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Miracle Worker

Chapter 13: "My Miracle Worker"

Sango stood by Inuyasha, whom was sitting, and in front of them was Judge Toutousai. It was Inuyasha's last chance for an appeal as well as his execution date.

Sitting behind the hanyou, ever so faithfully, was Kagome. The courtroom was vacant, with the exception as the only ones present. As they waited, Judge Toutousai went over what little files Sango and Kagome could present to him.

The stenographer was at her desk, typing away at everything that was being said.

The judge shook his head, looking over the diminished evidence file. He closed the files and looked at the trio.

"I'm afraid there is hardly any evidence for an appeal, Ms. Taiji." Toutousai exclaimed, shoving the folders aside.

"You're Honor," Sango began. "We have received many threats to our lives, including threats put on our loved ones. Inuyasha's psychiatrist, Doctor Higurashi, was almost killed by someone, she had to give up her son, my fiancée is in the hospital, still recovering; Doctor Maya, Rin was threatened and assaulted by whomever is behind this scam."

Toutousai looked torn; he was convinced that what Sango said is true, but he also had to have the evidence to support Sango's claims.

"Ms. Taiji, Doctor Higurashi, I am sorry for your loss, however, I have to have evidence for this claim—"

Kagome stood up, digging in her purse, and when she found the object, she smiled. Toutousai, Sango, and Inuyasha looked startled.

"You're Honor," Kagome stated. "Permission to approach the bench?"

"Of course." Toutousai said, waving his hand forward.

Kagome stood in front of Toutoutsai's bench, pulling out the object she was searching for; a tape recorder.

"You're Honor," Kagome started, putting her thumb on the 'play' button, but she did not press down yet. "I have vocal evidence that Kikyo Yahame is still alive. I promise you that I did not make this tape up. On Inuyasha's trial, Friday the 13th, Kikyo Yahame came into the courtroom and had a conversation with me. I didn't get the whole conversation, however, I did get what I could when I remembered I had my tape recorder with me, and I recorded what I could. Do I have permission to play it?"

"Yes, Doctor." Toutousai agreed, patiently waiting to hear the tape.

Kagome stole a pitiful glance at Inuyasha, knowing that what he was about hear will hurt him deeply. She pressed play…

Kikyo scoffed, turning back to the courtroom as if it was more interesting than Kagome. The psychologist reached into her purse, looking for something inside; when she found it, she pulled her hand out.

"Hey," Kagome started, glaring at Kikyo out of the corner of her eyes. "Why did you frame Inuyasha?"

Kikyo looked Kagome up and down, noting the light bruises she received from Inuyasha slamming into her. Kikyo raised an eyebrow at the psychologist.

"I hate him." Kikyo replied, crossing her arms. "I had someone better than him; someone who can understand me."

"You know, there is such a thing as 'breaking up.' Have you heard of it? It's where one partner tells the other partner a sob story of how they no longer love the other, and they should not be together. It may hurt the other partner who is going to have the broken heart, but at least it saves them from this hell."

"Gods, you're such a bitch." Kikyo scoffed.

"Obviously, I'm not much of a bitch as you are."

"So, are you calling me a bitch?"

Kagome looked at Kikyo again, hatred radiating off of her towards the other woman. Then she stopped herself; she had no right to hate Kikyo. That would be Inuyasha's duty if he wants to hate her or not.

"I guess I am." Kagome answered.

Then, Kagome saw Inuyasha pass by the courtroom window, being led by a guard. He was wearing a blue suit, which he shifted uncomfortably in, and he kept adjusting it.

"I don't know why I had to wear a suit, Kagome." Inuyasha said, not realizing Kikyo was there because he was adjusting his tie. "I'm just not comfortable in them."

"Hello, lover." A cold voice said, reaching his ears.

Inuyasha abruptly stopped what he was doing and looked at Kikyo with wide eyes, shock made his body numb. The guard went back to the cell hold, waiting to guard whoever got out of hand during the trial.


"Well, I'm glad you still know my name." Kikyo said, pretending to examine her fingernails.

"What… are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked, frowning slightly.

"Oh, I'm not going to stay for the whole trial, Inuyasha. That would just be silly for the jury to convict the hanyou while the 'dead' girlfriend sits behind him."

Inuyasha flinched a little, cautiously approaching his seat; his footsteps echoed in the empty courtroom.

When Inuyasha took his seat, several other people entered the "audience" benches. Kikyo looked behind her, and looked at the clock on the wall; 9:52 am.

"Well, it looks like I wore out my welcome." Kikyo said, standing up and putting her purse on his shoulder.

Inuyasha kept his back to both Kikyo and Kagome, waiting impatiently for Kikyo to leave. Kikyo, however, leaned over the railing that separated the defendant from the audience. She put her lips to his ear and whispered something that Kagome could not hear; something that made Inuyasha tense up.

Kikyo then kissed his cheek, and left without a sign. Kagome turned back to Inuyasha, his back still to her….

Kagome pressed the 'stop' button on the tape recorder. Judge Toutousai nodded, believing that the tape is very authentic.

"Well, good news and bad news." The old, bug-eyed man stated. "I do believe that the woman's voice is the real Kikyo Yahame."

There was anticipated silence.

"However, if presented in court, the plaintiff lawyer can easily say that you and Inuyasha got together, paid a woman to play Kikyo's part, and try to pass it off as evidence."

Toutousai shook his head sadly.

"It is times like this that I hate this justice system." Toutousai reached for his gavel and he picked it up. "I'm afraid I don't have a choice but to deny Inuyasha's appeal."

Just as the old man was about to bring down his gavel, the huge double doors opened, causing him to stop; in the doorway was Rin, with her mate, Sesshoumaru.

Everyone else looked wide-eyed at the couple; Sesshoumaru gave Kagome the smallest ghost smile she had ever seen. She then realized that maybe he was reassuring her.

"Please, You're Honor," Rin said, pulling out a very thick folder. "Don't condemn Inuyasha just yet. I have all the evidence here."

"You may approach the bench Ms…" Toutousai drifted off, not knowing the young woman's name.

"Rin; Doctor Rin Maya."

Rin approached the judge's desk, pulling the thick file out, and placing it on the desk.

"I didn't come to Inuyasha's last trial to be sentence because I was assaulted by a co-worker, threatened, and put in the hospital. That co-worker is the one behind the whole scam, and he also took all the evidence files, except this one. This folder was hidden from all knowledge except for me, because when one works in a profession such as mine, evidence tends to 'disappear.'"

Rin took in a deep breath before continuing.

"I was afraid to come out after I was put in the hospital after my assault. However, a wise woman came to visit me and gave me quite a moral speech." Rin smiled briefly, and Sango smiled behind her; Rin continued. "This co-worker of mine is the one that is Kikyo's present lover; Doctor Naraku Rujai, the ring leader of the whole scam. In that folder is hard, undeniable evidence that Doctor Rujai was the one behind Inuyasha's conviction.

"First, it is known that when Inuyasha gets angry, or jealous, his demon blood takes over his body and makes him wild. He is, however, not a threat to society at all; he is very calm and relaxed. Naraku and Kikyo purposely provoked that demon blood to come out the night of the 'murder.'

"Second, the lawyer that was appointed to him was Mr. Jenomaru, who happens to be Naraku's brother. Third, the two women 'investigating' the murder is, in fact, Naraku's sisters, Kagura and Kana.

"Finally, in order to make the scheme work, Doctor Rujai 'performed' the 'DNA evidence' which is just bogus. Doctor Higurashi came to me, asking for a second opinion; I did the real DNA evidence, and it turned out to be fake."

Toutousai nodded, looking over the documents and DNA results. He smiled a bit, and looked at Inuyasha.

"Well, Mr. Inuyasha, it looks like you got lucky. Just be thankful that you have such wonderful people who care about you."

Inuyasha nodded.

"The verdict for first degree murder for Inuyasha is appealed." Judge Toutousai stated, hitting the gavel on the desk.

Everyone cheered, hugging each other (one exception: Sesshoumaru) and congratulated each other.

"Doctor Maya?" Toutousai said, getting the folders together; he continued after he had Rin's full attention. "I need you to come to court tomorrow; we have to get some friends of ours to pay a little visit to Doctor Rujai and the 'dead one.'"

"You're Honor, I must warn you the Doctor Rujai is a demon."

Toutousai nodded, thinking about who would be the right person to take down a demon; he then nodded to himself.

"I think I know the perfect person to take him down…"


Inuyasha was permitted to stay with Kagome while Naraku and Kikyo were brought into custody to await their trial.

"I have a difficult question to ask you, Inuyasha. Do you want to go to Naraku and Kikyo's trial?"

Inuyasha looked at Kagome, thinking over that question.

"Kagome, you said that in order for me to come to terms with what has happened to me, the betrayal and all, I need to face it… So I will go to the trial."

The night of the trial brought mass media attention; both Inuyasha and Kagome covered their faces as they made their way to the building.

Kikyo was sitting at the defendant' table with Naraku sitting next to her; the same place he sat when he was convicted for her murder. She stared angrily at the man guarding both her and Naraku; Inuyasha recognized him as Ryuukosei.

Ryuukosei was the one who came to arrest him; the only one able to handle full demons, half demons, any demons.

Kagome sat in the back as Inuyasha made his way to the front. She felt it was not her place to be there when he faced the woman who betrayed him.

Kikyo saw Inuyasha approaching and she smiled wickedly. The hanyou took a seat behind her in the 'audience' part of the courtroom.

"Hello, lover." Kikyo greeted wickedly.

"Don't call me that." Inuyasha stated calmly.

Kikyo snickered.

"We finally meet again." She said, pushing her long hair back. "Only positions have changed a bit."

Inuyasha did not say anything on that matter, sensing that Sango now entered the courtroom, sitting down next to Kagome.

"So, now that you're free, what are you going to do?" Kikyo asked, acidly. "Play with your little toy?"

Kikyo stole a quick glare at Kagome. It took every ounce of strength Inuyasha had to not reach over the railing and smack that whore.

"Kagome is not my play toy."

Kikyo shrugged, not really caring what he had to say.

"Kikyo, did I do anything to make you feel like you had to frame me for your murder?"

Kikyo licked her lips, putting an index finger to her cheek.

"Nope, you didn't do anything. I just simply got bored with you." Kikyo stated after she yawned. "And after I got bored with Naraku, I would have discarded him as well."

"It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?" Inuyasha said, looking around the courtroom. "What do you want to say to me before I discardyou out of my life?"

Kikyo looked like she had been stung by a wasp, and then she smiled greedily.

"Oh, no, love." She said. "You can't discard me out of your life because you marked me as your mate. Your soul belongs to me."

Now it was Inuyasha's turn to smile, and he smiled brightly at Kikyo. The woman backed away from the hanyou, now feeling very afraid.

"You know, there is an interesting story to that. See, after Kagome left, hurt because I told her I can not give her myself because I already gave myself to you, my dear brother, Sesshoumaru, came to visit me right after she left. I told him the story, and he told me something that would bring interest to our attention as of this moment…"

Inuyasha cleared his throat as he got ready to quote his brother.

"You always were a stupid hanyou, though it can't be helped. Too much human blood pollutes your system. When a demon marks another as their mate, they are joined as one, soul given to soul; yet, if both mates decided to break that mating bond, though death or by mutual agreement, then that mating bond is broken."

Inuyasha then turned very serious.

"When you discarded me as your mate, the bond was not broken… until now. We are now officially ex-mates because you discarded me, and now I discard you. My soul belongs to another now, and your soul now belongs to you and the place in hell reserved for you. I forgive you for what you put me through, Kikyo, but, to me, you are dead."

Inuyasha left Kikyo sitting in her chair, with a sick look on her face. The trial when through quickly with all of the overwhelming evidence, plus Rin's testimony, and both Naraku and Kikyo got twenty years to life imprisonment.

"Is there anything the defendants will like to say before their sentence is carried out?" the judge asked Kikyo and Naraku.

Kikyo shook her head, but Naraku smiled insanely.

"Yes, You're Honor." He said. "About twelve years ago, there was someone the justice system accused for the murder of five young boys; one of the boys was named Kohaku Taiji."

Sango snapped her attention to the crazy man talking.

"That man didn't murder those boys; I did."

The court was in an uproar and the judge had to slam his gravel down in vein as Sango looked pale.

"You killed those boys?"

"Yes, You're Honor."

At that moment, realization at what the man said, and Sango stood up and ran to the railing, trying to strangle the man with her bare hands. It took both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru to try to pull her away from the rail that separated herself from Naraku.


"Woman, calm down or you will be held in contempt!!" the judge yelled, slamming his gavel down on his desk.

Sango calmed herself down, although she was attempting to kill Naraku through glares. She sat down, and the courtroom slowly calmed down. All she got from Naraku was cold, soulless smile that made her blood boil.

The nightmares were over; both Inuyasha and Sango got justice for their sufferings, even though it took a while. But that is how the justice system is; it takes a while to get justice.


Inuyasha walked out of the courtroom a free man, well, free hanyou. Kagome walked beside him, wondering where they were going to go from here.


"I love you."

Kagome closed her mouth, forgetting what she was going to say. She blinked at him several times.


"I meant it when I said it in the prison."

Kagome nodded, smiling at him. There is was; all he need was to see her smile. Her smile brought him happiness and hope when it was just darkness all around him.

Kagome gently grabbed his hand, holding it in her hand.

"Let's go, Inuyasha."

"Hai, yes."

And they went home.


"Shippou, Ruki, Take, Gyana, and Domu, dinner time!" Kagome yelled out in the backyard.

The children cheered as they ran up to the house, all of them dirty.

"Hey, hey, you pups wash up." Inuyasha ordered when he saw the dirty children.

"Yes, father." They mumbled, going into the bathroom.

"Anata," Kagome called from the kitchen. "Sango, Miroku, and their children are supposed to be coming soon."

Inuyasha looked at his mate with soft eyes.

"Is it really necessary to have this 'new house' celebration?" Inuyasha asked, getting the roast out of the oven.

"Of course it is! You know how hard we worked just to get this house while raising two expensive sons! We owe it to ourselves."

"Yes, we do, but do we really have to invite a huge group of people?" Inuyasha exclaimed, setting the steaming roast on the table with a whole bunch of plates set up.

"A huge group of people?" Kagome yelped, turning to face her mate, her hands on her hips. "It's only my brother, Sota, his wife, Sahara, their children, in order, Raji, Kaniia, Shomoa, and Kyi. Then there is only Sango and Miroku, with their children, in order, Miroku, Kohaku, Shiori, Kama, and the twins, Kagami and Seeu."

Kagome turned back to stirring the peas, and checked the rice.

"And finally," she continued. "There is only Sesshoumaru and Rin, with their children, in order, Meshie, Rui, Hari, Kaguya, Kura, and Jani. But then there is us, with our children, in order, Shippou, Ruki, Take, Gyana, and Domu."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms.

"Uh huh, sure Kagome, we're only having twenty-nine people in one house. That's only a small little group."

Kagome gave Inuyasha a glare that could kill, which he only smiled innocently in return.

"Don't act so innocent!" Kagome yelled, shaking her head. "We both know you're not nearly as innocent as you seem to be."

Inuyasha hugged Kagome from behind, growling as he nuzzled her neck. She tilted her head to the side, exposing it for his lips.

"Careful, Inuyasha." Kagome warned. "You're soon going to be in a house full of pregnant women."

Inuyasha growled softly in response, placing a gentle hand on her womb in protection. He kissed her neck again before responding to her.

"Another thirteen pound child for us?" he chuckled.


Kagome turned around, and he gently grabbed her wrist, and her hand automatically opened. Inuyasha placed his hand on her hand, palm to palm, and fingers to fingers. He leaned forward, locking his lips with her lips.

"Eeeeeeeew!!!" a voice behind them cried out. "Mommy and Daddy are doing that icky stuff again!!!"

Their only daughter, Gyana, ran into the other room, not wanting to see the gross-out smut happening in the kitchen. Inuyasha smiled when he turned his attention back to Kagome.

"I never told you this, but you saved my life; you, Sango, and Rin."

Kagome smiled, their hands still together.


The hanyou cut her off with another kiss.

"You gave me the miracle I was hoping for; you're my miracle worker."

Kagome only kissed Inuyasha in response.



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