1720. . .

"I found it. When all of ye were lookin' through the treasure, I found it." Captain Jack Sparrow commented with a great deal of pride in his voice. The others gave him a dubious look and looked down at the chalice sitting on the table.

"It's. . .pretty?" Gibbs tried. Overdone was more like it. The golden cup was encrusted with jewels, giving it a very gaudy look. It twinkled harshly under the lights, slightly blinding Anamaria in her position. She got up, moving beside Elizabeth.

"And it's goin' to make us a fortune." Jack said, walking over to the cupboard and pulling out a bottle of rum. Will picked it up, looking it over. As Jack came back, he snatched it from his hands, putting it back on the table and uncapping the rum, pouring it into the chalice.

"Here's to riches." The pirate captain took a drink and passed it to Will. Will took it reluctantly.

"We're toasting with it." He said incredulously. Jack nodded happily. With one glance at it, Will shrugged, taking a drink and passing it on. The cup made it's rounds, with Elizabeth, Anamaria, Gibbs, and Cotton all taking drinks, before it found it's way back to Jack, who finished it off with a flourish and set the chalice back on the table. There was a few moments of silence.

"I feel. . .odd." Anamaria said finally. The others looked at each other, nodding slightly. They all had a feeling that something was different about themselves.

Will picked up the chalice. "What the hell is. . ."

2003. . .

". . .this?" He held up the plastic baggy from the refrigerator, a disgusted scowl on his face. Jack looked up from the paper on the table, shrugging. "It's all. . .green." He said finally.

"It's moldy. That's what garbage cans are for." Jack said, turning the page to the business section.

"I know it's moldy. Just curious as to what it might once have been." Will lined up the shot, flicking his wrist as the baggy flew across the kitchen and landed inside the trash can. He lifted both arms in a triumphant gesture and opened the refrigerator again.

"You just had breakfast." Jack said, looking up.

"I'm still hungry." The ex-pirate rolled his eyes.

"When are you not?" Will shrugged, taking out a leftover container of rice, opening it up and sniffing it. Satisfied that it was still good, he shoved it in the microwave and pushed the reheat button.

"Good morning all." Elizabeth said cheerily, strolling into the kitchen, wearing a stylish business suit and carrying a sketch book with her. She gave Will a quick kiss before going over to the coffee machine and pouring herself a cup. The bell on the microwave went off, and Will pulled the box out, mixing it around with the chopsticks. "Leftovers again, Will?" She asked, smirking at him.

"Well, we all know he can't cook." Jack said, getting up from the table. Will shot him a dark look. "It's true, mate. Can't follow a recipe and every time ye use the stove, the fire extinguisher comes into play somewhere."

"This is great, coming from a con man." Will shot back, sitting down at the table. Anamaria shuffled into the kitchen, wrapped in an oversized robe.

"Mornin'." Jack said, receiving only a grunt from her in response as she headed for the coffee machine. "Aren't we a chipper one this mornin'?" He replied sarcastically. His answer was the sound of flesh cracking against flesh as his head turned to the side. "I don't think I deserved that. . ."

"On the contrary, I think you do." Elizabeth replied. He looked over at her. "Well, if it wasn't for you stealing the chalice of the Greek Gods, we wouldn't be stuck with immortality."

"I didn' know!" Jack shouted, waving his arms. "It was bloody treasure. I'm a bloody pirate! I took it! So sue me."

"That actually sounds like a good id. . ."

"Shut up, William. That's it. I'm goin' to work." He snarled, picking up his coat off the chair and going into the hallway.

"Have fun swindling the innocent!"

"SHUT UP, WILL!" He heard laughter from the ex-pirate/blacksmith in the kitchen and rolled his eyes.

In the kitchen, Will turned his wrist, looking at his watch. "I better get going to. Don't want to be late for class." He got up, dumping the take out container in the trash. "Have fun at work, Liz, Ana." He said. Ana grumbled. "Of course Liz would have fun. She gets to design clothes. I get to deal with vomiting people and crying kids." The nurse disappeared from the kitchen, still grumbling.

Will grabbed his bag off the floor near the doorway, pulling on his coat. "I'll see you later. And if Gibbs gets home from the night shift and wonders where his Chinese food went, blame it on the next door garden gnomes. He seems to believe that. I think we should be worried, but it's too good of an excuse."

Elizabeth gave him an amused smile. "Of course. Have a good day."

"I always do."