Salt In Your Wounds

Disclaimer: i do not own harry potter or any other the characters used (besides the ones you dont recognise.) they were created by J.K Rowling. The only thing i own is the order the words are written in and the story line.


Hermione's Summer

I spent my summer hiding from the ones that hurt me and looking for the ones that I loved. My mother and father died in a car crash, a head on collision. They both died on impact. The driver of the other car was drunk and lived to see another day; he was charged with reckless driving.

Why not murder? Or did the judge simply forget about my parents? Were they so minuscule that their death shouldn't even be avenged?

The police thought it was best if I was to stay in an orphanage until I went back to school. I tried to contact Harry or Ron, but none of my letters were answered. I had no choice but to go to the orphanage.

I tried to make myself believe that it wouldn't be all that bad. "Try and think of it as Hogwarts," I had told myself. But it was nothing like Hogwarts; Hogwarts had mystery and wonder. Here I was stuck living in a dirty over-large house with a bunch of people I didn't know.

I couldn't stay there after what happened every night under the cover of darkness. My body had been ripped apart as I was beat and raped alongside other girls. It was unbearable. Every time they would come to me in my dorm I would scream and cry for them to stop, but my cries went unanswered they wouldn't listen and only made them madder. So after a month of constant torture I made my escape with a little help of my being a witch. I had nowhere to go, so I went to my childhood best friend. With her help I changed how I looked and created a whole new self

I didn't see or hear from my two best friends the entire holiday; they couldn't even say that they didn't know about my parents, as I wrote to them about it. I told them, so why is it that they ignored me?

Draco's summer

My summer began like any other: I went back to the manor to be persecuted by my father about everything that he could think of; how I managed to have a Mudblood beat me in my studies, my attitude, anything. If my father could, he would have just killed me, but then he wouldn't have an heir. I lay at night shivering in both pain and tears, my house elf, Judda, tended to my wounds each night. My mother also had her fair share of hexes and curses to throw at me. For nearly a month I was weak from my father's beatings and my mother's curses and accusations of slander. They didn't care what happened to me.

On one night during my beatings I lost all self-control and Apparated to Muggle London. My father wouldn't dare step out of the wizarding world; in that world he was strong, he was a leader, but in the Muggle world, he was weak, crazy old fool.

I landed in the gutter in the pouring rain, where a woman found me and took me in. She had a son named Tommy. The few weeks that I stayed with them were the best of my life, no beatings, and no expectations, nothing except trust, love, and affection.

My father sent some men to get me once he found out where I was. That night I got the worst beating of my life; I was left within an inch of my life, but I had to make sure Tommy and Natasha were alright. I got there the next day; their small house was ripped to pieces. When I entered Natasha's bedroom, the first thing I saw was her mangled body, lying on her bed. Her young, beautiful body was cut and bruised. I wanted to scream when I saw it, but I had to make sure Tommy was all right. I entered the nursery and saw him hanging from the light; his small neck was bruised and cut where the rope had hurt him. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I sunk to my knees and cried for the first time since I was two. I stayed there until two days before summer ended among the mangled bodies of the only people who had ever loved me.

I went to the Leaky Cauldron and made myself change my image. I didn't want to be seen as a Malfoy any more; the thought of it made me sick. I changed what I looked like. I made myself a whole new person, with jet-black hair that reminded me so much of Natasha.

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