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Starfire had heard the cracking noise from above She lifted her head in the direction of the noise. Her lips curved up into a smile when she noticed the all to familiar black and yellow cape poking out of the tree's leaves.

With as little noise as possible, she floated upwards. Her emerald eyes had finally spotted the Boy Wonder perched up in the tree, frantically looking for her below. At that moment an idea had struck her.

'Oh, this game gets more exciting by the minute,' she thought as she silently floated in front of him.

She watched as he continued to scan the area below, not even taking the time to realize that the girl he was searching for was floating before him.

'Hmmm…maybe she went to go look again,' he thought as he lifted his head.

The panic that was once written on his face was now gone, and his heart seemed to slow a bit. With closed eyes he returned to resting his head on the trunk of the tree, various thoughts floating in and out of his head.

"I'll give her a few more minutes before I…" he muttered, but stopped when he felt something poke the side of his shoulder.

"I believe that you are now it."

Robin's eyes snapped open in surprise, the initial shock caused the Boy Wonder to lose his balance on the branch he was perched upon. He tipped over the side of the branch, his arms flailing about trying to grab on to something that would stop him from hitting the ground below.

Starfire saw him fall over and quickly reached for his hand. She had not expected for gravity to be so cruel, so when her hand had grabbed for his she began to fall downward too.

Robin had landed on his back, his head hitting the ground roughly as something warm and soft landed on top. His eyes automatically shut and he bared his teeth as he winced in pain. He only chose to open his eyes when he felt something warm grip his shoulder. Even through the pain he could feel the warmth that was on top of him. He looked up taking in the sight of her lovely emerald eyes. He gulped nervously.

Starfire had Robin pinned to the ground, she sat up on her knees that were now on either side of Robin. One hand rested on his shoulder, while the other pinned his wrist to the ground. She had tried desperately to grab that wrist and hold him up, but she had failed and caused her dear friend pain.

"Are you algiht? Oh Robin, please forgive me."

Robin could see the worry that plagued her beautiful eyes, and he frowned.

"Star, it's alright. I just have a headache. It's nothing really," he said as he tried to lift his head, but he soon brought it back down as he felt pain shoot through his body.

He winced as he brought his head back to the ground.

"This is all my fault. I should have never asked for you to play this game. Had I known you would have gotten hurt I would have never asked you to play," she said as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Star, you-"

Starfire closed her eyes not wanting to look at Robin.

"Robin, I truly am sorry. I hope I have not caused you to hate me, but I understand if you do."

With some effort, Robin propped himself up on his elbows. He couldn't watch Starfire beat herself up over the issue. He waited until she looked him in the eye before he spoke. When they had finally opened Robin almost lost himself.

"Look Star...I...I..." he started nervously.

He regained his composure and continued.

"I don't hate you. I could never hate you. It was really my fault. I did decide to sit up in that tree after all," he said giving her a reassuring smile.

It wasn't until she smiled back at him that he realized how close she was. She had let go of his wrist when he had propped himself up, but continued to rest her hand lightly on Robin's shoulder.

The distance of their faces seemed to be getting smaller by the second, and it wasn't long until Robin could feel Starfire lightly breathing on his upper lip.

Starfire closed her eyes and finally met his gentle lips. Never had she thought something could feel so good…feel so right. The kiss soon became more passionate and their bodies pressed closer together as she found her arms wrapping around his neck. He slowly began to lean back, resting back on the ground as his arms found there way around her waist. They didn't part ways until they heard a faint sneeze in the distance.

Their lips separated and they both turned their heads to the side to find the children who were playing earlier staring at them.

"Oh, no! They see us! Let's go Cindy!" the boy said as he grabbed the girl's wrist and began to run.

"But, it was getting to the good part!" the girl screamed as they left.

Starfire moved off of Robin and stood up with bright red cheeks. Robin sat up, chuckling softly trying to play off the fact that he was really embarrassed.

"R-Robin..." Starfire started nervously, her cheeks still burning, "Should we go back to the-"

"No!" he shouted, "We'll...umm...go back later. In the mean time...do you want to play again?"

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