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Chapter 7 Every secret revealed doesn't come easy

One Step towards Love, Two steps back

Back with Ash and May

As the two teens continued looking at each other, with love in one another's eye, Ash took a deep breath

"May, I just wanted to tell you that I lo..."Ash said as he started to speak, but was rudely interrupted by a crack and a large smash which was followed by a quiet 'ow'.

"Huh? Who's there?" May said as she looked behind her with fear embedded into her eyes.

"Ow, man that hurt. I've got to pick branches more carefully next time." Said a voice from the bushes in pain

"Max? Is that you?" Ash said as he started to walk towards the bushes and pulled them apart and saw Max on the ground with swirly eyes

"MAX!!!! How dare you spy on Ash and me!!" May as her anger started to flare up and pulled out her trusty mallet "Max, I'll give you till the count of three to start running for you life."

As Max looked up slowly and yelped as May got to three and slammed the hammer down in the exact spot where Max was, but there was a trail of dust in front of May showing that Max had ran for his life screaming like a little girl (no offense to any woman, but that scene seems funny in my head ')

"Ooohh, that Max! I'm gonna get him for this, but Ash, I'm really sorry about what Max did. Now what were you trying to tell me earlier?" May said as she looked at Ash again, her eyes going from scary to sincere.

"It's nothing May. Forget it, let's just go back ok?" Ash said as he sighed and looked into sky thinking 'Man, I was so close!'

"All right then Ash. I'm still gonna have to figure out a way to get Max back for what he did." May said as she clenched her fists angrily, but took a deep breath and relaxed, then smiled at Ash happily

Leaving the Scene

As the two started walking back to Ash's house, May and Ash talked about how they were going to get Max back. Soon the two arrived at Ash's house smiling happily and grinning, but they didn't come up with any plots to get Max back.

"May, Ash, I just wanted to apologize for what I did. I know it was wrong and I'm really sorry, if there's anything I can do to make it up to you let me know ok?" Max said to them after Ash and May walked in.

"It's okay Max. I'm kind of mad at you right now, but next time, please don't follow me." May said as she smiled and ruffled up Max's hair a bit which got her a hug from Max happily.

"Yeah it's okay Max, but promise me that you won't do it again." Ash said as he smiled at the younger boy, who nodded back happily

"Thanks again you guys. I think I'm gonna head up to bed ok?" Max said as he rubbed his eyes sleepily

"All right then Max, have a nice sleep." Ash and May said as Max turned around and started back up the stairs tiredly.

As the two teens took a seat on the couch, May yawned tiredly as well.

"May, you look tired, why don't you head to bed and get some sleep." Ash said as he looked at May

"No, no. I'm fine, it's just been a long night, that's all." May said as laid her head on Ash's shoulder making the young teen blush, but May didn't seem to notice at all

"Wanna watch TV, May?" Ash asked the young girl whose head was on his shoulder

"Sure. Anything you want Ash."

"Thanks May."

"No problem"

"Hey, how about this show?"

"Ohh, the world funniest Tornado's (1)"

"I heard this show's really funny. It's about watching funny things that happen to people during a tornado." Ash said grinning as he watched the show and chuckled lightly

TV: Tornado sound BOING OH! My groin!!

"Haha, this show is so funny." May as she chuckled happily and smiled as she took a deep inhale of breath getting a good dose of what Ash smelled like? "Ash, you smell good you know."

"Thanks May. I got some new cologne today. It's called "Muscular Reminisce"." Ash said as he continued watching the show grinning like a fool

TV: Tornado sound again BOING OH! My groin!! ......Again!

As Ash laughed quietly so he didn't wake any one up, but looked down at May and saw her fast asleep, her head on his shoulder. Ash couldn't help but smile at how cute she was when she was asleep.

"Sleep tight May. Sweet dreams." Ash said as he picked May up in his arms and carried her up stairs to hers and Misty's room and laid May on her bed. As Ash tucked May in, he smiled feeling brave, he leaned down and kissed her cheek lightly.

As Ash left the room, May grinned as she opened one eye smiling happily.

"Yes, I can't believe it." May said as she turned onto her side and looked out the window happily, but soon she feel asleep with a big smile on her face

The next morning

As Ash got up from his sleep, he did his usual routine of shower, change, teeth and then head down stairs to breakfast.

"Hey Ash, how'd the date go?" Misty said as she grinned at Ash making him go red in the face and gaining a pissed look on his face.

"It wasn't a date Misty!!" Ash said angrily as he got out a box of Alien Blasted Fruit Loops™ (not mine) and made himself a bowl "It was just a night out on the town between friends."

"Yeah, but it sounds like a date to me, Ashy-boy." Misty said as she got up and put her bowl away and went up stairs to do her routine as well

As Ash continued eating, May got up from her sleep as well with a huge smile on her face.

"Hmmm, that was really good (), I haven't slept like that in a long time." May said as she stretched to get her joints working. As May continued to stretch out her limbs, she giggled as she remembered how she got into bed last night and got a small blush on her face as she went into the bathroom and showered, changed, brushed her teeth and Hair, then got dressed in her normal attire and went down stairs smiling happily, but she giggled happily as she saw Ash eating his breakfast, but this happened to catch Ash's attention

"Huh? Hey May, sleep well?" Ash said as he put his spoon into his bowl letting the 'O' shaped cereal float around his spoon

"Yeah, I did Ash and thanks for putting me into bed last night." May said as she winked at him and got a bowl herself and made her self a bowl of cereal as well

"No problem May, I'm glad you slept well." Ash said as he finished and put his bowl away and went into the living room to watch TV.

Soon May joined him and sat next to him watching "When Cute Pokemon go deadly"

"Ash, what's this show all about anyway?" May said as she saw a Skitty on the Television smiling cutely

"It's about when they find really cute pokemon, but get the shock of their life when they see it act evil." Ash said as he chuckled when the Skitty's teeth were bared showing razor sharp teeth and rips a throw pillow apart scaring the crewmen and making one of them wet his pants

"Oh, well this show seems weird, but also funny, but Ash I do have one question for you though, what were you going to tell me hmm?" May said as she grinned at Ash

"Umm... well May, like I said last night, it's nothing." Ash said as he looked out the window trying to avoid the subject, but tried changing it instead "Nice weather outside huh May?"

"Ash Ketchum, don't you dare try to change the subject, but if that's how you want to play, then I can play just the same way. I own methods to make you talk." May said as she grinned evilly and walked over to Ash and sat on his lap "So Mr. Ketchum, I'll give you one last chance to tell me what you were trying to tell me or I'll have to resort to the...heavy artillery."

As Ash looked on in fright he shook his head which made May grin evilly and she raised her hands and...

As we see a flock of pidgey outside, we see them fly off as a large scream was heard coming from the Ketchum residence, sounding like an "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

With Misty

As Misty brushed her hair with her yellow hairbrush, she couldn't help but smile as Tracey slowly entered her thoughts making her blush a deep red, but gasped and dropped her hairbrush when she heard the loud scream coming from down stairs.

"What's that? Sounds like someone's in trouble." Misty said as she got up from her chair and ran down the stairs, but she couldn't help, but chuckle when she saw the scene:

She saw May on top of Ash tickling him like no tomorrow while Ash was laughing his head off and tears falling down his face

"Tell me now Ash, TELL ME!!"

"NO laugh it's nothing laughs harder." Ash said as he rolled back and forth while May tickled the life out of him

"Ok then, if it's nothing, then I'll continue to tickle you then" May said as she continued to tickle torture him

"All right laughs I'll tell you laughs really hard I'll tell you if you please likes like no tomorrow stop" Ash said as the tears flew out like a water fountain spraying a kid in the face

"Good, now start talking." May said as she stopped and took a seat on the couch while grinning like a headless hyena

"Good job May, I wouldn't have thought of that to try and get something from him." Misty said as she shook her head and went back up stairs to finish brushing her hair

"Thanks Misty!" May said as she yelled up the stairs, "Now Mr. Ketchum what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Well it's just that I wanted to tell you that I..." Ash stared to say, but finished his saying by mumbling

"What was that Ash?" May said as she leaned forward to try and hear him, but was caught with a kiss instead on her lips

As May opened her eyes in shock, but smiled as she relaxed into the kiss and kissed him back tasting his sweet lips happily

'Hmm they taste like sugar. And I like sugar' May thought happily

'Wow, this is really good, I'd never thought that I'd be kissing May Maple, the girl of my dreams and my one love.' Ash thought as he closed his eyes and deepened the kiss while May did the same to him.

Soon the couple broke the kiss and Ash pulled her into a hug holding her close

"May, I said that I love you, with all my heart and I always will." Ash said as he softly kissed her cheek

"Ohh Ash, I love you too. I always loved you ever since the hospital. I want to be with you forever." May said as she hugged her newly acquired boyfriend

"Thanks May, me too." Ash said as he picked his girlfriend up in his arms and twirled her around making her giggle

As Misty looked on from the top of the stairs, she smiled down at the happy couple thinking 'Ash, May, I truly wish both of you eternal happiness, but now I have to go deal with someone who loves me'

Professor Oak's Lab

As Misty walked up the stairs quietly looking nervous, but soon came to the door and knocked on it, as she waited for the door to open, it opened. As she looked at the person at the door, it was Tracey.

"Hey Tracey." Misty said sheepishly

"Hey Misty, want to come in?" Tracey said as he stepped aside letting Misty "Did you come here to get your pokemon checked up?"

"Umm...actually no I didn't Tracey, I came here to talk to you." Misty said as her face went deep red

"Ok then. What did you want to talk about?" Tracey said as he took a sit on the couch across from the one Misty took a seat on

"It's about what you said to me a few nights ago." Misty said as she looked away blushing a deep scarlet

"Ohh...I guess you don't like me then huh?" Tracey said as he looked down sadly

"No, no! It's not that Tracey; it's quite the opposite. I really like you Tracey." Misty said as she looked down her face going redder then a sunburn on a Zebra's back

"You do Misty?" Tracey said as he looked up at Misty, who slowly nodded her head.

As Tracey smiled her got up and walked over to her. Tilting her head up, he smiled as he leaned down and kissed her lips softly making open her eyes in shock, but after a few seconds she relaxed and kissed back happily while slowly wrapping her arms around his waist

Soon the two broke apart smiling and breathing deeply

"Wow Misty, you're a really good kisser." Tracey said as he took a seat next to Misty

"Really Tracey? Thank you." Misty said as she laid her head on Tracy's shoulder

"Your Welcome Misty, but I can't help but wonder one thing."

"What is it?"

"I saw that Ash and May liked each other, so I'm wondering should we try to get them together?"

"No, don't Tracey. They got together this morning, I saw the whole thing." Misty said as she took her hand into Tracey's and closed her eyes

"Hmm, cool." Tracey said as he closed his eyes and dozed off as well

Back with Ash and May


"Yeah May?"

"I was wondering something."

"What is it May?"

"Well what would your mother think?"

"I would think that my son found the perfect girl for him and he should feel really proud and I'm really happy for him." Said a voice from the doorway, which happened to be Mrs. Ketchum herself smiling happily

"Really mom?" Ash said as he looked at his mother. She nodded her head happily at him "Thanks Mom, you're the best."

"Thank you Mrs. Ketchum." May said as she scooted closer to Ash happily and kisses his lips lightly and happily.

End Chapter 7 and Story

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