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"Aaw, fuck, it's raining!" Cid stepped onto the bridge of the Highwind to see rain plastering the main window heavily. A few crewmembers on duty actually muttered a few apologies, as if they could control the weather, to the Captain. Cid grunted, shrugging it off. He didn't like the rain, but he knew they couldn't help it. It was well into February, and it was just a fact of life for Cid that it rained in February.

Cid didn't like February much, and he was glad it was a short month. 'Fucking February,' he called it. At least it had the sense to be a short month, that's all he could say. He glared irritably out the window for a moment before turning back. The Highwind would be landing soon, and after a mad dash through the rain, he would be back in his house with a hot cup of black tea, a blanket, his bed, and the TV.

"Highwind." The hair on the back of Cid's neck rose a little as he bit back a shiver. Okay. Maybe not TV and bed. Cid turned to face Vincent Valentine with a dull look.

"Rain isn't so bad, Highwind." Vincent said softly, having apparently heard Cid. Cid grunted, shrugging.

"Alright, you say that when you have to go out there just like I do." Cid said with a smirk. Vincent had been staying with Cid since AVALANCHE broke up after Meteor, seeing how Vincent hadn't had anywhere to go, and Shera had moved back in with her mother, who, Cid heard, was now on her deathbed.

Vincent smirked at Cid.

"I don't mind it now, and I won't mind it when I must pass through the rain, either, Highwind." Cid gave a low grunt.

"Whatever." Cid led the way through the Highwind as it settled down above a landing pad just outside of Rocket Town, pausing to brace himself while he was still under the safe shadow of his plane, rain pattering roughly all around. "Okay, on three, we jump, and run like hell until we get to my house, right?" Cid said to Vincent, glancing back at his darkly clad companion. Vincent gave Cid a dull look even as Cid braced himself.

"You'll only get yourself even wetter if you run, Highwind."

"Bullshit! You get to shelter faster, dumb ass!"

"True, but you also come into more contact with the rain. You run right into it." Vincent countered, ignoring the 'dumb ass' comment. Cid rarely meant the insults he threw.

"BULL!" Cid countered again. Vincent raised an eyebrow.

"Alright. You run all you want and I'll see you there. Enjoy your shower." With that, Vincent leapt off the deck of the giant airship to the landing pad below, and sauntered off through the rain and a steady, controlled pace, shoulders erect, head held high. Cid scrunched up his face as he squinted after Vincent in mixed awe and irritation. Vincent Valentine was welcome to go and get his ass soaked to the bone. Cid thought Vincent was handsome as it was… wet, he'd be downright sexy. Cid shivered again, trying to push back those thoughts. He swore sometimes that Vincent was telepathic, and he didn't really want the tall man to pick up on his infatuation with him…

Shrugging, Cid leapt over the railing as well, flipping twice before landing almost to where Vincent was, breaking into a dead sprint towards his house, leaving Vincent in his dust.

Vincent smirked as Cid shot off past him, head down, body slanted, arms pumping. He had to admit Cid was an impressive runner… too bad it wouldn't do him much good. Shrugging, Vincent went on his way.

It didn't take Vincent long to reach Cid's house. He was able to skirt under a few overhangs belonging to shops he passed, and arrived at Cid's doorstep with damp hair and wet shoulders.

Cid stood in the doorway, shivering, soaked head to toe, a towel draped over his head, still wiping his face. Stepping past the shorter man, Vincent nearly slipped in the puddle of rain water gathering around Cid's heels.

"You're wet." Vincent commented, voice low and deadpan. He shrugged off his cloak, shaking a few stray rain droplets from his hair, and went back to smirking at Cid.

"Yes… It's /raining!" Cid squeaked irritably. Cobalt eyes narrowed. "How the hell did you stay so fuckin' dry, Vin!"

"I walked."

"THE FUCK? You /are/ a vampire, aren't you!" Cid squawked indignantly. Vincent gave him a stern frown, not justifying an answer, before tugging at Cid's sodden jacket.

"You might want to go put some dry clothes on, Highwind." Cid glowered at Vincent a moment before turning on his heel and sloshing down the hall to his room without a word. Vincent smiled wryly to himself, watching Cid. Sighing, Vincent wandered into the kitchen, setting a pot of water to boil. Cid was going to need his tea.

Left only to wait, Vincent went and settled down onto the couch in the front room, lounging casually. This was how Cid found him as he returned, now dressed heavily in sweats and a sweater, a large blanket wrapped tightly around his shoulders. His teeth were still chattering, and Vincent sighed, feeling sorry for the pilot.

Vincent could have had icicles hanging from his nose, and the cold wouldn't have bothered him, but the Ex-Turk swore that Cid couldn't take anything less than eighty degrees. Now Cid settled stiffly onto the couch beside Vincent, eyes fixed straight ahead, body rigid. Vincent sighed, standing and crossing to the kitchen, catching the kettle just as it was beginning to whistle.

Cid's teeth weren't chattering quite as badly by the time Vincent returned to him with a cup of tea, but as soon as the pilot caught sight of the steaming mug in Vincent's cup, blue eyes lit up like topaz suns, gratitude crossing his harsh features, softening them gently. Vincent returned the smile in a much more subdued manner as Cid took his tea, nearly downing the whole thing in two gulps. He sighed, sitting back.

"Thanks, Vin…" He murmured, setting the teacup aside and settling back on the couch, wrapping his blanket a little tighter around himself. Vincent only smiled.

"You're so pathetic, Highwind."

"Fuckin' hate the rain. Fuckin' hate Fucking February." Cid muttered darkly. Vincent gave him a soft look.

Isn't today your birthday?Vincent mused quietly. He hadn't said anything. He didn't think he was supposed to know. Actually, Vincent knew he wasn't supposed to know, but a young man- one of Cid's crew- had caught Vincent alone in an obscure, empty hallway, and told him so.

'It's the Captain's birthday, Mr. Valentine… I don't think he wants anyone to know, but please, if you can, could you try and have something nice happen for him? He seems so bitter and lonely…The level of knowledge and understanding in the young man's dark sapphire eyes had disturbed Vincent, and at the time, he'd only nodded softly in acknowledgment.

But why…?Why had he been pulled aside, and not someone else? Vincent was pulled from his reverie as Cid shivered again, curling in on himself slightly. Looking over at his friend, he saw that Cid appeared to be in deep thought, possibly a mental debate, features drawn and almost pained looking.

"…Cid?" Vincent asked. Cid's face snapped up to look at him, baby blue eyes wide.

"Uh…" Cid's cheeks reddened slightly, and suddenly, something clicked in Vincent. Cid had been clinging to Vincent's heels for ages, dragged the Ex-Turk along everywhere with him, opened his house to him. Vincent had been glad for a friend, and what could almost be a place called home. Cid had always bathed Vincent in warmth, doting on him and caring when no one else would.

'…he seems so bitter and lonely…' lonely… Oh…Vincent smiled, realizing just what the young man on the Highwind had been hinting at. Vincent turned to Cid with warmth in his eyes and a smile on his thin lips.

"Still cold?" He asked softly. Cid blinked, the slight coloration in his cheeks fading slightly as he nodded. Vincent gave him a small smile, eyes soft. "Come here, Cid.." Cid blinked, eyes wide and questioning. Vincent sighed, scooting towards Cid instead, carefully wrapping his arms around Cid's shoulders and pulling the smaller man against his chest. Cid went stiff, gasping slightly, startled. Then he melted suddenly, sinking against Vincent with a weak sigh.

"Vin…" Cid began, voice tight.

"Better?" Vincent asked softly, adjusting Cid's blanket so that it came up over the blonde's chin. Cid nodded, but shifted in weak protest.

"Vin, I.." He tried again.

"Shush." Vincent said softly, dipping his chin to rest on Cid's head. "You're warm, I'm comfortable… It's raining and it's a quiet night." Cid shifted slightly in Vincent's grip, rolling onto his side so that his cheek rested against Vincent's chest lightly. Vincent smiled, pulling Cid closer for a moment. Cid turned his face deeper into Vincent's chest, lips working lightly against Vincent's collar in silent worship, a breathless vow of adoration that Vincent could see more than feel. He put a hand to the back of Cid's head, stilling the man. "Cid, relax." Cid shivered once more, curling in on himself and Vincent.

"Relax…Vincent" Cid protested, his unfinished sentence hanging clearly in the air. 'How can I relax like this?' Vincent ran his human hand through Cid's still slightly wet hair, combing it back and soothing the pilot in his arms further.

"Yes, relax. I won't go anywhere, we can talk later." Vincent whispered, even as Cid's eyes fluttered shut as Vincent's wandering hand brushed over his temple. Giving in, Cid managed to untangle his arms from the blanket, reaching up and wrapping them both firmly around Vincent's waist, pulling himself as close as possible to his friend, his grip nearly uncomfortable for Vincent.

Cid could hear Vincent's steady heartbeat under his ear, slow and soothing, and quickly putting him to sleep. Cid felt his awareness drop for a moment, and knew he was nodding off. Blue eyes snapped open as Cid sucked in a sharp breath, looking up at Vincent suddenly, eyes pleading.

"Promise…Vin…?" Vincent looked down at Cid in surprise, certain he'd already fallen asleep, and felt himself wince at the look in the other man's eyes. So scared and desperate. Vincent smiled down at Cid before pulling him back in close.

"I promise Cid. Don't worry." It was all Cid needed, and he quickly fell asleep against Vincent.

When Cid finally began to stir again against Vincent, it was well past dark and the rain had intensified, pummeling at the windows all around him in a rhythmic tone. Vincent liked the sound of rain on windows, especially when he himself was warm and dry. He'd long decided that what he had wrapped around him was far warmer, and far better, than any blanket.

Vincent felt a rush of cold air fold in around him as Cid sat up blearily, blinking sleep-dulled eyes, before looking up suddenly at Vincent. It took a moment, but once Vincent shot him a gentle smile, Cid relaxed again, then shivered, pulling his blanket up around his shoulders again, as tightly as possible. Vincent smiled.

"It's late, we should just go to bed." Vincent said softly, keeping his voice low. Cid blinked, surprised.

"Well, what time is it?" He asked, voice thick from sleep still. It made Vincent smile even more. Cid was a terribly heavy sleeper: Meteor could fall on his bed and it wouldn't wake him up if he wasn't ready to be awoken, and even after he was roused, Cid was slow to come around.

"Not a clue, but it's been dark for quite a while. Dark justifies bed." Vincent informed. Cid yawned widely, nodding since he couldn't manage any intelligible words through the yawn. Vincent stood, noting again just how cold it /was, before bending slightly to pull Cid up off the couch as well. "Come on, Highwind. Move quick and you won't get too cold again." Cid helped pull himself up, and let Vincent steer him through the house and down the hall to his own room.

Cid clung to Vincent's arm as they walked. The raven-haired gunman was still warm, and while Cid's mind was as muddy as his back yard, he knew that something special had happened to have this wish of his granted. Vincent hadn't said a word, but was obviously onto him. Instead, he'd done nothing but bend to Cid's every need with nothing less than a warm smile. Cid wondered briefly why, but then shoved that away, worrying that if he wondered, he would find out that this was only a passing gift, and that tomorrow everything would be back to how it all was yesterday.

Cid came around to reality again, to find himself standing by his own bed, still holding onto Vincent tightly. He sighed, pushing the cold sheets back sadly, before pausing, and turning back to Vincent. Cid figured he was going out on a pretty narrow limb, but he would never forgive himself if he didn't ask.

"Will…you stay?" He asked softly, not daring to meet Vincent's eyes, which were glowing softly in the dark room. Cid knew what he asked of his friend was outrageous, taboo on so many levels, and was ready to be denied, already climbing into bed alone, trying not to visibly shiver against the cold of the unused bed.

"Alright," Vincent said, breaking the silence and startling Cid. Vincent's eyes caught his, a silent question and a final confirmation as Cid scooted over to allow the other man into his bed. Cid's breath caught as Vincent smiled, then quickly pulled off his shirt, boots and headband before slipping in carefully next to Cid.

He kept a respectful distance at first, but then noticed that Cid was desperately trying to inch closer to him without actually making any noticeable movement. Chuckling softly, Vincent simply rolled over, pulling the pilot against his chest and hugging him fiercely.

"No more hiding, Cid." He whispered, causing Cid to gasp again.

"Vincent…" Cid's voice was barely audible, and Vincent could tell that he was scared, not of their situation, but that it may come to an abrupt end later. Vincent held his breath as he leaned foreword to kiss Cid's cheek gently, feeling his own heart flutter breathlessly at the contact. Cid went rigid, holding his breath.

"I'm amazed I didn't notice…" Vincent began softly, "Until someone pointed it out to me…" Cid sat up abruptly.

"WHAT!" Vincent laughed at the harsh outcry, so apart from the tender moment that had just passed.

"You have someone looking out for you, Cid. I was oblivious until today." He pushed Cid back down to the bed, leaning in to kiss him more properly. Cid managed to respond after a few heartbeats, returning the gentle touch in a tentative fashion, short and almost chaste, but filled with emotion. It left Vincent's whole body, let alone his lips, buzzing. "Happy birthday, Cid." Again, a startled sound escaped Cid's lips, and Vincent could see his eyes grow wide in the darkness.

"How!" A pause as Cid decided he didn't really need to know the answer to that. "WaitVin" He began again, voice halting. "This…isn't just… I mean… you…I…" Vincent could hear that Cid's throat was beginning to close.

"No Cid, this isn't just something that will disappear after midnight. Don't be afraid." Again, Vincent pulled Cid back down under the covers, wrapping his arms tightly around Cid, hugging him close. Cid relaxed, turning to face Vincent as he curled against him.

"…Really?" He asked.

"Really." Vincent couldn't help but grin.

"Okay." A pause. "…Thank you." Another, longer pause. Cid was beginning to doze off again. "G'night, Vincent…" Cid shifted, kissing Vincent's chin carefully. "I love you, you know…"

"Love you too, Cid." Vincent said, kissing Cid's head. Cid shivered once, clutching at Vincent tightly, before finally relaxing and falling asleep. Vincent smiled sappily, letting his eyes drift shut.

Happy Birthday, Cid.



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