Er, ok! Some starting notes! This fic wasn't really inspired by anything; I just kinda wanted to write it so I wrote down some ideas and began to throw them together. I'm not sure if I'll end this even. I only just wrote this so, who know? It's up to you guys! Tell me if you think I should continue or not. I'll try my best!

Summary: Itachi and Sasuke are princes and rein over a small kingdom. On Sasuke's 17th birthday Itachi is called to help find and get rid of a demon that's been reported around a part of the villiage. But the demons not exsactly what Itachi had in mind, in fact, the demons not really a demon at all! Now, an oblivious Naruto is going to meet Sasuke at the palace. Itachi's hoping Sasuke will... enjoy his present...but will the two really get along? And what happens when Itachi begins to notice Naruto more and more. Sasunaru, one-sided Itanaru.

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Warnings: bad first chapter, lame attemps at humor, Itachi kinda OOC.. but that'll all change =) (or so we hope)

Good Night My Knight!

Chapter One: Demon?

Itachi was fully alert. Alert, but calm. Calm as one could be in a situation like this at least. The village had been reporting a demon in disguise as a blond human boy that was lurking around this area. He had not believed any of the rumors until one of his men disappeared suddenly. Itachi had gathered a team and they were waiting for the demon to show up. They were well hidden and placed so that no matter who saw him first, they'd all be able to attack him quickly and surely. Itachi, though, had yet to see this blond demon.

'This had better be worth my time...' He thought silently.

A few leaves rustled in the tree next to him.

"Stop moving idiot!" Whispered someone in the tree with the other.

Itachi bent lower on his branch to see who it was that was about to give their places away. What he saw peeved him to no end. The idiots were moving! Moving like they had all the good reason in the world to! Itachi hissed as quietly as he could. He was about to call the whole thing off on a count of 'two blundering idiots that probably scared the demon away', but that's when he saw it. A flash of yellow had caught his eye. Itachi turned quickly and came face to face with a boy. He had stunning blue eyes and hair as golden as the sun. The boy, who Itachi assumed was the demon, had a perfectly innocent look on his face as he began to speak.

"What'ca looking at?" The boy asked rather loudly.

Itachi was about to attack him when he lost his footing. Itachi gasped as he felt himself falling. In a very un-Itachi like manner, he braced himself for the fall as he realized it was no use in trying to catch himself so close to the ground.

But the ground never came.

Two arms grabbed his shoulders and pushed him forwards just enough so he landed (ungracefully) on his feet. Itachi was about to look up at the person who had caught him but the voice caught his ears first.

"Whoa there! That was a close one. You people sure are weird. I mean, you've been staring at that same spot for probably about thirty minutes now."

Itachi's eyes slightly widened.

'This brat knew we were there the whole time?!'

Itachi brushed himself off and glanced up at the trees to see that the others were almost in just as much shock as Itachi. Itachi cleared his throat and signaled the men to come down, but not attack, not just yet. Itachi made sure all his men were still there before turning back to the blond demon, which hadn't moved an inch and had kept the same quizzical look on his face.

"Who are you?" Itachi asked.

"Naruto! Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto said putting his hands on his hips and grinning rather widely.

"I'm Uchiha Itachi." Itachi said.

"Well, nice to meet you! But you still haven't told me why you were all just sitting there."

Itachi raised an eyebrow. The kid didn't seem like a demon at all.

"Say, have you heard of a demon who was said to be around here some where?" Itachi asked.

"A demon? Ha! Like a real one?! Sweet! Around here? Nope, sure haven't seen one but I tell you, if I did--"


Itachi began to inspect the boy while he rambled on about demons. Apparently Naruto was actually a demon... just... really... obnoxious. But cute... handsome. Very handsome actually. Itachi smirked to himself.

'He'd be the perfect gift for Sasuke...'


The dark haired boy sat in his room staring out of the stone window. He was drowning in his thoughts. He'd been having strange dreams, dreams of a figure with hair as pure as the sun shine. This enigma seemed to haunt his dreams without fail since the past new moon. Sighing, the boy shook his hair out of his eyes. He was thinking of ways to get his mind off of the mysterious blond when there was a soft knock on his door.

"Prince Sasuke?" Came an old mans voice.

"Yes Hayuki?"

"Master Itachi wishes your presence in his chambers."

Sasuke heaved a sigh and used the ledge of the window to push himself up from the chair he'd been sitting on.

"I'll join him soon."

"Yes sire."

Sasuke grumbled thinking of what Itachi could possibly want from him. It was bad enough his older brother had forgotten his birthday.

'Maybe the idiot finally realized. A bit late though...' Sasuke thought looking out at the half moon settled calmly above the horizon.

Sasuke gazed one last time over the quiet forest and turned to exit. Clicking open the door he turned down the hallway and began the journey to his brother's chambers.


"Whoa... this place is huge!" Naruto said going around Itachi's room and touching anything he possibly could.

Itachi flinched as Naruto reached a very large, very expensive vase.

"Wow! I bet this cost a fortune!" Naruto said poking it.

"Almost..." Itachi grumbled.


"You heard me?" Itachi blinked.

'I was sure that wasn't more than a whisper... and he's almost twenty feet away... maybe he really is a demon of some sort.'

Itachi sat expecting Naruto. Maybe he'd underestimated him... he certainly was different. Human or not.

'Just perfect for Sasuke.' Itachi thought with a small chuckle.

"What're you laughing at?" Naruto asked with a half scowl as he walked back over to Itachi.

"Nothing Naruto."



"Your brother! You said you wanted me to meet him?"



Itachi sighed. 'Oh it's my brothers birthday and he's been grumpy lately so I figured a nice looking boy... demon... whatever would be good for him.'

"Um, because. You're about the same age as him... how old are you anyway?"

"Sixteen!" Naruto said happily.

Itachi nodded, "Yes... Sasuke's seventeen today..."

"Soooo what's he like?" Naruto asked.

"You're rather curious aren't you?"

"So?" Naruto asked, slightly pouting.

Itachi smirked lightly. He was opening his mouth to answer when a knock came from the door.

"Well, you're about to find out Naruto."


Erk. I didn't mean to end it there... I really didn't! I just kinda... did... he? I was actually planning on not rushing into the story so quickly either. I was gonna put in more of a background for Naruto... and then tho whole 'is he a demon?' thing went wrong. I really didn't wanna rush it that much... hm... maybe I can work on it and change it a bit one day =D. But oh well... I guess I just can't help it. I like starting things off a.s.a.p! =P... Well um. So. Review will you? Please?