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Future-Verse Challenge By Kat

The future can not be bright. No Association of Slayers, no magical governments, no world tolerant of supernatural entities whatsoever.
The world must be aware of witches, demons.
Slayers must be a myth despite their large number.
A new government branch that was created to eradicate witches, slayers and demons...anything that has some traces of supernatural/magical powers. The branch must be something vaguely familiar to the Initiative.
One canon character on the enemies' side. Must give reason.
A secret society of bad slayers.
A refugee camp/safe haven for all supernatural creatures that is started by Illyria and Lorne.
Focus on any characters you like but two of the five characters must be included:
Why them? Because they're all part of the supernatural world and would be considered targets.
If you include Willow, give her a child with magical abilities under 7.

Whispers In The Dark

Prologue: SEA Strikes

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. This wasn't it."

—Groucho Marx

Bethesda, California. It was fifty-two miles away from the Pacific Ocean, most of its citizens not being lavishing in wealth of any sort. It had a bad reputation that remained steadfast with the years. Not exactly the most favorable place to raise a child, but Aleke Hunt called it home.

The sixteen-year-old had years of experience sneaking out on her record, and this night was no different. She approached her destination with a bit of a stride in her steps.

It was perched more or less in the invisible part of town, where those who didn't quite fit in the good (well, as good as it got in Bethesda) or bad side of town thrived. The outside world was barren by nine o'clock with no one with any intentions of bad or good out in the twisted alleyways and cement-paved streets. No druggies, no gangs, no homeless people, not even the simple passerby. In fact, the only sign of life appeared to be in the club she favored crammed between two empty businesses, whose closing times had come nearly six hours before. The club was as strangely placed as an ice rink in Hell.

Armed under the pseudonym of Ivy Walker with her faux I.D., she entered the club, feeling the bass of the music vibrating her body already.

Aleke focused on the environment surrounding her with her dark, gray-green eyes. She was a slim girl, common in Orange County, but didn't flaunt her well-shaped body at all. She was dressed in extremely loose fitting black cargo pants, hiding her anemic-looking legs with the flaw of fresh and yellowing bruises alike on them as well. Her shirt was a plain black, devoid of any designs or any other color, but it looked peculiarly stunning. Aleke didn't always wear black, but it was the color of her mood today. Her hair was long and tousled, a dyed blue color with bangs that were overgrown and constantly getting in her eyes, like right now. It was frustrating sometimes, but still, she took a liking to them.

Her fingers touched various places in her outfit, making sure her knifes and stakes and spring-loaded blades were in place if the need be. Another person approached her as soon as she finished her inspection. "Diana Osbourne," Aleke greeted, though it was neither friendly nor hostile.

Diana Osbourne was a clearly adult woman, in her mid-fifties, with graying brown hair tied into a tight bun.

"Aleke Hunt," Diana returned, holding out a hand, but not seeming surprised when no one shook it. "Quite an impressive record, especially for a Slayer of your age." She noted with a slight smile. Aleke didn't smile back. All this was going to end with was a bounty offer. "Highly ranked in the elite gang of Frozen Skies," she continued. "Very impressive, indeed." She unsheathed a revolver, along with twelve others circling her. A few of the patrons of the bar screamed.

If someone was standing outside of the bar, they would've thought that a small explosion had occurred within. But all of the guns had fired at once, before the young Slayer had even drawn a weapon.

"Government business," Diana called to the customers. "Go back to your drinks." They obeyed, preferring not to go into such grim business. Ever since the 'lurks', vampire-like demonic creatures, had exposed themselves, along with other species, the Government's elite FBI and CIA agencies were on their toes. So, six years ago to the day, the Government founded the not-so-secret organization known as SEA, or Supernatural Eradiation Agency, of which Director Osbourne was the head.

She grinned at the sight of the Slayer's dead body. "Soon, you'll all be rid of, this I promise you."

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