Trapped in Winter Together

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Bulma sat in her living room, reading a book, with the t.v playing softly in the background. All of a sudden there was a news flash across the bottom of the screen and made the annoying buzzing noise. (God, I hate that noise!! Lol)

Then the weatherman came on the screen. "Attention!! There is a huge snowstorm headed straight for West City. All residents are urged to find shelter and gather supplies for the biggest snowstorm of the year! It should reach West City in about 2 hours so please take caution and take shelter. We will keep you updated as long as possible. Winds are clocked to be at 80 mph and higher. Temps are dropping rapidly. Ice is forming on power lines and the roads are very slippery. If you have to leave your house, please drive carefully and cautiously. We will now return you to your regular program already in progress."

Bulma was not really concerned. Everyone she knew had a place to go from the storm and had supplies for a month stored in their homes. On the other hand, she had enough food to last for a couple of months in her home, but she still was a bit worried. As she was turning back to read her book, she thought about Vegeta in the GR. 'I wonder if he knows about the storm...maybe I should tell him.' With that final thought, she got up and went to get on her jacket to go outside.

Once she opened the door, a big blast of cold air hit her. "Holy Shit! That's cold!!" She screamed. Then ran to the GR. Before she could knock on the big metal door, it was opened by the occupant inside.

"What are you doing here, Woman?" Vegeta demanded. "Well, i thought that you might want to know about the snow storm that's..."

?I already know. That's why I was coming in. I don't want to be stuck in the GR!!! There isn't any food there! Are you crazy, Woman?!"

"Oh silly me. You only LIVE in the GR...What was I thinking?!" Said Bulma, with sarcasm dipping from her words.

"Very funny" Vegeta finished by walking past Bulma into CC and going to take a shower with Bulma following close behind. (NOT into the shower! Just into the house! Mutters something about some ppl being perverts)

While Vegeta was taking a nice, warm shower he kept thinking about the blue-haired woman. 'Why does she have to be so damn sexy in everything she wears!?! Grrr...what's wrong with me? I am the Saiyin Prince. I cannot fall for some weakling human.' While Vegeta was ranting to himself in the shower he had lost track of time and by the time he got out it had been an hour and forty minutes. 'Too long of a shower. Oh well, at least it relaxed my muscles. Damn, they're still a bit sore.'

Then he went into his closet and got dressed in a white wifebeater with a black over shirt with black jean pants and his white on white Birdman shoes. (Hehe, yeah! Love the Birdman shoes! I got those Then he went down to the living room to see Bulma glued to the Weather Channel, watching the storm coming closer and closer. "They said that it should be here in less that 10 minutes." For some reason he felt sorry for her with the look that was on her face, she looked...scared? 'Why is she scared? She has rarely ever been scared of anything, so why now?'

Bulma was scared. She'll admit it, just not to the Saiyin Prince. He would do nothing but tease her but the more she thought about it, the more she thought that he wouldn't do that this time. So she decided to tell him that she was scared.

"Vegeta, I know that this may seem kindda stupid but..." Bulma paused and looked down embarrassed. She had no clue how to tell anyone that she was scared. Normally she would go to her Mom but her mom and dad were on a trip to Hawaii and won't be back until 2 more months. The only one left in the house was Vegeta. 'Oh Goody. He is the only one to talk to until this storm blows over. Wonderful...'

Vegeta could sense her hesitation. He knew that she was scared of the storm and she was also scared to tell him that she was scared. (Did that make much sense? He decided to say something.

"Are you scared, Woman?"

"No! Of course not! What would make you think that?!" Bulma asked, blushing.

"Oh I dunno. Maybe the fact that I can sense what you are feeling. You had a scared look on your face when I came in here and..."

"OK! I am scared! I am scared of the storm AND I was scared to tell you that I was cuz you would probably laugh at me. There are you happy?" Then she broke down crying. Then she felt two strong arms wrap around her and hold her tight. To say the least, she was surprised.

Vegeta had no clue what he was doing until he already had her in his arms and was hugging her. "What am I doin??! This is bad...but if its soo bad then why does it feel soo good? I'm so confused! But I think I'm starting to like this...'

'He's hugging me...Vegeta is hugging me...oh my god! Maybe he...naa...he doesn't like me. He is just doing this cuz I was sad and scared and he is trying to make me feel better. That still doesn't sound like Vegeta...oh well...I'll figure it out later. This feels soo good.... Right here.'

Bulma wrapped her arms around him and hugged him back. She looked up into his onyx eyes as he looked into her crystal blue ones. They both were happy, even though Vegeta didn't show it. As they looked at each other the gap between them started to close. Bulma shut her eyes as did Vegeta and then they finally met in their first kiss. It was magic and it felt so right for the both of them. Vegeta's tongue asked for entrance by going along Bulma's bottom lip. She, of course, granted him access. Their tongues did battle until they needed air. Then they parted. They were looking at each other with flushed faces and breathing heavily. Then Vegeta turned around suddenly and left. Bulma was left there, in the living room, touching her hand to her lips and wondering what the hell happened.

'It felt to right. Just being there in his arms. Then being kissed by him just made the feeling better. Oh God. I think I'm falling for him harder than what I thought I was. Good thing I broke up with that good for nothing, two-timing bastard Yamcha. Uhhh...I need a bath to help me relax'. As she was walking to the bathroom, she passed Vegeta's closed door. "What was that Vegeta? Do you feel the same thing for me as I do you" She asked quietly then continued to the bathroom.

'What was that? I had no clue that I was going to do that! It felt sooo right. She fit in my arms so well and her kiss...I don't know about that. That was the best kiss I think I have ever had. It felt so full of trust Does Bulma feel the same for me as I do her?'. Vegeta then sat up on his bed and leaned his head back on the wall. "I think a nap will do some good. Then I'll figure out what to do."

Vegeta shed his shoes and over shirt and got into bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out. Little did he know that his dreams would be "haunted" by a certain blue-haired woman.

As Bulma got out of her bath she looked at the clock and realized that it was 9:00 at night. She just decided to go to bed and think about this tomorrow. But as she fell into a blissful slumber, her dreams came to her with a certain Saiyin Prince.

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