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Chapter 1: Talk


Randy didn't get to see Jenny the day after their break up. He tried calling her, but she would always reject it. It was an hour before the show. Paul, Randy, Dave, and Ric were waiting for her to arrive. They got hungry so they decided to go to catering. When they got there they finally found the person they've been looking for. Jenny. She was with Amy, Trish, Stacy, Jeff, and John. She was smiling, but then it faded when she saw Randy. They decided to go since they don't want Jenny to start crying again. Evolution was still at the door. Thank god for Jenny there was another door so they could exit there. Before she could exit Paul grabbed her hand.

"Jen…. Let Randy talk to you." said Paul

Jenny just stared at him with cold eyes. She pulled her arm from his hands and went. Paul grabbed her hand again and Jenny finally spoke. "I don't want to talk to you, Dave, Ric, and especially Randy." Right after she said that Paul let go and Jenny and her group went.

"I told you it wasn't going to be easy to try and make her talk to Randy." said Ric

"Don't worry about it Randy…. We'll get her to talk to you later. She's actually not mad at us she's really mad at you." said Paul

"Wow…. Thanks for making me feel better." said Randy

"Sorry Randy…. I know that it looks like she hates you, but you know we all know that she still loves you." said Paul

"Yeah…. She still loves you…. Just give her time to adjust." said Dave

"You know what…. Both of you are getting hurt too much…. I'm going to the Diva's Locker Room." said Paul

"Okay…. We'll see you later." said Randy

Diva's Locker Room

Paul knocked on the Diva's door and Stacy answered.

"Paul…. Jenny's at the bathroom…. Will leave you two alone." said Stacy

"Wait…. Aren't you guys supposed to slap me right now?" asked Paul

"We would…. But we want you to tell Jenny the truth…. Because everybody knows that Randy didn't want to cheat on her…. Maybe he was just drunk." said Amy

"You guys are smart…." said Paul

"Of course will leave you alone." said Trish leaving with Amy and Trish.

When Paul came in Jenny just came out of the bathroom.

"What do you want?" asked Jenny bitterly

"Look Jen…. Cant you just talk to Randy?" asked Paul

"Paul…. I cant believe you would even ask that…. I trusted Randy…. Look what trust got me." said Jenny

"Jen…. Randy didn't cheat on you…. Just let him talk to you." said Paul

"I don't want too." said Jenny

"Stop being stubborn Jenny." said Paul

"Paul I'm not being stubborn…. If you did this to Stephanie she wouldn't talk to you either." said Jenny

"You have a point there…. But you do have to talk to Randy because you're his on screen girlfriend." said Paul

"I know I do…. But it's just acting…. After that I can just ignore him." said Jenny

"Jenny listen to me…. Randy thought you were the blonde girl…. He didn't want to cheat on you…. He's getting hurt as much as you are." said Paul

"Well congratulations to him and he should go to hell." said Jenny

"Jenny please just talk to him." said Paul

"Paul…. I don't want to fucking talk to him!" shouted Jenny

"I understand that but why don't you just hear him out?" asked Paul

"Because I trusted him and he broke my trust…. But I should have saw this coming he was a player." said Jenny who was getting tears at her eyes.

"Jenny…. He changed for you…. I have never seen him like this…." said Paul

"Sure he did…. If he did why was he kissing the girl?" asked Jenny

"Jenny I already told you why!" said Paul

"I don't care if you did…. I don't want to listen to Randy yet…. I'll listen to him when I'm ready…. don't you care that I'm hurt?" asked Jenny

"Jen…. Of course I do you're my little sister…. I love you…. But your getting more hurt since you don't know the truth…." said Paul pulling Jenny for a hug

"Look I'll just talk to him again when I'm ready…. Right now…. I'm not." said Jenny

"Okay…. But please at least talk to Dave, Me, or Ric." said Paul

"Okay…. Could you go out now…. I have to change for my match." said Jenny

"You'll go to our locker room for promo's right?" asked Paul

"Of course." said Jenny smiling to her brother.

"I love that smile of yours." said Paul

"Every body does." said Jenny

When Paul left Amy, Trish, and Stacy came back in.

"So what happened?" asked Amy

"He's making me talk to Randy." said Jenny

"Why wont you?" asked Trish

"Because I'm not ready yet." said Jenny

"Okay Jen…. But please don't kill Randy while your talking to him for the promos." said Stacy

"I wont…. So what looks better…. Red shorts…. Or black shorts?" asked Jenny making everyone laugh.

The truth is she's ready to hear Randy out, but she wants to wait at least after Vengeance. After all she still loves the guy. Maybe Paul was right. She maybe is to stubborn to talk to Randy, but it hurt her so much seeing him kiss another girl. But she does have to talk to him again. One of these days…. I mean after all it's been a week.

"You guys….I think I'm ready to hear Randy out." said Jenny

"You are?" asked Stacy

"Wow…. You were spacing out for a moment and you decided to hear Randy out….. I'm proud of you." said Amy

"When?" asked Trish

"Maybe after Raw…." said Jenny

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