Chapter 1

The sun rose upon Alan Grant's bedroom and shone in through his window. He rolled over in his bed and put his arm sleepily over his lover Ellie. She was fast asleep.

Suddenly there was a tapping on the window. Alan rolled over and got out of bed and crpt over to the window. He noticed the tpaping was actually stones being thrown at it, but the aim was terrible, as if the person throwing it had very short arms, or even uncontrollable arms.

Suddenly a voice said form under his window:

"Spark-EY, Spark-EY!!!! ALAN!!!! Come take me for a walk!!!!"

Alan groaned and banged his head against the wall. it was his pet velociraptor Sparky, the hyperactive beast who wouldn't leave Alan alone.

Alan opened the window and stuck his head out.

"Sparky, PISS OFF, I'm trying ot get some sleep."

"Awww come on Alan you knwo you wanna come runnign wiht me" said Sparky, and he made a pouting face.

"Don't Sparky, you know I can't resist that look"

"Then come walkies!!!!"

After many raptor-dog eyed looks, Alan finally gave in and agreed to take Sparky out. He crept downstairs, and out the front door, but not before putting his trademark cowboy hat, neckercheif and huge sunglasses on.


"Yes, Sparky..."

"You look STOOOPID."

"Thank you, Sparky"

They walked down teh road and into the local playground. It was only 6am, and thwey were the only ones there. Sparky hopped gleefully around Alan, singing to himself.

Alan looked across to the gate of the park and saw some teenagers walking in shouting. He sighed. Kids of today, he thought. Almost as annoying as Annoying Kids 1 & 2, what were their names, ahh yes Lex and Tim. Stupid kids.

Sparky looked up, and growled at the teenagers. Suddenly he leapt at them and giggled, while slashing their stomachs open.

"Slashy, slashy!!!!"

Alan chuckled. Sparky could be annoying but he sure did know how to have a good time. Sparky ran up to him with a bit of intestine in his mouth. Alan took it out and threw it across the field. As Sparky ran off, Alan sighed again. He ahd been havign more and more mixed feelings towards Sparky lately. Butterflies in his stomach. Sure, Ellei was sexy and never changed out of her blue tank top but her constant want for sex and groaning whenever she ran up hills to meet him wasn't enough for him. He wanted dinosaur lovin'...