Chapter one....A shock for Mrs Weasley

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Although ultimately Mrs Weasley was glad to have Percy back at the burrow, there was something about him she could not place her finger on. He was different somehow. Slightly less stubborn....maybe. She shook her head and carried on with the washing up.

"I'm going to the ministry mother" Her third eldest son stood up from the table and dropped his plate in the sink. He seemed hardly aware of the fact his mother had been in deep thought... and that the stream of water protruding from her outstretched wand was no more than a drizzle.

"hum?" said Mrs Weasley looking up from the overflowing pile of dirty dishes.

"I said I'm going to the ministry" Percy repeated, in the same constant tone

"But dear it's you're day off!"

"And?" The impatient note in Percy's voice made his mother start.

"And you are most certainly not going to the ministry, I need you here, there is plenty to be done, as you well know! Harry and Hermione will be coming to stay tomorrow. We must make Harry's stay as nice as possible after all Sirius....." Mrs Weasley trailed off, her eyes watering slightly.

"Oh good gracious mother I shall do what I like, and don't you dare try and stop me, It's hardly my fault if that Potter boy's godfather goes and gets himself murdered is it??"

Mrs Weasley stood back in amazement,

"Really!! Of all the things to say ...... did I really raise you to be this selfish.... Just Go.....GO!!"

Percy turned to leave, if only his mother could've seen the expression on his face as the real Percy fought the break through. Percy was confused, he could snap out of the curse for hours at a time but as soon as he went to say anything to anyone about what was happening he felt the floating sensation overwhelm him. He was exasperated beyond belief. He hated speaking to his mother like that he knew he had upset her, and worse still she would tell his father. He had often imagined himself to be back at the burrow in his short time away, it, however would be nothing like this.

Before Percy's thoughts could go any further he felt the familiar sensation and soon he found himself drifting towards the place where Voldemort was awaiting his return with great anticipation.