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"I thought I'll never see you again" Kai said amazed, it was her, it was really her!

"I thought you never wanted to see me again" Melody smiled sadly, she looked amazingly good.

Kai had automatically assumed she had returned to the street and plunder and therefore look like the same shape he had found her in the day in.

"I've been so worried" Kai muttered silently, lowering his gaze, his eyes started to fill up.

She didn't respond instead she came up close to him, lifted her hands and stroke him over his chin. He lifted his head and looked into to her emotional eyes.

"Where have you been?" He asked.

She smiled weakly and shrugged. "Boston"

"Boston!" Kai cried amazed, what on earth was she doing there?

"I been thinking of you every single day, Kai" She admitted next.

"then why were you gone so long, and why did you come now?" Kai asked.

"God, Kai, you're clothes are so wet" Melody said a little nervous.

"Melody…" Kai said dryly.

Melody sighted and sat down on a stone bench by the roses. "do you remember the day we met?" She asked instead. Kai nodded, that day never left his mind.

" I got a new family now" she whispered, lowering her head as she was ashamed.


They sat in Kai's room, she sitting the bed and him by the window post trying to swallow the news.



Kai couldn't believe this, she had been fine, and all this time she had been fine. All those nightmares about her cold dead body on the ground, all those nights he had refused to sleep fearing the images hunting him.

"why did you never contact me, I could have needed it, I've been so worried and hardly slept"

Kai asked soar, she moved her eyes flickered.

"I haven't been allowed near anything I could contact anyone with" she whispered "my new family thought I'd be better off not contacting my past"

Melody closed her eyes, remembering the escape though the window, the leap down the streets. How she had climbed a truck, the long drive and the sight of her limbs turning slowly to a light shade of blue.

The first sight of the giant city glaring unwelcoming at her, the snow.
Then the old lady turning her in and at last her new mum and dad hugging her.

"Why?" Kai looked at her with big watery eyes, he couldn't believe she truly was here beside him again.

"I was a mess when they first saw me, you have no idea how hard it was to not to contact you, Kai" Her voice was soft, Kai stretched out his arm, she crawled close to him, leaning her head on his chest.

"but will we be together now?" Kai asked "or will they refuse you to meet me?"

Melody looked at him, and right there and then she looked like an angel.

She smiled "They've let me go, I'm yours forever now"

Kai looked at her for a moment, was she really saying what she was saying? Then he roared of happiness, pulled her closer and kissed her.

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