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Percy flinched slightly as the half man, half thing..... Hovered his wand inches from his nose. He was scared, more scared than he could ever remember being in his life.

He said nothing however, he was not a coward and he had not been deemed a Griffindor for nothing.

'You will help me Weasley' the thing's.... Voice rasped. Percy shuddered. He didn't want to help him but he knew he didn't stand a chance; he should have listened to his parents.

Voldemort was back and he couldn't even warn them, say he was sorry.

Voldemort needed a spy, in the ministry and within the confines of a well established wizarding family. Who better than Percy Weasley, he was not important enough at the ministry for them to notice small absences or slightly odd behaviour, and to boot he was related to a family which voldemort suspected to be high up with Dumbledore and he knew to be in close contact with Harry Potter. Yes Percy was the perfect spy.

Percy Whimpered as a slow floating sensation overtook his body,

'no, no, no' his mind somewhere was screaming. He couldn't, he wouldn't betray his family, his friends, Penelope. He fought with all his might, it wasn't enough .... He felt himself slowly drifting until his body and mind were both numb.... Prepared to Sercombe to the Dark Lords Bidding.