A/N: Season 1-3 of BtVS is the only time I can stomach C/A. Just thought I'd say
A/N2: Written to Rinse by Vanessa Carlton. The summary is lyrics from the song


She scrubs as hard as she can, stopping only when her skin feels raw. She's got to be sure there isn't a trace of him on her. The spray begins to cool, and she turns the hot water knob as far as it'll go, screaming as it scalds her, but not adjusting it.

Her hands trail lower, finding the one mark she isn't able to remove. Lightly, she scrapes her fingernail over the bite mark on her inner thigh, wincing, and her tears are lost in the downpour of the water from above. She does t again, harder this time, and again, again, again. Harder. Until it hurts as badly as she can stand.

When she raises her arm, she can see bits of skin under the nail, mixed with blood, unsure if it's hers or his. Falling to her knees, she huddles in the corner of the shower, sobbing, until the water turns cold, completely aware that she had been in a similar position just a few hours earlier.

She climbs out, shivering, and wraps herself lightly in her huge towel, before dressing, applying her makeup, and leaving her house, head held high.

Because not even Angelus can bring Cordelia Chase down.