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Miracle Worker

Ch. 1: "Doctor and Patient"

He watched her from his window, looking through the six layers of safe glass, and through the steel bars outside the window. She got out of her black Honda car, carrying a very, very thick and heavy file.

Fresh meat in her field of work. No doubt she had just graduated from college not even six months ago.

Yet, for some strange reason, she caught his attention. No one had ever caught his attention. The woman with black hair locked the doors to her car, and walked to the front of the building, then out of his eyesight. Yet, even when she passed through the large double, white doors, he kept his eyes on them.

Minutes passed, and he was still looking out his window. Then, there was a buzzing sound behind him, and a large, muscular man, wearing a white shirt, and white pants, entered into the room.

Without turning around to look at the man, the other man continued to stare out the window. Finally, the large man dressed in white spoke.

"Your new psychiatrist is here to see you, Inuyasha." the man said.

The man in the window finally tore his gaze out of the window with much effort, and looked at the man in his room.

"Do you believe in miracles, Ron?" Inuyasha asked.

"I guess so. Why do you ask, Inuyasha?" Ron replied.

"Because I need a miracle in my life."


She looked over her new patient's file. It weighed practically a ton because of other psychiatrist's reports and records. This particular patient has worn out a total of sixteen experienced psychiatrists in a matter of two years.

She was not even a month out of collage when she decided to take the patient's case. It was not very surprising when her other colleagues looked at her like SHE was crazy when she came to her decision.

She approached the clerk at the front desk, practically slammed the huge file on the counter, and breathed heavily. When she finally regained her breath, she spoke.

"I am Dr. Kagome Higurashi and I am here to see my new patient, Inuyasha." the psychiatrist said.

The clerk lady scoffed, clicked a few keys on her computer, then said, "Room 515." then mumbled sarcastically, "Good luck, lady."

Ignoring the lady's comment, Dr. Higurashi picked up the thick file, and went into the elevator.


Ron had brought that damn chair again. Inuyasha hated that chair more than anything he had ever hated anything in his life. Ron also had a bad habit of making the restraining straps a little too tight.

Inuyasha sat in the chair, the restraints were very tight once again. Then, Ron brought a table in front of him, and a normal chair at the opposite end.

And Inuyasha waited, hoping that this new psychiatrist would be able to create a miracle.

"Right this way, Doctor." Ron said as he took the key card out of his pocket and slid it through the slot.

The door buzzed and opened. Kagome stepped into the room to see a man in a chair with restraints on his wrists and ankles. He had long silver hair, pointy, cat-like ears rested on the top of his head, and his face had a vacant expression on it.

And then there eyes met.

Dr. Higurashi looked at the startlingly violet, cat-like pupils. As soon as her eyes looked at his eyes, their eyes locked and she could feel him looking deep into her soul, reading it. What amazed Dr. Higurashi is that all of this happened in only a second.

"He is put in tight restrains, Doctor." Ron informed Higurashi. "Should he somehow get out of them, I will be right by the door, and all you have to do is push the red button here by the door."

As Ron left, he mumbled, "If you can get to it before he kills you first."

Higurashi heard it, and she became even more nervous. Forcing herself to remain calm, she turned to her new patient, and smiled.

"Hello, Inuyasha. My name is Doctor Kagome Higurashi, but you can call me Kagome if you like."

Kagome placed the large folder down on the table and she sat down in the seat across from him.

Inuyasha stared at the thickening folder. All his life history and the reason why he was here in this insane asylum was all in that folder. Then again, no one but Inuyasha himself knew, and believed, the real story as to why he was here.

"It sure has gotten thicker since last time I saw it." Inuyasha said, more to himself then to Kagome.

Kagome smiled, "It also weights a good six pounds, too."

The man in front of her looked at her with the same stolid expression he had ever since he ended up here.

"You know all about me, then?" he asked in the same monotone he always had.

"Only from what I read, that includes the notes from previous psychiatrist, and the police reports."

"All that shit in that one small folder, huh? Interesting world isn't it, Doctor?"

Kagome stared, but then she nodded. Before she could speak, Inuyasha spoke, carrying the same monotone as always.

"Why did you take my case, doctor? You seem too young to be handling a crazy man like me. Why start off big?"

"I agree, I am a bit young and inexperienced at this point of time, but no one is crazy from my point of view. And lastly, I took your case because I want to help you."

Inuyasha laughed sarcastically.

"Help me?" he scoffed, and looked to his right, still laughing. "She wants to help me!" he said to the air to his right, but he seemed to be seeing someone no one can.

Then Inuyasha turned back to Kagome.

"Why don't you leave like all those other big headed jerks that thought they could 'help me.' But know this, Doctor, despite what science and psychology may say, you can not help someone who you think is crazy. To deal with me will have to take more than what you are worth. You have too much of a faint heart, Doctor. So just don't waste both of our time and just leave."

There was a moment of silence between them, both looked at each other for that moment. Then, Kagome grabbed the thick folder, placing it in front of her. Just when Inuyasha thought she was about to leave, Kagome opened up the folder looking at the files.

"I believe you grew up with your mother and father?" Kagome questioned.

"A nuclear family, yes." Inuyasha answered.

Kagome jotted down a few notes on a note pad. "Uh huh. Tell me about your father. He died, right?"

"He was killed."


"My father didn't die. He was killed." Inuyasha responded.

"Well, doesn't say that in the records, but okay, he... was.... killed....." Kagome said as she jotted that one note down on her note pad.

"What about your father, Doctor?" Inuyasha asked.

"Pardon?" Kagome asked, a bit surprised as well as offended.

"What about your father?" Inuyasha repeated.

Kagome scoffed, then said, "It is considered unethical for the doctor to tell their patients about their family, or their life."

"There it is again. The whole 'science and ethical code' shit. A patient is more trusting and open if the doctor is open with the patient as well."

Kagome considered this for a moment.

"Okay, my father was a good, happy, and kind man. Even if he was piled up with work, he still managed to find the time to play games with me. He died, however, the day before my eleventh birthday." Kagome looked away, sadness filling her heart. "He had a surprise birthday present for me. We were supposed to get up in the morning, eat out for breakfast, while my mother got my biggest, most special present. But, his heart failed that day before my birthday."

"You never found out what your birthday present was?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome shook her head.

"Do you have any siblings?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes, one younger brother."

"Ah, I have an older half brother, Sesshoumaru. He raised me when our parents died at a mere age of eighteen. He had to mature very quickly when I was given to him as a burden, but he pulled it together for my sake."

Kagome nodded, making some more notes on her notepad.

"How would you describe your brother?" Kagome asked.

"Hmmm.... an asshole at times, but I suppose I also give him a hard time as well. And your brother, doctor?"

"Um, a brat, but I still love him to pieces."

There was silence, except for Kagome's pen scratching on her notepad.


"Yes?" Kagome replied, not looking up from the notes she was taking.

"Have you ever done something so horrible that you couldn't control?"

Kagome stopped taking notes, and she looked up at her patient.

"And afterwards," Inuyasha continued, "You wish you could change it, or take it back, but you can't?"

Kagome opened and closed her mouth, searching for an answer, then finally settled for a shake of the head.

"Does this question have anything to do with the murder charges brought against you, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

Hesitating, Inuyasha slowly nodded his head.

"What happened, Inuyasha?"

"It's all there in that folder." was his response.

"That is only police reports about what the scene looked like when they got there. Your other psychiatrists never bothered to ask you what happened."

Inuyasha was silent for a few moments before he gave Kagome a respond she did not want to hear.

"You look similar to her.... to Kikyo....."

"Kikyo....? The woman that was at the murder scene?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha shook his head.

"The one that was the murdered."

"Who was she to you?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha stared at Kagome with the same expressionless face.

"She was my.... girlfriend. We live together for five years. Before our six year anniversary, I found out that she had a lover....."

"Is that why you killed her?"

It happened in an instant. Something in Inuyasha changed, and his void face melted away to reveal pure, white-hot rage, pointed straight at Kagome. In that instant, Inuyasha broke out of his restraints, like they were made of paper, and lunged forward toward Kagome.

Paper flew in every direction, and Kagome now noticed she was laying on the floor, Inuyasha was straddling her, his hands were around her throat, choking her. Kagome tried to breathe, but Inuyasha's strong grip prevented it all from happening.

She looked up into his eyes, but instead of violet, the white part was turning blood-red, his irises were turning into blue slits, and a growl came from deep in his throat.

"I did not kill her, bitch! You people never understand anything! Every suspect is automatically guilty! I was the first one they pointed the finger at! I was guilty even before my trial! I'll kill you for even suspecting me, bitch!"

Inuyasha's grip tightened on Kagome's throat, trying to kill her. Just then, Ron and a few other big, muscular men came charging into the room, obviously hearing the commotion in the room.

It took all ten huge men to pull Inuyasha off his psychiatrist, and the eleventh man to shoot some fluid into Inuyasha's arm, causing Inuyasha to stop struggling, and make his eyes very droopy.

Ron turned to Kagome, who was coughing on the floor.

"You okay, doctor?" he asked.

"Yes." Kagome choked out, then coughed again.

She looked back at Inuyasha, who's eyes had returned back to normal, even if they were a dull violet. It was probability due to the drugs they shot into him.

"Please tell him," Kagome said indicating to Inuyasha, then back to picking up the papers scattered on the floor. "Tell him I will be back next week, same time."

Ron gave Kagome a look that she was used to by now, he shook his head, and said, "Fine. But you might want to go to the doctor and get your throat checked out."

Kagome nodded, took one last look at Inuyasha, then left the room.


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