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Chapter 1: Thinking and Talking

Beast Boy sat in his bed half asleep and half awake he hadn't really been doing anything but thinking, which was a rare thing for Beast Boy. But this thinking was important he was thinking about someone in particular ...

'Raven' the name had echoed in Beast Boys head for days now over and over it seemed to have been kept in a chamber and was just recently released. All his cherished memories of Raven were kept in this chamber and as he more explored the chamber he found more traces of her expressing her emotions. He found himself digging harder trying to find more... like the time when she had faintly smiled at him or when she had actually tried his tofu eggs. Or when the sun gently touched her face illuminating her eyes. Her eyes were the pathway to her emotions. Beast Boy had found that it was the only way to find what she was really thinking. She was perfect in everyway! He fell into a deeper thought. 'What was this feeling?' he thought it over for a few minutes and then the thought hit him. 'Is this Love...? It can't be... Me? In Love? With Raven?' the thought sounded ridiculous except for one part 'With Raven'. He couldn't believe it could this actually be love?

He turned over on his side to look at the clock "1:44". Why did it have to be so early in the morning! He sat up and slowly and set his feet on the floor he pushed his hands against the bed then stood for no less then 5 seconds and started towards the Kitchen to get some soymilk. As he reached the living room he found it much lighter, then the hallway he was in before hand, the moonlight was pouring over the furniture giving it the impression that it was a pale grey.... It reminded him of Ravens pale complexion. Her Skin another feature Beast Boy loved about her. It reminded him of all the time she spent alone and in the dark. Even though most people wouldn't like that... Beast Boy did because it kept him aware that her emotions could not be show at all times. After grasping hold of his thought and thinking over and over ' Stop thinking romantically. You are BEAST BOY! Love is not on your agenda of things to do!!' he continued on into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and squinted his eyes at the light that hit his eyes with the impact of a car. He slowly opened them as they got adjusted to the light. The fridge was packed!! If Starfire hadn't taken the time to label the drawers so everyone knew where thing's were other Titans probably wouldn't have a clue where or what anything was. 'Thank God for Starfire!' the thought passed through his head and he chuckled a bit for before grabbing the bottle of soymilk and taking it out of the fridge. He went to the cupboard to pull out a glass when something caught his eye....

He looked over in the corner of the room where he saw a silver glint. He drew closer and closer... "Cyborg??" he said aloud. Cyborg sat in one of the 5 kitchen table chairs head tilted forward drooling.

"CYBORG!" Beast Boy yelled trying not to yell to loud as to not wake anyone else up.

"AHH!! DEMON MONKEYS GET AWAY!" Cyborg screamed as he armed his sonic cannon and shot at the ceiling.

"Wow! No need to shot the ceiling or me!! I was just waking you up to inform of the Amazon River that is on our kitchen table!!"

Cyborg looked down at his huge pile of drool on the table. "Oh sorry."

Beast Boy went over to the sink and threw him a dishcloth. "No prob. Just clean it up." He went over and poured the soymilk into his cup and walked over to the fridge and put the container back. Cyborg finished cleaning up and threw the cloth in the sink. "BULLSEYE!" he said in a triumphant voice "So why you up so late? It's probably around two in the morning!"

"Couldn't sleep." Beast Boy said while placing the soymilk back in the fridge.

"Why not?" Cyborg asked curiously.

"I was... thinking." Beast Boy sat down at the table and took a sip from his glass.

"Is the apocalypse really that close??" Cyborg said in a taunting voice.

Beast Boy slit his eyes and glared at him "Ha Ha, VERY funny. But I WAS close to telling you WHAT I was thinking about. But now I think I'll let you figure that out for yourself." He finished with a sly look on his face and took a sip of soymilk.

"Hmmm...." Cyborg put a finger on his chin pretending to think. "Is it about Raven?"

Beast Boy spat his milk out across the table it sprayed all over Cyborgs face. "HOW'D YOU KNOW?"

"Well your reaction just then kinda gave it away." He said with a look of disgust on his face as he wiped off the Soymilk.

"Sorry." Beast Boy said as his face turned a light shade of pink.

"Also when I asked you if you wanted eggs yesterday you said yes and while you said that you were starring at Raven. Also its pretty hard NOT to notice how whenever she's near you, you stutter. If you were in my shoes.... You'd know!"

"Dude, you don't where shoes!" Beast Boy said.

"Not own-wy is wittle Beast Boy in WOVE for wonce in his wife he's being smart!" Cyborg teased in a babyish voice. He then realized what Beast Boy just said. "The apocalypse IS coming!! Not only are you thinking but your being smart!! You must really be in love." Cyborg then burst out in a fit a giggles.

Beast Boy finished his milk and then looked at Cyborg "Don't tell anyone okay?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg pleadingly.

"Why everyone already knows."

"WHAT???" Beast Boy jumped up out of his chair and fell on the floor there was a thump and then a groan. Beast Boy sat there feeling miserable.

"Everyone except Raven that is. We were talking about it the other day."

Beast Boy let out a sigh of relief that showed that his hope was restored and picked himself off the floor. "So she doesn't know then?"

"Not that I'm aware of."

As Cyborg said that Beast Boy heard something coming down the stairs...

Robin appeared in the kitchen yawning and stretching his arms. "What's up with all the racket??" he said after letting out a long yawn.

"Lover Boy here has finally admitted that he likes Raven."

Robin suddenly was more awake and aware of them. "Really?" he asked with a glint of curiosity in his eye.

Beast Boy looked at Robin and nodded.

"Well I guess your going to need some help then. With the consideration that Raven's going to be a hell of a combination to crack. First tell me how you feel about her."

"Well..." Beast Boy said falling into a state of adoration "She has the most beautiful shade of violet for eyes, her hair seems to dance in the wind every time there a slight breeze, she got this personality that has a certain spark to her and she so strong and able to carry on with a burden that..."

"Okay! WE GET THE POINT!! Your head of heels, over the moon, would walk across the galaxy for her!! MADLY IN LOVE!!" Cyborg flung his hands around in the air wildly before settling down.

"He's right you know." Robin said nodding his head.

"Yeah... I think he is."

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