A/N: This makes Annabelle look just as messed up as Cassie, but whatever


She's not to sure when it started, after he died, obviously (but maybe not or maybe way after). The whole goddamn thing's fucked, and maybe it's as screwed up as Cassie is.

She can't even be sure of everything that happened, but sometimes she'll look at her and wonder who the hell she's looking at because there is no way it's the girl she's known for so long. Sometimes, it'll be like there's nobody inside, so then she'll say something, and all of hell will come down on her because of it. Her head is thick with fog, and she thinks maybe it's because of whatever the hell was in the drink Raven got for her, but she can barely remember that night other then that Matt was a fucking bastard and she knows what she saw, just as he saw it, but she's always been good at pretending that she's got no clue what's going on.

But there are some things she can't pretend, and some things she doesn't want to, like walking into Cassie's and finding the aftermath of their fuck-session, but she's not to sure which one that is. And then all of a sudden Raven was there, (but maybe she was there before) and she could pretend that (her hair was longer and blonde rather then black, that her clothes were more conservative and girly, that it was romantic rather then painful) everything was normal, (better!) and Matt isn't in love with Cassie or he wasn't screwing her every time no one was looking because he liked it rough while Cass was pure and good. Like she hadn't said did that when Cassie was angry and hurting, just because she was too, and that maybe it could be like it had been before they all went off on their own.

Kinda like it had been when Cassie played with her dinosaur, Matt still threw pebbles at them, when he still pulled their ponytails and she was still called Annie-Ball rather then 'that bitch'.