Author: Martina G

Title: Not Just Another Girl

Category: AU M/L

Summary: Liz Parker is a rich girl on the run from her past. Max Evans is the bad boy she falls for with demons of his own. Loosely based on the 1991 movie Rich Girl.

Disclaimer: Don't own the characters or anything related to the show Roswell. All I can take credit for is my own skewed imagination. So don't sue. Wouldn't be worth it anyway.

A/N: I was sitting at home bored, on a Friday night, because I was stupid enough to twist my knee the day before. Anyway,something prompted me to re-read this story which I finished back in December. OMFG! Why did no one tell me how bad the first few chapters were? Based on the first chapter alone, I myself would never have read this. So, here's my attempt at rewriting history. Don't really expect anyone to re-read it, but it will make me feel a lot better.

Liz Parker paused outside the doors of Evolution Night club in northeast Philadelphia, her heart fluttering nervously. Reaching into her Prada handbag for her silver compact, she quickly checked her hair and makeup in the mirror. Noting that her silky dark hair was tangle free and picture perfect, she moved on to her makeup. Recoating her lips with just a touch of cherry blossom lip gloss, she tossed the items back into her handbag and pulled open the door of the nightclub.

She was pleasantly surprised at how nice the place was. Maybe not country club nice, but nice non-the-less. The décor was done in colors of black, silver, and goal, lending the club an 80's disco type of look. Or what Liz assumed was an 80's look based on the movie 54. The neon colored skylights only added to this picture. There were about twenty to thirty tables on the lower level of the club, as well as booths and lounging chairs on the upper level. There was also a huge dance floor, entertainment stage, bar, and several doors leading to god only where.

It was at this bar that Liz spotted the first signs of actual human life in the seemingly empty establishment. Two blonde's sat on stools caught up in a private conversation. Must be juicy. Liz thought, because neither had noticed her enter the club. She assumed they worked there by their similar modes of dress. Duh. She mocked herself as she took in the black mini-skirts and black tee-shirts with the word Evolution emblazoned across them in silver. Making her way over to where they were sitting, she addressed the taller of the two.

"Is Lou around?"

The blonde never bothered to answer. Instead, she stared at Liz disdainfully. What's up with that? Liz wondered, slightly disconcerted. Had she gotten the owners name wrong? She could have sworn Marla, the secretary from the temp agency, had told her to ask for Lou. So what was the deal? Cause the other blonde hadn't answered her either.

Usually slow to anger, Liz's temper flared to life, as she intercepted the smirk passed between the two girls as they took in her attire. Liz prided herself on making a good first impression, and there was no way in hell they could find fault with her black Donna Karan pant suit. Ok, so she was slightly wrinkled. But she'd worn this suit since ten in the morning, through several job interviews, and it was now after six. She was just about to ask the two blonde's what their problem was, when a voice coming from one of the mystery door caused all three of them to jump.

"What the hell is this? I don't pay good money for you girls to sit around and gossip," said the portly man with salt and pepper hair, as he walked toward the three of them. "We open in less than an hour. Get to work!"

The two blonde's went scrambling in different directions which Liz found amusing. Unfortunately, it left her the center of attention before their obviously irate boss.

"Who are you?" He asked suspiciously.

"My name is Liz Parker," she stuttered out quickly. The man was like a freaking drill sergeant. "Marla Danoto at the temp agency said I might be able to find employment here."

"You know Marla," Lou asked skeptically.

"Yeah," Liz answered, confidence returning to her voice. "We go way back," she exaggerated, crossing her fingers behind her back.

"Well that's too bad. I can't stand that girl!" Lou grumbled. "Chic almost cost me my liquor license a few years back. Damned under aged drinkers."

"Damn," Liz whispered to herself, her shoulders drooping in frustration. This was just another dead end. If things kept going the way they were she didn't know what she would do. Maybe she could try accessing her trust fund early.

Lou was puzzled as he watched the girl's shoulders droop. Judging by the way she was dressed, though he was no fashion expert, It was blatantly obvious she came from money. So why would someone like her need a job? Even her name sounded high maintenance. Wait…had she said her last name Parker. Because Lou knew only one Parker synonymous with money, and there was no way she was related to him. Was she? To be on the safe side he'd better look in to it.

"Hey kid," Lou smiled broadly. "I was just jokin with you. Why don't you have a seat at the bar while I run in the back and grab you an application."

Raising confused brown eyes to meet evasive grey, Liz shrugged her shoulders and took a seat at the bar. As she watched Lou rush off towards his office she could help but think, weird guy.

Inside his office, Lou dialed the number of one of his higher up connections. "Yo Dave, this is Lou. You know if Jeff Parker gotta kid? He do? What age? I need his number quick. It's important."

Lou returned ten minutes later all smiles and handed Liz the application. "Here you go kid. Just fill this here out and you can start tomorrow. It just so happens that one of my waitress's had to leave town in a hurry. Some sort of domestic trouble," Lou said offhandedly. "You know how it is."

Liz actually didn't know how it was, though she smiled anyway, pretending to agree with him as she quickly filled out the application. Lou then told her to show up tomorrow at around six. Thanking him for the opportunity, Liz exited the club. It wasn't until she was halfway home that she thought to wonder about the club owners total about face.

A/N: First chapters a little slow. But boy does it pick up!