"Previously on Sliders..."

"Okay, Quinn Mallory, "our" Quinn Mallory from Earth Prime wanted to test his sliding mechanism and not wanting to use his beloved cat Srohdinger, he tested on himself, met his own double from another universe and that one was traveling for a longer amount of time. Retesting it, Wade Welles, and Professor Maximilian Arturo joined him and by mistake they also sucked up singer Rembrandt Brown and his car. The foursome found themselves in dire predicaments involving parallel worlds, roads not taken, alternate universes, and friendly and not so friendly counterparts of themselves and their friends. Their timer was expanded to include not just San Francisco but then LA as well. On a planet Earth in another universe, the Professor and one of his counterparts had a fight and the wrong Professor Arturo went with the Sliders. It was this Professor who told Quinn he was dying from a disease that was incurable. It was this professor that indeed, did die, saving Quinn and the others from the evil Rickman, himself suffering some disease. Along their adventures the Sliders encountered a race of evil Sliding Kromagnons from another Earth. They also encountered some counterparts who did not look like them, such as Logan St Clair, a female version of Quinn. On the Alternate Earth where the non Earth prime Arturo did die, the Sliders met Maggie Beckett, daughter of Tom Beckett. Tom was brother of Sam Beckett, the Quantum Leaper. Maggie's husband was slain by Rickman so she joined the Sliders in saving others from her Earth and together they then hunted Rickman. Rickman died eventually but Maggie and Quinn were separated from Remmie and Wade, Wade being brought to a Kromagg prison. Remmie escapes the Kromagg prison with Maggie and Quinn's help and the encounter a Slidecage. While in a Kromagg invaded Earth Prime, "our" Earth having been invaded by the Kromaggs, Quinn, a prisoner for a short time, encounters a woman who he believes is his real mother. She tells him to that in order to protect him, she and her husband adopted Quinn, who she thinks is the son of a scientist on another Earth. Also adopted was Quinn's younger brother Colin but Colin was taken to an sort of Amish Earth universe. This woman was not "our" Quinn's real mother" however. She thought this was her Quinn but it was not. This woman was from another alternate. On that Earth a different Quinn and Colin were brothers. Thus, Mrs Mallory from our Earth did have Quinn, who was an only child on our Earth. In any event, Quinn did not know this and thought Colin was his real brother. Thus, he escaped with Maggie and Remmie and they found Colin. Colin joined the Sliders. Eventually, in an accident in the vortex, Colin and Quinn are hit by another alternate Mallory, this one who is a Quinn counterpart but who looks nothing like our Quinn. Mallory and Quinn are combined in atoms and molecules or something so they are now one person, looking like Mallory only. Worse: Colin is scattered across the Earths and the multi verse, his existence living among them all at one time, becoming unstuck in them. He lives in all of them at one time and it drives him nearly mad. He also has some of these beings, suddenly slide without warning, in order to get back to being into one time and place and one Earth. Maggie and Remmie team up with Mallory who's sliding was the result of tests by an evil Dr Geiger, himself unstuck in time and the multi verse. Dr Geiger's assistant is Diana Davis, a woman who is good and who allies herself against Dr Geiger, once she knows his true motives. Diana and Mallory then travel with Maggie and Rembrandt. They learn that Wade was in a Kromagg experiment and believe they see the real Wade Welles from our universe die. The Wade they see die was from another Earth, not our's and she was taken by the Kromaggs. The real Wade escaped the Kromagg camps with the help of her newly born baby's father, Portal, a Kromagg. Their baby, named Art, was born artificially and was the first Kromagg to be successfully born this way. They escaped to Earth Prime, where they were on the run from the other Kromaggs who invaded it. After numerous adventures, the Sliders of Maggie, Diana, Mallory, and Remmie end up on a planet where a Seer can predict their every move. He thinks he sees all four of them die on the next slide. He is dying and before he does, Remmie finds out about a virus that can kill the Kromaggs so he slides alone to Earth Prime and the virus begins to kill the Kromaggs there. Maggie, Diana, and Mallory take a chance and slide using an old timer and they are taken by a new Seer, a different counterpart of the Seer but his exact double, only he is stronger."

"Wow," Dr Geiger said, "I never realized how the TV show producers of the last half of season 3, all of seasons 4 and 5 messed things up.

The Seer nods, "Yes, but all of that actually happened, sir."

Quinn looked at Colin, "Colin, did you hear the TV show narration?"

"Yeee...yeah," Colin said, slowly, and stunned.

"Shhhh," Geiger said, "The rest..."

"The rest I know," The Seer said, "Where do you think they got that from?"

"The rest of us don't and we....we're confused," Mallory said. "Quinn, it's good to see you back."

"Right back at ya," Quinn turned to Mallory and winked, "Self."

"It's at this point, that we joined our Sliders last time...a new and kindly Dr Geiger from the first Seer's universe, realized from the TV show that the First Seer and his daughter made, that he could no longer hold back what he could do for the Sliders. He was responsible for Maggie, Mallory and Diana coming to the second Seer's universe. He had perfected Sliding and other experiments but feared what the audience would do to him if he was the one who took the real Sliders away from their Earth. He did that anyway. When Maggie, Mallory and Diana arrived, the second Seer told them that Wade Welles was still alive and had a baby by a Kromagg insemination project, that the baby's sperm donor, Portal helped them get away and that Portal himself could travel through a vortex bodily, of his own free will and of his own making. Remmie, Conrad Bennish, Pavel, Diggs, Hurley, Gomez, and others from the resistance find Wade and her baby, who is immune to the virus. Portal, to save his life, must slide out of this Earth. The Earth Prime is safe now that the Kromaggs have either left or died. The Seer also tells the Sliders that Dr Geiger, with help from Diana and a returned Professor Arturo, can both separate Quinn from Mallory as well as return Colin to being one person in one Earth in one universe. Arturo was found by Geiger and brought to the Sliders. Quinn is separated from Mallory. Colin is brought back to being stuck. He has a reunion with a Quinn he thinks is his brother. Quinn must now tell him that they are not real brothers....And now....SLIDERS...."

"So, mom, my real mom and dad are...dead?"

"We're not sure," Quinn said, "I still have to find my real mom on Earth Prime. The one that I saw previously, as you just heard, was not my real mom. Poor lady. I hope she...well, I hope she made it."

"But I was adopted?"

"Yes, that much is true and her whole story was true, she was just...just talking to the wrong Quinn. I don't have any brothers and I was not adopted. Not that there's anything wrong with that and..."

Colin frowned, "I don't know how I feel about all this..."

"I do. And I know how I feel." Quinn hugged Colin, "You are my brother and always will be, no matter what...or who we came from. If not from the same universe, then from the same...I don't know, spirit."

Arturo smiled and put his hand on both Colin and Quinn's back, "Now, now, Mr. Mallory, uh, both of you, enough of this non scientific twaddle....of course you are brothers, just not by universal blood. By some other thing known as the continuum."

"But that means not only is your mom among the missing but my real parents and my real brother Quinn."

"That's right, Colin. And we can find all of them, thanks to Dr Geiger."

"That would be me, young man." Geiger shook Colin's hand, "Young and oh my, so very tall."

"Now it's time for us to go to Wade again, the Kromaggs are all dead there, you know," Remmie said.

"We have a lot of work to do," Quinn went over to Mallory and Maggie, "We have to get this virus on all the known Earth Parallels."

Maggie smiled, "With Geiger's help that won't be a problem."

"Good," Quinn said, "We have to do as soon as possible."

"See SLIDERS on the new network...sci fic fantasy horror done right. But viewers that is up to you...if you send in more of your money, we will bring you a new sliders series of adventures BUT IF NOT then Sliders will end here and now....the Kromaggs will ALL be killed off, Maggie and Quinn will marry, Remmie will find happiness with Wade, Arturo will become famous but share it with Dr Geiger and the Seer and peace will reign supreme. So what shall it be? Sliders can go on, there is the mission of getting rid of the Kromaggs once and for all (it will happen either way) and that might take up a season or so, the mission of finding the real Mrs Mallory, finding out if the alternate Mrs Mallory ever got home, the mission of finding Colin's Quinn and Colin's real parents. Colin may also want to go back to his relatively peaceful Amish Earth. Do you want to see it go on and on? Or? A whole brand new series of adventures or just the finale two hour special???? The choice is yours, you are at the crossroads of a decision just like all those historical moments that one could take the right or wrong turn.... you figure it out and call in...." And thus in less than 18 pages, the whole Sliders mess can be brought to a close or to a new string of sliding adventures....