Chapter 15: Daddy Dearest

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Starfire floated in the air, shivering as the cool breeze coming off the harbour struck her with its icy breath. "Which warehouse are they in?" she asked as she landed next to Robin, who was holding his communicator in hand and walking around aimlessly.

"My communicator says they're supposed to be right here." He replied, pointing to the empty space in the corner of the dock. "But there's nothing there!"

Cyborg started to walk towards the area Robin had pointed to. "Maybe it's some sort of-" He came crashing to a halt as the sound of metal smashing against metal rang throughout the bitter air. "-Cloaking… device." He mumbled as he fell back onto the docks.

Starfire giggled as Cyborg gradually lifted himself off the wooden planks. Robin then cautiously moved forward and placed an item with a small "R" imprinted in the middle on the invisible wall. "Stand back." He warned the others as a red circle suddenly illuminated a small section of the wall, surrounding the disk. In no less than 4 seconds, the object exploded, but no sound came from blast. Before anyone could ask about what had happened, Robin interrupted.

"Bingo," he said mischievously, and stepped cautiously forward and into the dimly lit room.

Raven gazed down at her meditation mirror that Slade had placed in front of her.

This mirror was meant to do good for her. It was intended to do good for the world, to keep everyone safe from her father. But the mirror was just about to help her father wreak havoc on the one thing she'd been trying to protect for nearly her whole life. SHE was about to help her father, the one thing she'd vowed never to do.

Raven sighed at the thought of helping her father. "You're going to have to untie me if you want me to do this correctly."

"You'll manage."

Raven's eyes darted up to meet Slade's icy stare. She glared at him for a few seconds when suddenly a crash was heard coming from one of the other rooms.

Slade looked up in panic anger and rushed towards the computer. "DO IT NOW!! Or else your little friends die."

"But, I-"

"NOW!!!!!" Slade yelled, panic filling his voice.

Raven closed her eyes and let her tears roll freely down her cheeks. There was no use trying to hold them back, the world was going to end anyway. Her father would have his glory as he triumphed in their constant battle to stay on top. And she would be left dead as he sought out other worlds to destroy. She knew she was his only key to the world, and if she had any hope of trying to save it, she'd have to place the burden and her trust on her friends. "I'm sorry everyone," she whispered to the mirror. "I'm sorry Beast Boy. I really am."

"Lapigamma Kayipaig'mon Lumbaleekaraga," she began to chant, the ancient spell making a blood red mist rise around her and everything else in the room.

"Zimbyhorolae Maiumshrue."

The room now had a faint smell of burning flesh, and all around, flames could be seen. Although they weren't real, Raven could feel the heat against her body. She knew that if she listened closely, she could hear a women screaming in the far distance, and the voice of a mad man running after her. But by far, the most frightening illusion in the room wasn't an illusion at all... it was the mirror. Scenes of horror passed by in its small frame, making anyone who saw it shiver in pure horror. But the most visible thing in the mirror were the four glowing yellow eyes, staring out into the hell-filled room.

"Kwinhorotoe Xavrahajee." Raven paused; the spell had one last word. The last word would make the world erupt in utter turmoil. Everywhere would be chaos by the time Trigun was done. Only a few would be left standing, and Raven knew they would be ruthless leaders, who would follow Trigun in his conquering of other worlds.

"Hey-" Raven started, but bit her lip as a small droplet of sweat from the heat of the flames trickled down her pale cheek "Heyarmunkumo." She closed her eyes tightly, getting ready for some sort of impact. A wind ripped around her as the room exploded in the full-blown force of the misery of hell. Then everything died away, and all the chaos stopped. Raven cautiously opened her eyes one at a time to see everything the same, except for one thing.

Trigun floated over the mirror, staring down at her. His ghostly figure was far more terrifying and petrifying than the one that had been haunting her mind for so many years. Although he was much smaller, the red was more deathly and his features had aged, giving him a bloodcurdling look. "Truly sorry, dear," he said, voice filled with hate and anger, "but you're in my body." Then, with a rush of pain, Raven felt Trigun hit her chest with the full impact of a truck.

A bright white light erupted into the room as Raven let out a bone-chilling scream. Slowly the scream died down to nothing as her soul was ripped from her body and pushed aside to let Trigun's take its place. "No," she whispered quietly, as she saw her friends come barging into the room just in time to see the light fade away.

Slung over Cyborg's and Starfire's shoulders were Cammie and Alley, and limping in behind Robin was Beast Boy, looking in horror as her body was being taken over by her father.

Raven looked up at him. "I'm sorry," she whispered, before breaking out into another flood of tears.

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