What the Hell happened Here?!

Farscape/The Matrix crossover

Disclaimer: I do not own Farscape or The Matrix and am making no money off of this.

Concerning Events: In the Farscape universe 100 years have past since the destruction of Katrazi. Kansas, Terra Firma and Bad Timing did not occur.

In The Matrix universe this is set after the first movie and is AU the other movies will not occur in this story.


John Crichton stood on the Observation deck of his Command Carrier watching the stars go by and his rattlers were in OVERDRIVE. Even more than before that eventful day 100 cycles ago.

After all these cycles, he was finally going Home.

After over a century away from Earth from his perspective, he was finally going home, boy were they going to be surprised. He should have been dead by now but thanks to some of Scorpy's experiments, John could now boast of a Sebacean life expectancy AT LEAST, if not more. He had to admit a lot a good things had come out of that; more time with Aeryn and their children and their children's children. Not to mention he got to be there for Leslie (Katralla's daughter).

Looking back over the years, things had really changed. He had gone from being the most wanted and feared sentient in the Uncharted Territories to Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander of the Fleet for the United Multi-Species Hegemony. Hell, kids of all ages and all species wanted to grow up become just like him. Wherever he went now he was welcomed and his presence was honored with diplomatic parties and such instead of being welcomed with open pulse pistols and firefights. Though there were times when he missed the action and other's where he just wanted to pull out Wynona and start shooting everyone and everything in sight.

There's only so much diplomatic bickering a guy can take without losing it.

And Humanity to all the other races had taken on a mythical air. Everywhere he went people wanted to know about Earth and it's peoples and whether everyone there was just like him.

Though it wasn't all fun'n'games all the time, there had been some really bad times fighting off the Scarrens and Nebari, rebelling against Peacekeeper Command and chasing the Sheyangs. Sure he'd won all of those but it was close in a lot of them, really really close when it came to the Nebari, their plague had been something else.

And Now…

He was in the Sol system.

Going Home.

100 cycles too late to see dad, DK, Olivia, Susan or anyone else he had left behind.

To make matters worse intercepted radio signals from Earth indicated that another one or two centuries had also passed, at least; meaning that frelling wormhole had dilated time as well and didn't just through him across the galaxy.

There was no one left for him on Earth.


There was Jupiter just passing them by, damn it was BIG. Few systems had gas giants this big. The techs were prepping a special Marauders for a detailed up close scan of the planet.

In a few arns they would be in Earth orbit. They could have been there in less time but he didn't want to scare the natives by appearing suddenly. In another arn the stealth prowlers he'd sent to scan Earth would be back and then he would decide how to handle First contact.

John Crichton stood alone on the observation deck pondering what he was going to do and what he was about to drop in Humanities collective lap.

1 Arn later

"Bridge to Admiral Crichton"

"Crichton here"

"Admiral the prowlers have returned and .....their preliminary findings are in," stuttered his normally phlegmatic Kalish communications officer

John cocked his head, " And?"

"Sir, it would be best if you come to the bridge and see the results for yourself"

"Just spit it , What's WRONG?"



"It's just that...."

"JUST SAY IT ," John yelled.

"They report NO artificial satellites in orbit , 1 derelict space station and ....." the officer hesitated.


"Cloud coverage is 100"

John didn't say a thing. He didn't need to, everyone knew what that meant. No Sunlight reaching the surface, No plant growth.

Earth might as well have been a lifeless airless moon.

"Sir ?"

It was a few microts before John could answer.

"Something else?"

"Yes sir, massive EM emissions were registered"

John thought about it for a moment. EM emissions meant someone could still be alive down there.

"Have Helm set course for Earth maximum speed, I'll be on the bridge shortly"

"Yes sir, .... our ETA is 500 micots."

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