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Miho Nozaka and Seto Kaiba will be… not exactly bad guys, but not exactly nice, either.

Pairing: Seto/Anzu/Ryou

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Third Half of the Wishbone

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter 1 – Betrayal


Anzu Mazaki groggily opened her eyes. Her alarm clock read 5:45 am. She sighed and tossed over onto her side. She didn't feel like getting up today. She was sure there was going to be a pop quiz in math, and she hadn't studied at all. A notebook lay open on her desk, revealing a half-finished biology worksheet.

She slammed a hand over the SNOOZE button, and relaxed [1]. Then, she remembered that today was her sixteenth birthday.

Her eyes snapped opened and she shot out of bed. Anzu wiped the sleep away from her eyes and quickly got undressed. She threw on the ugly orange vest and green skirt, and brushed her hair [2]. After eating a light breakfast, she raced out the door and headed to her friend's house.

After the doorbell rang about 50 times, the oak door opened, and a tired albino popped his head through the door.

"Oh, hello Anzu."

He shut the door, and then he reopened it.


She smiled and started laughing.

"Cute boxers, Carrot-Man," she giggled. A flaming-red Ryou slammed the door in her face and ran back into his room. After tossing his boxers (ones with little carrots on them) into the hamper, he threw on his school uniform.

Ten minutes later, they were walking down the street towards Yugi's house. A month ago, Yugi had gotten pneumonia and had to stay home. A mugger had attacked Anzu a couple of days after that, and her mother freaked out. She now had to have a "walking-buddy" wherever she went. And because Yugi was sick, she was forced to walk with Ryou Bakura, the next closest person living near her. Over the past few weeks, the two had become closer friends. Some might even say they were as close as Yugi and Anzu.

Yugi's grandpa answered the door with a smile, but as soon as he saw the two, his smile faded into a frown. He slowly shook his head.

"Yugi's not doing to well," he said, leading them into the living room.

"May we visit him?" Anzu asked. Mr. Muto shook his head again. "Not now; he's not in good condition."

"What about Atemu?" Ryou asked.

"He can barely come out, not that he wants to though. He's stays in Yugi's soul room and watches over the poor boy."

"Is there anything a doctor can do?" she asked.

"Not really; he's the 56th case this month, and they've run out of antibiotics. They're supposed to get a new shipment in next week, but I don't know how much longer Yugi will last: he can barely eat or talk," Mr. Muto explained. Yugi's friends' faces darkened with sadness.

"Hey, but I know what will cheer y'all and Yugi up: you can visit him this Friday afternoon!"

Their faces instantly lit up.

Mr. Muto ushered them out of the door, saying that he had things to do and that they had school (even though there was still twenty minutes left and they were only three blocks away from the school).

"Ryou, do you think Yugi will be alright?"

"Of course! This is Yugi we're talking about; he survived a great many things like the Shadow Realm! And besides, Yugi never gives up hope," he replied, trying to be as cheerful as possible, even though he, too, had his doubts about the little one.

When they reached the school, they met up with Jou Katsuya and Honda Hiroto. They all agreed to go see Yugi after school on Friday.

During lunch, they celebrated Anzu's sixteenth birthday. Jou got her a pair of socks that read Friendship Queen (which earned him a large smack from a very heavy purse), Honda got her a card and a gift certificate to the mall, and Mai got her a makeup kit (which Anzu excepted but later was caught by Jou while looking for a place to return it to).

Jou's little sister, Shizuka, stopped by and gave Anzu a card in the shape of ballet slippers, and Otogi gave her a coupon for the Domino Arcade. Even Malik Ishtar stopped by to give her an Egyptian bracelet.

"It's so pretty," she exclaimed, pulling Malik into a warm hug. "Thank you!"

She suddenly felt Malik's grip on her tighten, and when he released her, she came face-to-face with Marik.

"Hey, psycho, what're you doin 'ere?" Jou asked standing up, fists curled into little balls.

"What?" Marik asked smirking, "You didn't miss me? Boo-hoo; I don't give a crap. I'm just here because I have a gift for the birthday girl."

"Eh-hehehe… Maybe that's not such a good idea," Anzu said, backing away.

Marik reached out and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her in for a deep kiss. Everyone, including Anzu, stared at him wide-eyed. He just shrugged and turned back into his hikari, who blushed deeply and ran out of the cafeteria.

"What… was that?" Honda asked confused.

"I dunno," Jou replied. "Maybe some new fad in Europe…"

"He's from EGYPT you dog-brain," Mai exclaimed, bopping him on the head.

"Whatever it was," Anzu muttered to Ryou, "it sure felt French to me."

Ryou starting choking on his diet soda, causing everyone to give him a weird stare, not to mention Jou giving him a huge SMACK on the back, earning Honda a half-digested lunch in his lap [3]. Jou, who started the whole fiasco, burst out laughing, while Otogi rushed a very green Ryou to the bathroom. Honda stood up and went to the bathroom as well, but not before scooping some puke off of his pants and onto Jou's head.

Anzu started laughing at this. Jou turned to scorn at her, but let out a YELP instead when Mai kicked his tush with her roach-stomper [4]. He left for the bathroom, too.

"So, hun, how's Yugi?" Mai asked.

"Not doing so well… Ryou and I stopped by the game shop this morning, but Mr. Muto wouldn't let us visit him," she replied. "OH! But you can come with us Friday afternoon and see him then!"

"That'll be great!"


Otogi, Jou, and Honda came running out of the bathroom and skidded to a halt as they approached the girls.

"What happened to you 'fellas?"

"Rampage… Bakura…"

Sure enough, Ryou's wild yami came back into the cafeteria, plastic knife and spork in hand. He marched over to them all and smirked. They all stared back at him.

"Well, well, well. I hear the baka pharaoh is still ill. Humph! He deserves it," he snickered. Anzu stood up and slapped her hand across his face. The tombrobber looked at her in disgust and pushed her back into Honda. As he stormed off, a large red handprint formed on his left cheek.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Anzu threw her trash away and headed to English. Halfway there she spotted Ryou at his locker.

"Hey there, Bunny-boy," she said walking up to him.

He slammed his locker door shut and turned to face her. She gasped: it was still Bakura! He smirked at her and pulled her closer.

"You know, you would look pretty sexy in one of those Playboy bunny outfits," he whispered into her ear. Then he changed back into Ryou.

By the look on her face, he could tell something terrible had happened to Anzu. She looked pretty surprised and was blushing madly.

"Are you alright? What did Bakura do? Did he hurt you?" he asked her. She shook her head.

"Let's just go to class. Your yami… Never mind," she stuttered.

As they approached the classroom, they could hear a loud feminine voice talking.

"Oh Seto, you're so charming!"

Anzu and Ryou entered the room to see Miho Nozaka trying to flirt with Seto Kaiba. He was trying to ignore her, but since she and her posse were all crowded around his desk, there wasn't much he could do. When Miho caught sight of Anzu, however, she instantly left Kaiba's side.

"Oh look: it's the birthday girl. Sixteen now, huh? Well, you're still nowhere close to me. I turn seventeen next month," she bragged. "And I see you're still hanging out with the white rat; don't you think it's about time to get a dog or something?"

Seto Kaiba just had to put his two-cents in.

"You mean like the Chihuahua, Jonouchi?" he snickered.

He and Miho started laughing, and Ryou was as scarlet as a rose. Anzu took his hand and lead him away from the evil duo.

"It's okay, Ryou. Miho hates me; she's had it out for me since the third grade when I threw up on her favorite doll during show-and-tell."

"Why does she have to be so mean?" he asked.

"I don't know… Maybe she wants to impress Kaiba or something. He is cute after all," she replied.

"YOU like Kaiba?"

"Duh. You've known that since sixth grade. He may be rich and snobby, but he's still handsome."

A couple of minutes later, their teacher entered and began the lesson.

When school was finally over, Anzu said good-bye to Ryou and walked to the dance studio. She had tried out for the regional competition last week, and results were supposed to be posted today. Unfortunately, Miho had also tried out for the same competition, and she was just as good as Anzu. The only other student in their class was a twenty-five-year-old who was already qualified; only people twenty or under had to try out. Everyone else twenty-one or older automatically qualified.

When Anzu got to the studio, Miho and Hirumi (the twenty-five-year-old) were already stretching. Mr. Nguyen, their dance instructor was busy looking through some students' applications for various dance academies, and his assistant, Ms. Mei (Mei being her first name) was looking through a magazine of leotards.

"Well, look here: Anzu's finally arrived. You're five minutes late," Miho said with a 'hahaha-you're-gonna-get-in-trouble' look. Anzu gave her a fake smile and set her tote bag down on a bench.

"Okay you two," said Mr. Nguyen as he walked over to the girls, "here's the deal: I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you both qualified for the regionals."

Anzu and Miho jumped up and down excitedly.

"The bad news," he continued, "is that the group who's running the competition will only except one of you."


"Apparently, there are too many girls who made the cut for your age division and there's not enough room," Mr. Nguyen said sadly.

"Well, it looks like I'll be going," Miho said proudly.

"Why does it have to be us?" Anzu asked, ignoring Miho's comment. "Why can't they make some other studio with eighteen girls drop some of theirs?"

"They are," he replied, "and we're lucky they didn't cut the both of you out. Most studios or schools are having to drop five to ten girls."

"But we only had two girls try out!"

"And that's why only one of you is getting…"


"You could put it that way," Mr. Nguyen said. "They were going to refuse to take even one of you."

Miho muttered something about no one being better than Anzu getting picked over her.

"So, which one of us is going?" Miho asked.

"You will both re-tryout this Friday after school. You cannot be late, no exceptions. If one of you doesn't show, the other automatically gets in. 4:30pm to 9:00pm," he announced.

"Why so late?"

"You're going to perform your routine multiple times so that they get the best results. They want to be they have the best. You two can come?"

"Definitely," Miho replied, giving Anzu the eye.

Anzu could've sworn that she was doing something Friday afternoon, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Yep, I'll be there."

Author Notes:

[1] Sometimes I use all CAPS to express the word. The snooze button read SNOOZE so I used caps. Words like slap, bam, and crack will be put into caps to emphasize that the action is occurring.

[2] Sorry to offend anyone who happens to like their orange and green uniforms. I just happen to like the pink and blue better. To me, green and orange just don't go together.

[3] Honda was sitting next to Ryou. So when Ryou threw up, it landed in Honda's lap.

[4] A roach-stomper is a type of high-heeled shoe. The tip is shaped into a point instead of curved (like most shoes), and they were used to stomp on roaches in tight corners where most things wouldn't fit. Gross, I know.

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