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"Well.....This is my new fic.....hehe"

"Its kinda hard to explain so I'll give it a shot!"

"If you've ever seen Fruits Basket before this story will be easy to follow, if you haven't I'll try to explain."

"This story WILL NOT have any of the characters from Fruits Basket!, this fic is based on that idea and the idea only."

"You see the Senshi have been cursed and now if they are hugged by a a member of the opposite sex they turn into a member of the Chinese Zodiac, each one with there own "special" personality, and YES CHIBI-CHIBI AND CHIBIUSA ARE IN THIS FIC!!! SORRY BUT I RAN OUTA CHARACTERS!

"This won't follow the Fruits Basket plot line"

"Well if your not all ready confused you soon will be, below is a list of each Senshi and their respective Zodiac form and a few charcter traits!"



Ami-Sea Horse-Smart,Kept to Herself,Not willing to take foolishness-Age-21


Usagi-Rabbit-Hyper Active,Outgoing,Caring-Age-17


Makoto-Ox-Split Personalities(Good Makoto/Black Makoto)Loner/Fighter,Laid Back/Angry Caring-Age-18

Hotaru-Tiger-Quiet,Laid Back,Shy-Age 14

Haruka-Cat-Angry,Short Temper,No Social Skills-Age-21


Chibi-Chibi-Boar-Jealous,Over Reacts,Short Temper-Age-11

Setsuna-Core of the Curse-Twisted,Crazy,Evil-Age-25



Taiki-Rooster-Low Self-Esteem,Void,No Feelings what so ever(Setsuna's lacky)-Age-21

ChibiUsa-Monkey-No confidence,Low Self-Esteem,Easily Upset-Age-14

Mamoru-Plays the part of Tohru, he accidently happens to find out about the Senshi's curse by hugging Usagi.-Age-18


Usagi strolled down the street on the way to the Main House(Rei's Temple) where Setsuna had called a meeting.

"La La La"She sang as she skiped down the sidewalk, she was slinging her purse when she walked out into the road to cross the street.Then a car came flying over the hill.

'Screech' The car missed her.

"Oh my gosh Miss are you alright!"The man said getting out of his car.

"Yes"Usagi said

"I didn't even see you"

"Hey arn't you Chiba Mamoru? the Senior right?"Usagi asked

"That would be me, and your Hino Rei's friend she in my class I see you to talking all the time"

"I'm Tsukino Usagi"

"Nice to meet you"


"So where on earth were you going?"

"To the Cherry Hill Temple"

"Let me drive you it's the least I could do"


They arrived.

"Well I guess I'll see you ar......"

"No you have to meet some of my friends!"


"Haruka Michiru your here already!"Usagi exclaimed and hugged them both.

"I see your as estatic as ever"Rei sighed

"Oh hello Mamoru"

"Hi Rei"

"And who's this?"Haruka asked

"this is Chiba Mamoru and this is Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru"

They both nodded.

"Where's Minako?"

"She not here yet"

"Oh"Just as she finished Minako pulled up.

"Minako"Usagi wailed as she started down the hill and triped.

"USAGI!"Mamoru and Haruka exclaimed they both lunged and grabbed her, you heard to 'poofs' and white and yellow smoke bellowing everywhere.

"Oh my"Michiru said

"Uh..erm...."Mamoru said as he held a small rabbit and a very feisty cat.

"I think we have a problem"Minako said finshing her accent the top of the hill.

"Don't let Setsuna find out! Please!"Usagi started to cry.

"Um....."Mamoru said

Just then another two 'poofs' and their stood Haruka and Usagi in human form clothless.

"AH!"Mamoru exclaimed and covered his eyes.

"I think we have some explaining to do"Minako said

Rei nodded.

"If we must"Rei huffed


Well there's the first chapter! It's not much but oh well. Each chapter I'll introduce a few more charaters and talk about the person's past! I hope you enjoyed it!