Title: The Marriage Ceremony
Author: fazy
Pairing: Haldir/ Elrond.
Rating: PG
Summary: Elrond and Haldir make the relationship official.
Genre: AU (somewhere in the 21st century)
Warnings: slash. (duh)

/ ... / stands for thought speak. But you guys already know that, dont you. ;D

Neither of them knew how long they sat there in the cupboard, arms entwined and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. It was as if the dark spell of the morning was broken, and they were once more able to breathe freely again, or perhaps a new spell had been cast over them, an enchantment sweeter than the sweetest spring water and just equally as magical. Immersed as they were in a garden of breathy sighs and tender caresses, both their eyes sparkled with joy and adoration, until even the cupboard grew too small to house their love until eventually the two settled down once more beneath their nightly duvet.

Out in the hallway, Orophin breathed a sigh of relief. He was no stranger to how volatile the relationship was, and how devastating their quarrels could be. Seeing them cuddling in bed like a pair of lovesick adolescents, he smiled and shook his head. It never ceased to amaze him how smitten his brother was with the dark-haired Noldor, or how the initial new-nes of the relationship had never faded with time. Even now, they worried that they were not good enough for the other. Even now, the idea that the other might just be toying with them was a constant anxiety, and that their happiness was too good to be true. It was as if they were living a dream, and even now, even after five hundred years of loving each other, each was haunted by a mortal terror that they might some day wake up.

Shutting the door firmly behind him, he stationed himself at the top of the stairs, and when the first of the stragglers trickled in, he was ready. Only those guests most dear to the couple would presume to enter the private wing of the mansion, and being their nearest and dearest, they would also be the most understanding of the situation. Let them entertain themselves in the nearby sitting room. Surely they would not begrudge the lovers their moment of privacy?

As it was, Orophin need not have worried. Elrond had been so elusive for the most part of the Age that the only his three children had come to seek him out, and although Haldir had an endless list of casual acquaintances, the only people he admitted into his private sphere were those he thought of as family; his brothers, their partners, Orophin's two children and his beloved lady Galadrial.

After awhile, when Orophin thought it might be safe, he tapped timidly at the heavy oak door and pressed his ear to the smooth wooden surface. He heard Elrond stiffle a groan, caught the faintest suggestion of Haldir's teasing laugh, and then heard Elond's telepathic voice, grudgingly giving him entry. Chuckling, he pushed open the door.

"Sorry," Orophin said, apologising for the fiasco earlier on. "We caught the shithole with the mouth though. Beat him up nice and proper," he continued, grinning lopsidedly.

Sighing softly, Haldir shook his head and sat up, allowing the covers to fall from his body, brazenly expose his nakedness. But Orophin was used to this by now. They all were. Everybody knew how nautrally it came to Haldir, that he had never had any reason to be ashamed of his body.

Elrond on the other hand was as self-conscious as ever. Blushing, he drew the duvet up to his chin, and gazed longingly at the pile of discarded clothes strewn across the floor.

"No you didn't," Haldir said quietly. "I know who it was. And I know you would never hurt him. You could never lay a finger on an old flame of mine."

Orophin sat down at the edge of the bed, glowering, and handed Elrond the cotton tunic he had worn as an undershirt earlier that day. "Nobody messes with my brother," he growled as the Noldor struggled thankfully into the rumpled garment.

"I'm the eldest," Haldir retorted, arching his eyebrows in mock arrogance. "And that's supposed to be my line, not yours."

"But it is your line, dear brother, it is," Orophin replied in the same. "I simply borrowed it for awhile," he finished, then laughed when Haldir swatted him playfully with a pillow.

Hearing the chatter, the rest of the family circle drew close, and looking up, Haldir beckoned them in. It felt good to have his most trusted friends about, surrounding them both, encasing them in a soft coccoon of their love. Here he could breathe again. Here he would not be judged and despised.


heh. one last chapter to go. well, actually this was supposed to be the last chapter, but i got stuck a bit, and then i realised it was because there is a break here. anywaysies, if all goes well, there will be one final chapter after this... and a happy ending.

btw, if anyone's still following this, i greatly apologise for not updating. i had kinda given up on the fic, but i've been in a Revise-And-Rework mood lately and it seems that finally my abandoned fics are getting edited or completed. so sorry for disappearing for so long, and thanks so much for still sticking around.

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