Fumbling Towards Ectasy

by: darkestbeforedawn
summary: five years into the future of 'bouquet'. what has changed, and what hasn't. the most important things... they never change. multiple pairings shounen ai & shoujo ai & heterosexual couples

I looked into your eyes they told me plenty
I already knew you never felt a thing
so soon forgotten all that you do
in more than words I tried to tell you
the more I tried I failed
I would not let myself believe that you might stray
and I would stand by you no matter what they'd say,
I would have thought I'd be with you
until my dying day
until my dying day...

-- 'Plenty', Sarah McLachlan

My hair clung to the side of cheek, the rain still dutifully pouring down. It has been for a week already, since Tohru and the Prince returned from Osaka.

How did five years go by so quick? How did things change so fast...

... why didn't I notice it until it was too late?

I can hear Uo-chan scold me for standing in this rain. She has grown into something of a mother hen-- something I had expected, quite actually. She went to pursue a job in modeling... who would've thought? Even I never thought she would've.

Alot of things happen that I suppose, never thought would've happened.

I didn't think it was possible, but I graduated high school and got a job as a librarian. Not something I'd ever imagine myself as, but a sickening reminder of what I could've been... could've had...

I am married.

But silly enough, I'm not in love. I am married, and I am a wife, a mother.

Yes, a mother.

It had been a sunny day, one that she would've liked, would've badgered me into--

I was working, stacking books and staring at a group of overly-loud children that had entered.

He had been looking for a book for a presentation, one that would gurantee success and approval with his professors at the university he was in.

I suppose you can say, no book was greater than I in that subject. He had been majoring in Psychology, and he had looked at me with such honest and sincere eyes...

Eyes that reminded of someone so dear...

And so far away...

He's a good man, really. An attractive and responisble working husband, and a kind and wonderful father to our little boy...

Yes, our little boy.

Bikawa Tohru, my son.

And a painful reminder to what I could have been.

--- 'Plenty' --- Hanajima's POV

never a happy ending, ne? ahh, but i've been writing lotsa fluff fics lately, so 'fte' has to suffer. bwahaha.. well, thank you to my loyal reviewers and to new ones! and to clear up a little, yes, at this point, yuki & kyo are living together... but... it's not a guaranteed couple. -winks-

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