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Misunderstood ::The tale of Percy Weasley::

Chapter 1: - Images of the past

How far would you go for love? For undying, unabashed, all consuming love?

The same thing that fuelled the legends of Troy, that made knights betray their kings and made young souls make the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. Sonnets, Plays, Poems, Songs and Stories have been penned for centuries by the most renowned playwrights, authors and poets about this most complicated of all emotions, Love, the thing that makes great legends and even greater empires crumble, Love, the most basic of human emotions, Love, the strongest emotion we humans can ever feel.

Twenty year old Percy Ignatius Weasley was a man in love and he had been since his fifth year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry, Percy Weasley had been a straight O grade student. In academic circles he was revered and admired, at work he was respected and at home he was loved. Percy knew that his life was perfect; every aspect of it was meticulously maintained and groomed to within an inch of perfection. Percy's success and idealistic lifestyle had all been made possible because he knew that whatever life threw at him one thing would for ever remain constant; his love for his fiancée Penelope Clearwater.

For years Penny had been Percy's rock, she had kept Percy sane in a world full of madness and chaos that was his childhood home, the burrow as his parents had so affectionately called it. It wasn't that Percy didn't love or care for his family, on the contrary he did. He loved his family as much as he loved Penny, but his parents were different to himself, their beliefs were different and they thought and acted very differently to Percy. He knew that his parents loved him and also in their own special way so did his two older brothers, three younger brothers and his younger sister. But in an environment that consisted of seven siblings and was full of hand-me-downs and a lack of space and privacy that was almost suffocating, Percy had felt trapped, and even more so when in his first year at his new job working for the ministry of magic in the department for International Cooperation Percy found himself in a lot of trouble.

Percy's dreams where still plagued by the memories of that day, of a dark featureless room, a pitch black sightless room and a chair that was hard and cold as chains bound him to it, tightening around his ankles, legs, wrists, arms and chests. It was hard to breathe and he choked and gasped for breath as they constricted around him lashing him hard with their cold steel as they bit and pinched at his skin and robes.

"Are you one of them?" a toneless voice asked from the darkness as a strong light burned at his eyes blinding him and forcing him to turn his face from the it but the light flowed his movements, unrelenting as he squeezed his eyelids shut.

"Are you one of them?" Another voice asked this time stronger and more demanding, he didn't know how to answer, he didn't know what they wanted he just wanted to be free. He wanted to go home, he wanted his mother, he wanted her hold him close like she used to when he was a young boy and he had been scared or when he had grazed his knee and she had told him that everything would be alright and that she would take care of him

"ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?" the voice barked and the light burned even stronger and he squeezed his eyes tighter still his head was racing he felt as though the walls where closing in as he gasped for air as the chains held him tighter to the chair, he had to get free he had to!


"NO!!!" he yelled as sat up gasping for breath as he clutched his throat his eyes wide, sweat trickling down his brow, his chest felt light and free it took a second for Percy to realise that he was safe. He was in his own soft bed free from chains and that burning light and the dark room and those disembodied voices. He was in his own bed, in his own room in his own house.

"Percy dear are you all right?" Asked a sleepy voice beside him,

"Perfectly" he lied as he turned and looked at his beloved. Penelope's beauty was calming and her smile was perfect, it always begged to be kissed and her eyes shone brightly as she smiled her dark hair fell onto her pillow as she pulled Percy close to her,

"It was just another silly nightmare" she said soothingly and she softly caressed his hair and moped his brow "Everything's alright I'm here to take care of you now" She didn't know what he saw in his nightmares and she didn't know the truth, none of them did, not his mother, his father, brothers, sister none of them. It was impossible to tell them. How would he be able to explain? How could he ever begin to tell them the truth?