighed softly. It wouldn't do him any good brooding of things, and he really wanted to get this report over with as soon as possible. He went down into the basement kitchen, where the others had gone suddenly silent at his arrival.

"Ah, Severus, I see you've returned," Dumbledore greeted warmly.


"Would you like to join us?" Molly asked gesturing to an empty chair at the table, despite the looks she received from her children and a few of the order.

"As nice as that sounds," Severus replied politely (much to the shock of the young Weasleys and Potter), "I'm afraid I've already eaten." And he had eaten... An expensive five-course meal at the Malfoys', but he didn't find it prudent to add that little tidbit in. Dinner with the Malfoys, however, hadn't been nearly as friendly or warm as dinner with the Weasleys might have been, that is for anyone otherthan him. With the loss of Lucius, Narcissa and Draco were sad and distant, in spite of all his efforts to have it otherwise "I actually came here to call forth an order meeting," he said, "it seems there are some new factors in this war that need to be considered."

Molly, the only Weasley whom even respected him, smiled kindly and replied, "Why don't you sit down for a few minutes then? We're almost finished here." He complied, and sat down in a chair which was strangely unoccupied at the end of the table.

Dinner passed quickly enough, even though it was a rather subdued affair, no doubt owing to the fact that Snape had arrived. Severus was reminded once again why he never dined with these people; it wouldn't matter if he killed the Dark Lord and captured the whole lot of Death Eaters single-handedly, they'd still dislike him. Although he was partly to blame for that; he'd never been too nice to them either.

After they finished Molly levitated the dishes into the sink and set them to cleaning themselves, turning towards Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. "Would you two be dears and fetch some Butterbeer from the cellar?" It had been decided earlier that summer that the Weasley children, Granger, and Potter would be allowed to sit in on meetings, and once the school year started, perhaps even Lovegood and Longbottom also. They had yet to become full-fledged members, however, as they were still too young.

"As you all are well aware," Severus started when Weasley and Potter returned, "I spent the prior week at the Malfoys' with the rest of the members of the Dark Lord's inner circle who are not in Azkaban. Curiously, unlike I had previously thought, this trip was not for raids or attacks, but rather plans. There have been tactics devised for the freeing of those imprisoned in Azkaban; however nothing concrete has been planned. There is a cause for worry though, as the Dark Lord still wishes to sway the dementors to his side. They have been rather, ah, difficult about negotiations and have already kissed one or two of the lower ranks.

"But the real reason I have called this meeting is that the Dark Lord is not only aiming for alliances with the dementors. As you know, he is attempting to gain the favour of the werewolves, vampires, trolls and giants also. The Death Eaters have settled on a plan to gain the werewolves and vampires, as of recently. Apparently the high ranks will be in congregation with several clans of European vampires sometime in the next month." Severus looked at Lupin, and then continued.

"As for the werewolves, the Dark Lord proposes something entirely different. He has tried negotiating with them in the past to no avail, and wishes to take a more proactive approach now. Systematically each werewolf living in Europe will be captured and contained until they agree to an alliance. Those who refuse will either be forced into one or killed." He finished speaking and silence took over the others as everyone stared either at him or Lupin. Remus himself was looking at Snape and the two of them shared a glance, as both knew that during these wolves' containment there would be no Wolfsbane potion to keep them from harming others.

"Then you really have no choice, Remus," Dumbledore spoke up, "Either you stay here in hiding or you stay at Hogwarts- as the new DADA professor."

"Parents would not want a werewolf teaching their students," Remus pointed out.

"That can be changed," the old man replied. "With a few owls to the board, I believe you'd be accepted back in no time."

"Well-" Remus started as if to argue further, but Snape cut him off.

"Take the job, Lupin." Remus stared at him, along with the rest of the room's inhabitants. It wasn't a secret that Snape had wanted the job for as long as he'd worked at Hogwarts, instead teaching Potions. But it was a secret why he had never gotten it. Merlin knows he was definitely qualified for it. But every year he applied for the position, only to be turned down.

After a moment of shocked silence, Dumbledore beamed. "Ah, you see, Remus? Even Severus wants you to take the job, you must accept." Snape neither denied of confirmed that statement and his face was a stone wall. But taking a closer look into the fathomless black eyes, Remus thought he saw a flicker of something that made him want to turn down that request even more. Defeat.

"Yes, take the job!" Harry and Ron echoed. "You were the best DADA teacher we'd had in, well, ever."

He felt a grin form on his face as he finally acquiesced. But in his minds eye he could still see that flicker. Even if it was only his imagination, he still saw that flicker of defeat.


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