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Hide and Seek


There was no way anyone could escape the sounds of laughter. The sounds traveled from their sources and were carried along by the embracing wind. It seemed to spread like wildfire. It went from one child to another, no child was safe from it.

A pair of emerald eyes watched the fun unfold. They twinkled with delight and wonder as she continued to observe the actions of the young children. A soft giggle escaped her lips and mixed with the sounds of the other children. They all ran, taking up different spots behind bushes and trees. They all tried there best, and Starfire hoped with all her might that the kids wouldn't soon be caught.

"...7...8...9...10...Ready or not! Here I come!" the child shouted as he removed his small hands from his eyes.

Starfire's heart began to pound in her chest. The excitement was slowly building up.

'Will he be able to find them?' she asked herself.

Her eyes followed the child as he came across the tree that one of the kids were hiding behind. Starfire gasped when she noticed the child smirk.

'Oh dear. I believe he has found one...' she said finally realizing what had given the child away, 'If only she had tied her shoes...'

The child snuck up quietly and with little warning grabbed the girl from behind.

"Got you!" he cried out triumphantly.

The girl began to pout at first, but soon replaced her expression with a bright smile.

"Don't worry. I'll be the one to find you next time," she said to the boy before he went off to find the others.

Starfire hugged her knees close to her chest. She couldn't help, but smile at the display.

"How wonderful..." she said simply, "Such a simplistic game, yet it is so amusing to watch."

Her thoughts were soon interupted when she noticed a shadow loom over her. She removed her gaze from the children and looked up, soon coming upon a pair of masked eyes.

"What's amusing?" the boy wonder asked before taking a seat next to her.

He leaned back on his hands and turned his head to her.

Starfire pointed a finger out to the playing children.

"I was watching those children play. I have never seen such again, and although it's rules are strange, I find the game quite enjoyable."

Robin chuckled slightly.

"Yeah, Hide and Seek was one of my favorite games to play when I was around their age. Ha, I always came up with the best spots. No one could ever find me."

Starfire raised a brow, "What is this 'Hide and Seek'?"

"That's the name of the game they're playing," he answered, doing his best not to confuse the Tamaranian girl.

"Oh," she answered sadly.

She sighed and rested her head on her knees as she continued to observe.

Robin frowned, trying to figure out what he had said to upset her.

"Starfire, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just wishing I was able to participate in such activities when I was a child," she said looking back at the children.

Robin followed her gaze back to them. An idea soon popped into his head. He stood up and offered his hand to the girl.

"Come on Star."

"Huh?" she asked as she took his hand.

She brought her eyes down to meet his. She knew he had something in mind, but couldn't put her finger on it.

"We're gonna play," he said a bit awkwardly.

Starfire's eyes lit up at the idea. She twirled around in delight and floated over in front of him giving him a dazzling smile. Robin gulped loudly at the site, his cheeks turning a light pink at the site of her excitement.

"This is wonderous! Thank you Robin!" she exclaimed in delight, "May I be the counter?"

Robin couldn't say no, her eyes were begging him.


Starfire clapped her hands.

"This shall be fun. Alright Robin, now I shall count."

As soon as her eyes were covered he began to walk around the area. He just had to find a hiding place, he had to live up to his childhood title.

'Man...who would have thought such a stupid kid's game could be so challenging,' he thought to himself as he continued to wonder around aimlessly.

He could hear her getting closer to ten and he cursed under his breath.

'At this rate she'll definitely find me,' he said becoming more serious, more competitive.

He soon noticed a shadow dance over him as a breeze moved the branched in front of the shining sun. He snapped his fingers and thanked the heavens that the leaves were so broad.

'Heh...she'll never find me up here...' he thought to himself as he climbed to a random branch and sat comfortably.

Just as he rested his head back on the trunk of the tree his ears picked up a faint, but distinguihable shout.

"Ready or not! Here I come!!"


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