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READ THIS: This story is completely separate from the first chapter. It is NOT a continuation of the same chapter. It is just so similarly inspired that I grouped them together.

The Death of Kit Cloudkicker

One day, Kit was soaring among the clouds on his airboard, during a delivery run to New Fedora. "Man, I sure am glad those stupid laws of physics were repealed," the boy reflected. "Otherwise I would never be able to do this." He looped the loop. "Yep," he thought, "Life doesn't get any better than this."

Little did he know that at that very moment, the Uslandian Congress had just finished debating some "stupid laws."

"And so the motion to reinstate the laws of physics passes unanimously!" beamed the chairman. He waited for the thunderous applause to die down, and then continued. "The laws will go into effect immediately." More applause.

Meanwhile, on a delivery run to New Fedora...

Kit sighed blissfully as he leaned back, loving the feel of the airfoil beneath his feet, the plastic handle in his hands, and the rope twanging in the wind.

All of a sudden, the wind went from a stiff breeze to a torrential gust. The wind had never been this strong, even though the Seaduck was usually travelling at a speed upwards of sixty miles per hour. The wind was too strong! Suddenly the airfoil wasn't enough to keep him airborne. He was slipping off the board! He tried to hold on to the rope's handle, but his grip was slipping. He was going to fall! Then the handle was pulled from his grasp by a particularly strong blast of wind. The airfoil was whirled away by a rogue squall.

He was falling...falling...Just like when he had fallen from the Iron Vulture! Would Baloo come to save him this time?

Yes! The pilot made a hasty U-turn, rushing to save his young navigator. He timed it perfectly, and passed at the exact moment that Kit reached the Seaduck's elevation.

So Kit ricocheted off the side of the Seaduck and, having been knocked unconscious by his encounter with the plane, plummeted into the ocean below, sinking instantly.

Baloo never finished his delivery run. He flew straight back to Cape Suzette to break the news to Rebecca and Molly. They all cried. A lot.

The End