Predestination Goes Against the Grain

Disclaimer: I do not own Aladdin or any characters from the films/series. This is just a harmless Aladdin fic.

The idea of this fic came so suddenly, but I do hope it goes well. I started this fic after going to a huge Aladdin nostalgia. I'm a huge fan of the films and used to watch the series every day until it was cancelled. But now I hear that it's coming back to Family Channel (I'm a Canadian, hehe) so it has given me confidence to write this! My two favourite characters in the series is Iago and Chaos. Because I was disappointed that Chaos was only in one episode, I just had to write a fic with him in it. I have also added a new character that I hope you all enjoy! This is just the prologue so the main plot is yet to come. Oh, and once you finish reading, please leave a review. Thank you!



It was euphoric...

It was exhilarating...

It was.. boring, and no word, no matter how fancy and convincing, was going to overpower the dullness of the atmosphere in the Palace.. or for that matter.. all of Agrabah.

Aladdin, sitting on the edge of the balcony, breathed in deeply and let the air out slowly, hoping that the activity was somewhat time-consuming and the sun would eventually go down to end the tedious day. Abu, the young man's cherished monkey, sat on his friend's head, his furry hands dangling in front of Aladdin's face without a care while trying his best to take an early nap. However, it was far too early in the day to succeed in doing so. Many hours would have to pass before the sun would finally make its way under the horizon. Wearily, the monkey sighed.

"Aladdin?" a divine voice came from inside. Aladdin slowly turned his head as he saw his lover, Jasmine, standing near the opening of the balcony with a quite plain look on her face. Despite that, Aladdin did not doubt the fact that she was beautiful no matter what expression she had.

"Yes, Jasmine?" he said back.

"I was looking for you for quite some time now. The Palace seems larger some days and smaller other days... I cannot really explain it..." Jasmine said, walking towards Aladdin. She leaned against the balcony railing right beside him and looked up towards the sky, her eyes squinting as she noticed the scorching sun beaming over Agrabah.

"Don't worry, you're not alone," was all Aladdin could say. It was times like this that he almost wished Abis Mal would sneak in and challenge him to a useless battle, or Mechanicles marching in with another lunatic piece of machinery.. it was just one of those days...

"So..." Aladdin continued, trying to bring up a decent conversation. "Oh! The Sultan told me there will be a meteor shower tonight. That might bring some excitement to the day..."

"Oh, so it might..." Jasmine said, the tone of her voice rising slightly as if she were thrilled of the news. "It would be a wonder for the eyes, but I feel as if it's just too quiet around here..."

All of a sudden, a loud squawk came from inside the Palace. The two turned around to see Iago flying around in all directions; he looked like he was being chased by something. A small smile came upon both Aladdin and Jasmine as they raced inside, hoping something adventurous had begun. Abu jumped off Aladdin's head to run past the couple and see what was making Iago act so strangely.

"What's wrong, Iago?" Aladdin and Jasmine said simultaneously while running into the Palace. As they looked closer at the parrot, they tried to make out what was chasing him. However, they could not see anything on his feathery tail. The two looked at each other, confused, while Iago continued to fly around in no particular pattern.

"Who is chasing you, Iago?" Aladdin asked at the top of his lungs. This finally caught the bird's attention as he turned towards the young man and slowed down his flying speed.

"What? Does it look like something is chasing me?" Iago yelled rather furiously, pointing his wings at nothing. Abu quirked an eyebrow in complete puzzlement.

"Well, then, what are you doing?" Jasmine asked, still curious as to what Iago's initial purpose was.

"Nothing. I'm just trying to find something to do rather than sit my butt down on the balcony and stare at the sky for SIX DAYS! It's been six days since we've done anything! Now you guys know I'm not one for those freaky adventures we keep, sorry.. kept doing, but the least we can do is play a game.. like a sport or something.."

A gasp came from Aladdin's lamp on the side of his pants. "Sports? I love sports!!" In a instant and a puff of blue smoke, Genie appeared in the scene, causing Abu to screech and scurry behind Aladdin's right foot.

"Gueeeeess who beat Serena Williams in the Wimbleton Tennis Championships?" Genie said, appearing to be in a dark blue tennis uniform holding a large racket. "And now I gotta practice for next year!"

Iago did not even have to think about what he was in for. Unfortunately, his wings were not fast enough for him as Genie grabbed his tail. With one whiff, he threw the bird into the air and whacked him with the hard tennis racket. This caused the parrot to squawk extremely loudly and dart right past Jasmine's head and out the balcony.

"Well, at least that was a bit entertaining.." Aladdin smirked, watching Iago gaining flight control and muttering nasty words obviously directed at Genie. The parrot finally made his way back into the room, feathers flying everywhere.

"Hmm.. maybe I should increase the power on my backhand stroke.." Genie pondered with one finger scratching the top of his head.

Iago lowered his eyes in annoyance while trying to gather his feathers. "You're an idiot."


The humorous yet short-lived scene was the highlight of the day, since nothing else could ever top it. In Aladdin's point of view, it was just too quiet. He watched as Genie began playing cards with Carpet while Iago and Abu were having a wooden spoon duel. Jasmine, standing right beside him, looked into his eyes and saw that there was something missing; adventure. It was one of those times when it was so mundane that..

Jasmine gasped and grabbed Aladdin's shoulders tightly, causing the young man's eyes to widen with surprise. "Aladdin!" she exclaimed to him. "We can't let this place get too boring. Remember the time when-"

She did not need to continue. Jasmine already saw that Aladdin understood what she was trying to say. He took her arms of his shoulders and placed them in his hands, caressing them ever so slightly. He did not want the others to know that they were getting worrisome, so he began to whisper, "I know, I know. You mean Chaos, don't know? It's been a long time since we've seen that mischievous cat so I wouldn't worry too much. I'll tell you what. The others seem quite occupied at the moment. How about we take a walk and find something that will keep us busy.. and perhaps.. make the day less tiresome?"

Jasmine smiled as she felt her hands getting warmer by Aladdin's delicate touch. "Alright," she whispered. Hand in hand, they walked out of the main room and into the hallway.

Everything was going smoothly, and Aladdin felt this was the perfect opportunity to attain a kiss from Jasmine. Smoothly, he went closer to Jasmine as they were walking. "Jasmine, have I ever told you that-"

His eyes were initially focused on his lover, but then they were drawn away as he saw a long tail wiggling near the ceiling. He stopped at his tracks, which caused Jasmine to stop as well. "Is something wrong?" she asked. Aladdin did not break eye contact with the tail. He then saw a pair of tall, large ears.. whiskers.. paws.. and a smile, a large smile..

"I-is that.." Aladdin said while stuttering. His first assumption was that it was Chaos. It was a cat, of course.. what else would it be? But then, as he squinted a bit more, he noticed a few differences. Chaos was a blue cat, whereas this one had a purple tone on its body. The waving tail seemed to have a white stripe and the eyes were indigo with thick eyelashes.. so thick it must be a.. female..

"You!" he yelled, pointing his finger towards the creature. Jasmine turned swiftly to where he was pointing, noticing the cat instantly. The cat stared, her smile dropping slightly every second. The feline looked both ways quickly and then stared back at Aladdin and Jasmine. She stood there.. stiff.. for well over a minute until she finally leaped off the ceiling lining. Aladdin and Jasmine watched in awe as they noticed black wings spread widely from the feline, just like Chaos' except his were more of a blue tone.

Looking extremely petrified, the cat flew into the room where Genie, Carpet, Iago and Abu were. Chasing after it, Aladdin shouted, "Genie! Get that flying cat!"

The echo of his voice traveled into the next room where Genie and Carpet were playing blackjack. "Oh come on, Carpet! There are no rules saying that one single card cannot equal twenty-one!" Genie said, holding up an clearly fake blue card that had twenty-one hearts on it. Carpet sat opposite of him at the dealing table, shaking in irritation.

Genie's ears wiggled as he heard Aladdin's voice from the hallway. He gasped, "My Al-senses are tingling! Something is on the loose!"

The feline made its way into the room. Iago, with a spoon up his nose, was the first to notice the flying creature. "Hey!" he pointed. "What un urth is that?"

Genie disappeared and reappeared in front of the cat. He appeared in a cop uniform with a whistle and huge sunglasses. Genie blew the whistle loudly while quickly taking out a badge and presented it in front of her. "Stop, in the name of LAW!" The cat to stop in her tracks and float in the air. On the badge, LAW was written vertically on the badge with a few scribbles written on the side of the letters. The cat stared at the badge with an odd look on her face. Quirking an eyebrow, Genie brought the badge towards him. Scribbled on it was:

L ife's

A bout

W affles

Genie grunted, took out a coin, and started scratching the extra scribbled words on the badge. "My police co-workers just loove to make fun of me.."

This was an excellent chance for the flying cat to glide past Genie and head for the balcony. Genie, just noticing this, shouted out, "Hey! You're going 10 kilometers over the speeding limit!"

By then, Carpet had already made his move. Just as the cat was about to make it to the opening of the balcony, he flew at full speed towards the creature. He made it just in front of her, spreading himself out like a net. She had no time to stop as she collided with Carpet. Quickly, he wrapped himself around her, preventing her from moving anymore.

"Good job, Carpet!" Aladdin yelled from below. He and the others met Carpet as he landed safely to the ground, holding the struggling cat inside of him.

"Yeh yeh, great work Carpet," Genie said, still in his police uniform. He then took out what looked like a notepad and began scribbling down something with a large blue pen. "But I'm gonna have to write you a ticket due to the rate you were traveling." Carpet purposely ignored him.

All of them looked at the creature that looked like Chaos. There was a close resemblance of the two felines, but there were differences as well. Up close, she also wore arm and neck collars like Chaos, but they were shining a bright silver colour. The cat finally stopped struggling and let out her first words, "Okay okay, I give. I promise I won't fly off. Now, please let me go; I'm claustrophobic." Her voice sounded young and innocent.

Aladdin took some time to think if he should trust the feline, but he then nodded at Carpet to let her go. She dropped to the ground and stretched her wings and arms. All the others could do was stare in amazement. This cat must have been Chaos' sister.. or perhaps cousin. Before any of them could ask, she spoke again, in a distressed tone.

"I can't believe my invisibility spell wore out.. argh.. at the worst possible time ever," she said while dusting her tail with one paw. She was obviously talking to herself, trying her best not to make herself look so odd amongst the others. This did not go as she planned. She stopped her activity and looked around at the people before her. Putting her head down once more, she sighed deeply, "I don't believe this.." Her ears lowered as she looked more like a helpless kitten found on the street.

"Who are you?" Aladdin asked first. The feline's ears perked up just a bit as she looked at the young boy. Her eyes looked away as her head stayed upwards. "It's.. hard to explain.." she said and nothing more.

Aladdin and Jasmine looked at each other, wondering what to do. Genie continued to scribble on the notepad. Carpet flew over his shoulder and caught him drawing a picture of the female cat. Iago and Abu just stood there, confused as the rest.

"It's alright, let me handle this.." Jasmine whispered in Aladdin's ear. She walked up to the cat and crouched down. The feline stepped back, but allowed the young woman to be near her. "Don't worry, none of us will hurt you. If you don't feel like telling us too much information at the moment, maybe you'd feel more comfortable if you just told us your name?"

The cat looked into Jasmine's warm eyes, just like a newborn child would to it's mother. "Okay.." she said softly. She jumped onto a nearby table and faced herself towards the entire group.

"My name is... Fate..."