Title: The Marraige Ceremony
Author: fazy
Pairing: Haldir/ Elrond.
Rating: PG
Archive: Melethryn, ff,net LoM
Summary: Elrond and Haldir make the relationship official.
Genre: AU (somewhere in the 21st century)
Warnings: slash. (duh)

The crowd was gathered in a neat semicircle around the garden complex, with the dearest of them all standing closest to the center. Elrond looked round. Yes, the dearest... but it wasn't them who captured his attention today. No, he wasn't of the circle. Not today.

It was a simple ceremony that Elrond had conducted countless times... not exactly a wedding ceremony per se, but more of a ritual of confirmation. It was at once a declaration of commitment from both sides and a plea to the Valar to bless that declaration.

He could still remember the ceremonies he had conducted in Imladris so long ago. He could remember every single one. Back then, it would have been held close to nature: by the river and under the sighing boughs, and the whole of Imladris would have turned up to witness the ceremony.

And after that there would be feasting. Elrond could still remember sitting in his chair at the head of the table with the couple, watching the festivities. There we times he longed to join the fun, to immerse himself in a swirl of colour and bright lights, but always he had to remain at his post. He was the Lord of Imladris. He knew his place.

As did Haldir, though in a slightly different way. Unlike both Elrond and Galadriel, whose sense of duty compelled them to be part of the action while at the same time passively watching over it, Haldir's place was away from the noise and crowd. As marchwarden, his duty was to keep Lothlorien safe while the majority of the population was otherwise engaged. The ceremony was a special once, and the honour of witnessing one was not an opportunity to be missed.

And every time it was performed, the boarders of Lothlorien would be devoid of all but a few of it's elite Guardians. They had to be the elite. All the Guardians were elite. Haldir had made sure of it. For the duration of that one night, a single Guardian might have to take the place of thirty such watchers, and though there was an unofficial rotating roster for service during special occasions, the Marchwarden never got a night off to partake in the festivities.

And so Haldir was possibly the one elf who had never witnessed a ceremony in all his life. Even Elrond's seneschal had had the opportunity to sit in on one every now and again. 'But that wouldn't have been too suprising,' Haldir thought bitterly. After all, Elrond had been Glorfindel's lover back then, and the blonde eldar would surely have gotten all the concessions he demanded. Elrond would never dream of disobeying. Back then, Glorfindel had had Elrond under his thumb.

It was Haldir's first ever ceremony, and nervously, he glanced up at the dark haired elf beside him and bit his lip. But all traces of uncertaintly vanished when Elronds's eyes met his. The blonde could see the joy and serenity playing in those dark orbs, and together they shared a secret smile. Today was their day. Today it was them who stood facing Galadriel before the semi-circle. It was for them that the crowd had turned up for. Overhead, the clouds rolled by, candy-like wisps of cotton amidst a bright blue sky. It was promising to be a beautiful day.

To Be Continued....

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