Tk: Well people, after a hiatus, I decided to come back & write again, but I decided to write a pokemon fic this time. I decided to write a AAMayL , advance shipping, or what ever you want to call it. This is my first time writing this type, so please be kind.

Ash: So, Tk who's gonna be in it?

Tk: Well you, Brock, May, Max, Misty & all the pokemon.

Ash: So no Team Rocket?

Tk: Nope, not at all because a): I can't get their personalities b): I don't feel like adding them in.

Ash: Sounds good to me. Goodness knows that we all need a break once in a while from them huh?

Tk: Yeah, well you better get in place right now Ash or I'll have James take your place & you know what'll happen then

Ash gulps as he remember the little incident with James

Ash: uhhh, gotta go see ya! runs off

Tk: Heh, don't ask about it, it's not pretty . '. Well if some of you are wondering how Ash did in the Hoenn championship, he won it ok? It seems logical, but if you don't agree with me, then tell me in the review ok? Thanks in advance.

One step to love, Two steps back

Chapter 1: Coming Back Home

On the boat to Kanto

"Wow! I can't believe it, I'm finally going to Kanto" said a young boy with dark blue hair & glasses with a lot of excitement who was grinning from ear to ear who was leaning over the side of the railing to see some pokemon "I can't wait to see Pokemon like, Rattata & Raticate"

"Max, calm down ok? I know your excited, but there are people trying to relax on the boat too you know" said a girls voice from off the screen

"May, just relax ok? He's a little kid who's excited, they all act like that, even I was excited when I first went to Hoenn" said a amused voice, who happened to be Ash Ketchum, was shaking his head at his friend who was sunbathing on a lounge trying to relax.

"Well Ash, I want to relax, it's been rush, rush, rush ever since my parents decided to let Max & me go with you to Kanto, so I just want to relax ok?" May said as she put her head up to look at her friend who was in his Reddish/orange swimming trunks & blushed very lightly & layed back down to try & get a tan

"I can't blame ya May, I know what it feels like. I've been rushed a lot too growing up." said our tan friend, Brock as he looked sat on the pool edge next to Ash "I had to watch after 10 little brothers & sisters, so I was always rushed & had barely anytime to relax"

"Heh, I remember them, they were nice after trying to stop me from finishing my attack on your Onix" Ash said as he remembered his first Gym Battle in Kanto

"Wow, Ash, you had to battle Brock? What was it like? What pokemon did he use? What kind of attacks did he try on you? Did you use Pikachu?" Max asked quickly in one breath

"Yeah I did Max, Pikachu was my first pokemon, I wasn't very skilled back then, I lost once, but came back & forfeited, which later Brock gave me the Boulder Badge." Ash said as he looked up into the sky smiling softly as he remembered his beginnings.

"Pika pi, chu pika, pi ka" Pikachu said as he nodded his head who then went back to his favorite meal, which consisted of Ketchup, ketchup & more Ketchup.

"Hahahahah, your right Pikachu." Ash said as he laughed which Brock also joined in

Soon the loudspeaker on the boat came on blaring, saying that the Captain had something to say

"All Passengers, we will be arriving at Pallet Town Harbor in about 20 minutes, so please get all belongings that you have brought with you. That is all" the captain said as the speaker went dead

"Well you guys, let's go get changed right?" Ash asked everyone who nodded their heads & went to change

Pallet Town Harbor

Soon enough everybody was off the boat & down the harbor happy to be here, while some of them were trainers here to challenge the Indigo Plateau, other where here cause they just wanted to come & see the sights & just relax while visiting relatives.

"So Ash, where are we going?" May asked as he walked beside him

"yeah where?" Max wondered as well. "Well we're going to my house, so I can see my mom. She's really nice, plus a great cook probably just as great as Brock"

Brock just grinned at him "Yeah, but I must admit that she is a much better cook then me. She could probably have her own cooking show." Brock said. "Maybe. I can see the name now: "Cooking with Delia." Ash said as he chuckled while shaking his head

"Or how about "Delia's Food, A Gourmet meal for 20" Brock said as he laughed with Ash, but May & Max seemed to confused.

Soon after walking a bit, they reached the infamous home of Ash Ketchum. Ash smiled as he looked at the house glad to be home, while May & Max looked at it with wonder. "So Ash this is where you live?" May asked as she looked at it with wonder

"Yep, this is my house. I'm gonna go see my mom" Ash said as he started running up the stairs & opened the door, but in just a matter of seconds was flying out the door about 20 feet into the sky & soon landed with a thump about 30 feet away from the group while dust was flying out the door.

"Mime, Mime, Mime, Mime, Mime" said a pokemon holding a broom while singing aloud, while the group laughed & went to check on Ash. "Ash, are you okay?" May asked with concern in her chocolate brown eyes. "cough, cough yeah, I'm fine May, thanks" Ash said as he got up slowly dusting himself off "Should've remember that part, just glad it wasn't the vacuum in the face again"

"WOW!! It's a Mr. Mime!" Max said as he ran over to Mr. Mime quickly & started looking at it while measuring it with his tape "I've never seen one up close, this is so cool". "Mr. Mime huh?" May said as she pulled out her Pokedex & scanned Mr. Mime with it.

'Mr. Mime, the Mime Pokemon. This Pokemon creates light barriers with it's hands to make walls, but be careful for this walls are invisible' Dex said as the voice recording finished. "Wow, so it's a mime?" May said as he looked at it.

"Yeah & a pretty good pokemon as well. Now let's see how's it doing" Brock said as he was suddenly in his doctor get up "Hmm, it seems healthy, nice coloration, healthy voice. I declare this pokemon fighting fit".

As the group chuckled, Mr. Mime & Pikachu joined in while walking in. "Mom? I'm home, Ash is here" Ash said as he walked through the living room & into the kitchen seeing his mom. "Ohhh Ash, how is my big boy doing?" Delia Ketchum said as she walked over to her son with her arms spread. "I'm fine mom" Ash said as he walked over to her ready to hug her, but missed completely as Delia picked up Pikachu in her hands & smiled while Ash fell onto his face groaning.

"How are you doing Pikachu?" Delia asked Pikachu, who smiled & gave a thumbs up at her. As Delia put Pikachu on the counter, Ash got up & smiled softly.

"Ooohh, who are these people Ash?" Delia asked her only son & child while looking at Max & May. "These are my friends, May & Max, they're from the Hoenn region. They live in Petalburg & they're the gym leaders kids" Ash said as he smiled as he introduced them to his mother

"Hello, Ms. Ketchum, it's very nice to meet you" Max & May said at the same time. "It's always nice to meet Ash's friends & welcome to my house" Delia said as she went back to doing the dishes "Oh, yeah Ash darling, Professor Oak called, he wanted to see you down at his lab, once you got back".

"Ok Mom, thanks," Ash said as he walked into the Living room & took a seat "so do you guys wanna go?". "No, thanks Ash, I need to get going. I promised my father that I'll come home when I got here, so see ya Ash." Brock said as he shook Ash's hand bye. "So what about you guys?" Ash asked as he looked at May & Max.

"Yes! I'll go, I wanna see all of the Pokemon you have Ash." Max said with enthusiasm, while May was just quite & finally agreed to go with him while Ash just smiled & thanked them. "Ok Mom, we're goin' now" Ash yelled to his mother, while his mother replied back "All right, Ash just be back in time for Dinner, we're having Pizza."

Soon the group was walking down the road to Prof. Oak's lab, while walking they talked about things, like Ash's most embarrassing stories, & what places are good around here.

"Huh? Ash is that you?" said a feminine voice from behind the group.

"Misty is that you?" Ash said as he turned around slowly

end chapter 1

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Chapter 2: Memories & Jealousness