2013 IMPORTANT NOTE: This story has officially been abandoned. If you're interested in reading it, please feel free to do so - just be aware that there are a ton of grammar mistakes, random plot jumps, OCC characterization etc. I started this fic back when I was 13/14 yrs old and absolutely hated editing and pulling out my HP books for references. You've been warned :) Thanks!

Darkly Treacherous

By: xxlostdreamerxz

Disclaimer: No, I do not own HP.

Summary: What if Harry was neglected by his parents? What if he had been kidnapped by Voldemort and raised as his dark Heir?



Chapter 1: Blood

"Home is where the heart is..."

4 Years Old:

"Mummy? Daddy?" he whispered timidly, as he slowly crept towards the general direction of the angry screams and curses. Harry had woken up a few minutes ago to the sound of sobs and angry voices. Voices that he recognized as his parents. He couldn't help but feel worried. 'Why were they angry?' Clutching his favorite 'blankie' tightly, Harry stopped abrupt in front of the entrance to his father's study. He could see a crack of light streaming out from the bottom of the door...

"Why!" he heard his mother cry. "Why does it have to be him? He is only a child!" There was a loud smash as glass shattered against the wall. "Damn it Dumbledore, you know that prophecies aren't always true! Perhaps you've misinterpreted it or something."

Harry's eyes widened with curiosity. 'Prophecy?'

A shiver went up his spine as he heard the next voice. He didn't know what it was, but...it was old yet powerful. It was...magical? "Lily, you must understand," the voice said evenly. "...that all prophecies are true. Nothing, not even death can prevent it from happening."


"This prophecy that concerns your youngest son is true," the voice continued, "I have double-checked all possible interpretations and have come to the conclusion that Nate is the prophesized child. He will be the one who shall carry the burden of destroying the Dark Lord Voldemort."

If possible, Harry's eyes grew even wider at the man's proclamation. Nate, his baby brother, was going to destroy You-Know-Who? An excited smile grew on his face. Wicked.

This time, it was his father would replied. "Dumbledore, please," he said softly, "Could you tell us the prophecy? So that we could see if it is true ourselves?" His father coughed lightly, before continuing. "You must understand. This is my son you're talking about. I won't allow him to be thrown into danger just like that."

There was a long silence.

"Very well, James," Dumbledore conceded, with a defeated sigh. "I will relay the first part of the prophecy to you and Lily for the time being. The second part will have to wait, understood?"


Harry's smile grew wider, as he leaned his ear against the wall. Golly, this was turning out to be quite the adventure. He couldn't wait to tell Nate!

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches,

Born to those who have thrice defied his.

A boy of gold and emerald shall rise, with blood so slight,

As second in line, of history's past legacy..."

Harry pouted. Why did adults have to use such big words?

"But Dumbledore, what about Harry?" questioned James. "Couldn't he also fit under this prophecy?"

Dumbledore murmured quietly, "No James, I am positive. I have researched quite extensively upon this prophecy." The man paused for a moment. "The last line is the one that makes me believe that Nate is the prophecy child. And it is your Gryffindor ancestry that proves this point."

Harry blinked in confusion. 'Ancestry?'

"How's that relevant?"

Dumbledore leaned back against his chair. "Because, as your second-born son, Nate is second in line of the greatest wizarding linage in our world. Godric Gryffindor made quite a name for himself during his time in Hogwarts. He was known as the founder of modern society. And from what I believe, Nate shall gain in time unlock his powers and defeat Voldemort."

Someone sighed loudly. "But...then what can we do right now?"

Harry stifled a yawn, as he leaned against the wall. This conversation was getting boring fast. He wanted to go back to bed. However, much to Harry's luck, the wood panel that he'd been leaning against for a good half-hour suddenly creaked loudly as he stood up.

At the sound, Harry heard loud thumps coming from the room. And moments later, the door swung open, revealing the irate forms of his mother, father, and Dumbledore.


Harry blinked innocently up at his parents, as they quickly shooed him into the room. His eyes watered slightly before adjusting to the bright, glaring lights. His father's study looked distinctly scary at the moment.

"Harry James Potter, what were you doing out of bed at this hour!" demanded Lily, the moment her son sat down. Her emerald green eyes which were wet with tears gleamed with annoyance. "And spying on us none the less! Have you no shame?"

The boy flinched at her harsh words. "I...I..." Harry swallowed as he stared beseechingly into his parents eyes. "I heard screams...I was worried about you."

Lily sighed, as if all her anger leaked out. She buried her head in her hands, feeling the strain that's been bugging her for the entire day. This was too much. First there was the prophecy and now...what was she to do with Harry?

"Harry-child," called Dumbledore, as a worried glint flashed across his eyes. Look me straight in the eyes and don't blink."

Harry gave the old man a weird look, but complied nevertheless. After all, it wouldn't do for him to anger his parents even more than they already were. A strange feel overcame him as he stared into the man's blue eyes. It...tingled.

It felt as if someone was raking their nails lightly against his mind. Obviously not the most pleasant of feelings. Harry fidgeted uncomfortably. He couldn't help but suspect that they man was trying to read his mind. A flicker of some emotion flashed across his mind - anger. He didn't want the man to read his thoughts. They belonged to him alone and no one else.

Dumbledore quickly scoured through Harry's mind for any indication that the boy had listened in on their conversation. The boy's mind was peculiar in that his memories did not float about randomly as did most people. Instead, they descended in a steep spiral down towards his magical core. The headmaster carefully studied each memory in turn, before being his descent. Perhaps the memory was buried deeper?

'Leave,' thought Harry, desperately. 'Please leave already!'

A sudden jolt of magic caused him to jerk up in surprise. Dumbledore hesitantly sent out a tendril to touch one of Harry's memories and flinched as a jolt of unbounded magic hit him full on. Emotion magic, that is. The boy wanted him to leave, as his magic was subconsciously answering his prayers. Dumbledore flinched as another magical tendril hit him full on, compelling him to leave.

And leave he did.

There were other ways to ensure that the boy wouldn't recall anything that happened tonight. Though Dumbledore had to admit, he had never ever met a wizard whose innate magic was so powerful. He studied the woozy boy carefully. Perhaps Harry could be of some use to his brother in destroying Voldemort...

"Harry-child?" questioned Dumbledore, as he placed a hand to steady the boy. Surreptitiously he drew his wand, while giving both Lily and James a pointed look. "I am sorry Harry," he whispered softly, as he squeezed Harry's shoulder one last time.


Harry had a second to panic before the curse hit. The last thing he remembered seeing was his parents shocked faces and Dumbledore's guilty expression...and then darkness swallowed him whole. However, had Dumbledore been more observant, he might have realized that Harry's innate magic might have been able to protect him from the attack. That perhaps the spell had failed...

...or had it?

2 months later: (Age 4)

"'arry!' arry!" announced Nate with an innocent grin, as he saw his older brother enter the room. He raised his arms up for a hug, which Harry prompted gave. The younger boy looked completely different than Harry, though not so much that you couldn't see the resemblance between them. Nate had a head full of short messy dark auburn hair and warm chocolate brown eyes. On the other hand, Harry had a pair of brilliant emerald green eyes and messy black hair. Looks or no, the two of them stuck together like peas in a pod. They were best of friends.

"Good morning, Nate," said Harry returning the boy's smile. He reached over and mussed his brother hair, causing the younger boy to shriek in annoyance and laughter. Moving past Nate, he went over to the counter and snuck an apple into his pocket. Just in case, he was punished again. Harry's stomach growled pitifully as he stared hungrily at his brother's meal.

He hadn't eaten anything for days, as stated by his parents. Harry had accidentally set fire on a tablecloth with accidental magic, and his parents had been furious. H-He hadn't done it on purpose! Honest! It...just happened! However, all the same, his parents were adamant in their decision and he was sent to bed without food for around two or so days.

His eyes watered as he recalled their furious expression. W-Why did they hate him so?

"Harry, are you in here?" called Lily, as she entered the kitchen. Catching sight of her eldest son, she quickly motioned his over. "Good, there is something I need you to do."

Harry nodded quietly.

"I need you to..." Lily paused as she caught sight of Harry's emotionless face. "Oh for god's sake put a smile on your face, boy! I'm not asking you to do much!" she said crossly, before continuing, "...anyways, I need you to collect certain ingredients for a potion that I am making. I would do it myself but I have to take care of your brother! So could you collect a few Ashwinder eggs, knotgrass, and some murlap tentacles in the lake please?"

Harry's eyes widened at the list. "I...where do I find Ashwinder eggs?" he asked dumbly. Wasn't an Ashwinder some sort of snake?

"In the forest of course, stupid," she replied with a snort. Lily turned around and stared at Harry, "Well, aren't you going to get started?"

"Yes, but..." Harry hesitated. "...aren't Ashwinders dangerous?"

Lily snorted once again. "Only if you're foolish enough to get bitten," she sent Harry an exasperated look. "Look, don't worry about it. An Ashwinder's poison is not potent enough to kill. So get going already!"

Harry nodded and quickly scampered out of the room. The moment he was out of his mother's presence, a large fat tear trickled down his face. Harry wiped it away angrily, as he stomped out towards the forest. He wouldn't cry. He'd promised himself that months ago...

Forest: (4 hours later)

Harry sighed tiredly as he flopped back against a large tree trunk. His eyes subconsciously searched out the sun to check the time. From what he could see, the sun was high in the sky pronouncing that it was mid-afternoon. Sweat trickled down his face as Harry closed his eyes weakly.

It had taken a good three hours to find all the ingredients that his mother had wanted; however, the problem was...he still needed to find an Ashwinder nest. And not only that, but he needed to successfully remove the Ashwinder's eggs. He truly didn't know if that would be possible...but then again, if the snakes were anything like his parents. It shouldn't be too hard.

Harry's eyes darkened with pain at the realization. His parents truly didn't give a damn about him. He just wasn't worth protecting. Such a realization hurt.

/Stupid master/ a voice grumbled, growing louder with each passing second. /Why did he make me watch some stupid humans. They don't do anything...eat, sleep, bother us, and eat some more/. A nearby bush rustled revealing a huge dark shape.

Harry gasped with surprise. The snake was beautiful!

The snake blinked as it tasted the air. /Human? In the forest/ it hissed with a hint of curiosity, as it slithered closer to the prone figure of the human child. /It looks...delicious.../

Now, well, it was those particular words that shocked Harry out of his stupor. /Wait! Don't eat me/ he hissed, not knowing that he was speaking in Parseltongue. /I...I'm too skinny! You'd choke on my bones or something/ Harry quickly backed against the tree, in an attempt to get away from the snake. He knew that it was stupid, but perhaps the snake would leave him alone. /I don't want to die/

The snake seemed to freeze the moment Harry spoke. /You speak our tongue/ it hissed curiously, as it flicked its tongue curiously at Harry. /What is your name snake-child/

This time, Harry managed to muster his bravery. /Why do you want to know, he demanded, crossing his arms childishly. /If you're going to eat me, why does it matter/

The snake hissed in amusement, before turning more serious. /Such a fascinating child/ it said curiously, /You look like master did.../ The snake circled around Harry, allowing the boy to stare in awe at her gleaming black scales. She preened at the attention, before deciding to answer the boy's pervious question. /I am not going to eat you/ she declared, /You speak our tongue, snake-child. And for that alone, I shall not harm you though it is strange, my Master is the only snake-tongued in the world.../

Harry looked puzzled at the snake, carefully examined the snake's tongue, and then checked his own. /My tongue doesn't look like yours.../ The boy tilted his head and eyed the snake curiously. /I'm not a snake, silly.../

The snake released an exasperated hiss, /Of course your not a snake, you child./ She flicked her tongue in annoyance, /I meant that you are able to speak to me...in the serpent's language./

/Oh.../ he exclaimed, looking slightly embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I've never spoken to a snake before," Harry insisted, loosing his fear. After all the snake had promised not to hurt him. After a moment of silence, he asked/Will I ever see you again/

The snake looking at the boy's expression of longing and pain, before it shook it's head. /Of course child, you are a very fascinating creature...I wouldn't mind visiting you every once in awhile./ Seeing that the boy had perked up at those words, the snake continued, /If you don't mind me asking, but what is your name child? I cannot tell my master about you unless I know your name./

Harry gave the snake a bright smile and exclaimed cheerfully, "My name is Harry. What is yours?"

/My master calls me Nagini/ she hissed quietly, /I fear that he'd be quite fascinated by the likes of you, serpent child/ Nagini looked towards Harry hesitantly, /It is not often that we encounter one of our own...a Parseltongue...for it is a rare gift that is only bestowed to those of the Great Lord Slytherin's bloodline./ The snake slithered closer to Harry, until they were only a few inches apart. /It is strange that such a dark gift has been given to one of the heirs of the Light...especially a Potter at that./

/Who is Slytherin/ asked Harry cautiously, /I've heard Mommy and Daddy say bad things about that house. Something about how they are all evil.../

Nagini tensed, as she bared her fangs with fury. /Your parents...as well as most of the blasted wizarding world is prejudice against Slytherins just because they happen to be ambitious. Not all Death Eaters come from Slytherin; therefore, it is not fair for the entire world to blame everything that goes wrong upon them./ The snake trashed her tail furiously against the ground, as if to make her point. /Our Lord Salazar Slytherin was a good man...powerful, sly, and ambitious. He was probably the most talented out of the founders; however, Slytherin himself, was not match for the combined powers of the other three founders./

Harry blinked in confusion, /But...didn't Slytherin die thousands of years ago/ he asked questioningly. /How do you know what he was like/

/Foolish child/ hissed Nagini, shaking her head back and forth. /We, snakes have methods that by far surpass your human ways of preserving the past. As each of us die, our knowledge of our lifetime is passed down to our offspring; therefore, allowing them access to the knowledge and wisdom that can only be obtained through experiences and time. It is due to this, that we manage to survive for so long, regardless of the discrimination the blasted wizarding world shows us. Snakes are not evil...we are sly, and cunning...we are who we are...and nothing could change that./

/Okay/ answered Harry truthfully. /So far, you're the only snake I've ever met, and you're too nice to be evil/ he stated, as he crossed his arms in conviction.

/I'm not too...nice/ hissed Nagini, who shuddered slightly. /I'm cunning, and wise...not at all nice/ she insisted forcefully, completely unaware of Harry's confused look.


Nagini's head suddenly jerked up, and she turned back towards the edge of the forest. /Little one, I have leave now. My master is calling...he requires my presence.../ At that, the gigantic snake began slinking back towards the shadows of the forest.

Harry shook his head slightly. /Nagini/ he asked quietly, making Nagini halt in her departure. /Thanks for coming...I'll miss you.../

/You're welcome child...until we meet again..." With those words, Nagini disappeared into the shadows...back to her master.

With a lingering glance towards the shadows, Harry Potter stood up and dusted his robes carefully before walking back towards his home. His eyes fell sadly, as he heard shrieks of laughter and joy coming from within the house. Everyone was so happy without him...so loved... Harry raise his hand to wipe away a few traitorous tears that managed to trickle down his face; however, his hand halted in midair. His parents probably wouldn't even notice him...much less even see the tears.

He sighed once again.

He couldn't help but wonder whether or not he was going to get punished again. After all, he had failed his mother by not getting the Ashwinder eggs. Harry's stomach growled pitifully.