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"That's why we have the two officers from the inside of the club acting like civilians."

The chief said as he crossed his arms, "That's why I have picked you two for the job."

"That still doesn't explain why it can't be Ryo and Dee..." I grumbled unhappily, "I mean they probably do go there in their free time..."

"That's why I don't want those two." He smirked, "People have seen them there before, I'm pretty sure that no one has seen you there, Parker."

"Sir...?" came a cheerfully call from my 'so-called' partner, "I was just wondering on what is going to happen if we notice the men."

"Call for the outside crew and Ryo, Dee and Ted will be there in no time to make the bust. Got it...?"

"Yes sir!" he smiled and stood up, "Well let's go get ready, Sempai."

I stood up just about to leave when I turned back to the walrus slash badger hybrid, "Why are you punishing me...?"

He smiled and shoved me out, "Because Parker, you get on my nerves... Now get out!"

With a shove and the slam of a door behind me and I met JJ's happy smile, as we left the building. I can't believe this is happening to me, I can't believe I have to go there and act... act...

"Something wrong, Sempai...?" JJ's cheerfully voice broke my train of thought, "You cold or something...?"

JJ must have notice my shuddering, "No... it's just that well..."

"You don't want to be seen at a club filled with dancing, kissing and flirting homosexuals...?" JJ read my mind as he continued walking hands behind his back, "You're just afraid that it's going to forever ruin your rep with the ladies..."

How the hell did he do that...? I stood there completely dumbfounded, staring at the back of my partner's head. He... how did he...?

He smiled and looked back at me, his smile fading and in its place was a worried frown, "I'm sorry... did I say something wrong, Drake...?"

Drake...? He called just called me Drake... I looked up at the worried frown that didn't really suit him at all and forced myself to smile, "No, you didn't JJ..."

I ruffled his hair and pulled him along, "So when should I pick you up tonight... Nine? Ten?"

JJ looked up at me and that smile was formed once again as he swatted my hand of his head, "Well since the operation starts at nine, how about that I just head over to your house around seven so I can help you get into 'character'."

He stood on the top step to his apartment building and looked down at me with a cheesy grin and a light snicker escaping his lips. I looked up at him and I felt something inside of me becoming almost attached to the little bugger. He turned away and pulled out his keys, trying to find the one open the door, when an old lady and her shopping basket held the door open for him and smiled at me.

"Remember, I'll be at your house at seven... see you later Drake." He walked inside his building at I watched through the glass window as he walked up the stairs.

"Aww... that's so sweet," the old lady was still looking at me, "Have you been together long...?"

"Huh...?" I looked up at her and realized that she was referring to me and JJ, "Umm, no wait I was just..."

She didn't give me a chance to answer, "You don't have to be so shy... I think it's wonderful that you youngsters are standing up in what you believe in and showing the world that you're not afraid to love who you want..."

I sighed and watched a she turned on a heel and headed her way to the local grocery store. This was exactly what I didn't want to happen... I don't want people to think maybe there is a Drake and JJ relationship floating around... I really don't need this now... but despite following her to tell the truth (like what I normally would have done) I just turned and walked home.


There soon came a knocking on my door, as I looked over at the clock it read seven... exactly seven... I stood up from my place on the couch and placed my beer on the coffee table. I slowly unlocked the door and carefully opened it and there stood a boy, wearing navy blue jeans with a black muscle shirt being covered by a white and blue stripped unbuttoned shirt... I just stared.

"Hello, Sempai!" he smiled big and bright and that gave away that it was JJ, as much I couldn't believe it really was him, "I knew you wouldn't be ready..."

It finally clicked on me that I didn't even have a shirt on yet... I felt my ears grow hot as I pulled him inside before someone saw us. I shut the door and then turned to him and watched as he looked around my place like a child at the zoo or something...

"Wow... I thought your place would be a complete disaster area sempai... I really, really did!" he looked over at me and smiled, "Guess my impression of you is wrong..."

"Well if you think that I'm one of those slobish single guys that only entertainment is to jack-off to porn, you're wrong... you're totally wrong..." well... about the slobish thing anyway... but I would never really admit my pastime...

"Or am I right...?" JJ pointed to a movie case with three naked blonds doing something very wrong... shit...

"Oh hush up..." I frowned and trapped him into a head lock... messing up the platinum blue hair, "Besides... I'm only borrowing that from Ted for the time being..."

He giggled and tried to wiggle free from my grasp, "Okay, Okay! I believe you... I really believe you Sempai!"

"You better..." I let go and chuckled as he tried to fix his hair... I noticed that the over-shirt had fallen off his pale shoulders and I couldn't help but stare...

"What are you looking at? Drake...?" I watched as he slowly repositioned the shirt back on his shoulders and looked behind him, "Oh my gosh!"

He cheerfully ran over and grabbed something for behind the couch that I didn't even notice (...cause of my ahem... previous trance). I heard him happily giggling as he pulled up the black fur ball I call my cat and cuddled it as it purred, "I never knew you had a cat...!"

"Most people don't..." I walked over to him and scratched the cat behind its ears soon it hopped out of JJ's arms and walked off.

"What's your cat's name...?" he watched as it elegantly jumped on the window sill, "You're allowed to have pets in your apartment...?"

"The landlord's a cat person so she really doesn't care and his name is Mr. Ficklesburg..." I sighed and waited for him to start laughing, but all he did was smile, "What...? Aren't you going to laugh at me...?"

"No why would I do that...? When I lived with my parents my dad named our cat..." he started to lightly giggle, "He named our cat, 'Dog'!"

"So I guess 'Mr. Ficklesbrug' isn't the stupidest name for a cat... she was wrong all along..." I started to laugh and I noticed that JJ was staring at me with complete curiosity, "What are you staring at huh...?"

"...Who is 'she'...?" JJ asked with the sound of his happy tone slowly disappearing, "If you don't mind me asking..."

"She's my girlfriend..." I watched as the smile disappeared from his face, "Well she was my girlfriend until about a month ago when she dumped and left him behind..."

"Mr. Ficklesburg...? He was her kitty...?"

"Nope he's mine I bought him to prove that I had a sensitive side... but when she moved out she told me that she never liked cats in the first place... Stupid bitch..." I smiled and looked at him, "Well... never mind my life... weren't you going to help me get into 'character'...?"

That smile reappeared once again and he nodded, "Well the first thing is... we've gotta find something for you to wear..." he poked me in the chest, "Something club-like but yet something normal."

Okay... I took him by the arm and dragged him toward my room and my closet... He stood there for about an hour looking at all my shirts. I found myself more than once watching him very closely; studying him as he studied my clothes...

"This is just right!" he pulled out some Hawaiian shirt that Ted bought me for Christmas or something, "Here put this on."

I took the shirt from him and put it on carefully doing up the buttons, when JJ ran up to me and pushed my hands away finishing the job leaving the two top buttons undone. I looked at him and shook my head as he smiled cheesier than ever.

"Now..." he said pulling me back into the living room, "You've gotta get used to dancing with a guy."

"Why...?" I looked at him, "If it's a fast dance I wont have to touch you... and how about we just leave it at that..."

"Drake, the chief said that we have to make it seem that we're actually a couple so no one gets suspicious... that's why we should get you used to dancing to slow songs with me..." he took my hands and placed them on his hips then he wrapped his arms around my neck... pulling me in closer...

I felt my face grow hot but I guess he didn't notice or he's just pretending not to... as we rocked back and forth to the love song that really wasn't playing... I don't know what feeling inside me made me do it... but I leaned in closer to him I could smell the light scent of cologne. I could hear him giggling, "Now you're getting into it, Sempai!"

I pulled back and focused my gaze on those blue eyes just as happy as the rest of him... I couldn't escape the moment so I kissed him...



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