Chapter 18: 'Getting to know each other'

There happened to be a quiet bar just around the corner from the complex Evolution were staying in. It was a classy looking joint from the outside, with some modern sculptures in the windows and a stylish colour scheme. The interior was also contemporary, with all manner of furnishings that could be regarded as trend setting. Despite the up market nature of the place, there could not have been more than five or six people inside.

Prior to entering the bar, Molly noticed that it was called 'La Mode'. She suspected that there was some sort of French theme going on and this was confirmed when the barman addressed Hunter and herself.

"Bonsoir, madame et monsieur." he said enthusiastically, "Bienvenue à notre établissement."

Hunter frowned and looked over towards Molly, who grinned at his bewilderment. She decided to make life a little easier for him, by asking the barman a simple question.

"Merci beaucoup," she replied with a smile, "parlez-vous Anglais?"

The young Frenchman behind the bar acknowledged her query with a nod of the head and picked up on the reasoning for the question. He faced Hunter and re-addressed him.

"Sorry sir, I was welcoming you and your wonderful wife to 'ze establishment." he said, fumbling slightly with his English. Both Molly and Hunter tried to correct his mistake at the same time.

"We are not..."

They each stopped and stared at one another. They didn't need to say anything, they figured it wasn't such a big deal and let the error slide. Hunter seemed more preoccupied with getting a drink.

"Any chance of getting a beer?" he asked.

"Of course. What would sir like?"

Hunter wasn't particularly thrilled about being called sir, as he checked out the selection of aperitifs that were available. Evolution usually thrived on being champagne guzzlers, but for one night he fancied slumming it some what.

"I'll have a beer. Molls, what are you drinking?"

She had a quick look at what was on offer, not really seeing anything she fancied. Without putting too much thought into it, she took the easy way out and opted for whatever Hunter was on.

"A beer will be fine."

The barman served up two bottles of chilled lager and placed them onto a tray on top of the bar. Hunter handed Molly her bottle and picked his up, before motioning over to a table in the corner of the room. No sooner had he begun to move, the barman apprehended him.

"Is sir going to pay for his drinks?"

Hunter halted and looked over at the young man, stony faced. "Do you know who I am? Sir will pay for his drinks, when sir is finished."

The barman saw the twisted expression on Hunter's face and scuttled away with his tail between his legs. Hunter didn't look like the kind of man to infuriate.

"What was all that about?" Molly inquired.

"That little punk asked for it. He does realise he is in America doesn't he? We speak English over here." he replied irritably. "Anyway, I didn't know you spoke Spanish?"

"French." Molly corrected him, "There are a lot of things you don't know about me."

"Sounds intriguing," Hunter responded, as they reached the table and sat down. "Tell me more."

Molly took a small swig from her bottle and then placed it down on the table. Normally she was very reserved about disclosing details of her past or any aspect of her private life, but with Hunter she felt a discernible comfort level. "Where do you want me to start?"

"From the beginning is usually good." Hunter replied dryly. Molly appreciated his wit and giggled. "How did you get into wrestling?" he quizzed.

"Okay, if you're sure... I was born and raised in Minnesota, but the Holly family's roots have always been in Alabama. After I graduated, I went down there to live with my cousins... Bob and Mikey."

"Mikey?" Hunter asked. He knew Bob was Hardcore Holly, but didn't recognize the name Mikey.

"Crash." Molly said sadly, dwelling for a moment to kiss the cross pendant hung around her neck. Hunter realised he'd stepped in something, but Molly prevented him from feeling bad about it. "It's okay... I mean I miss him, but life has to go on. I am comforted by the knowledge that he's smiling on me from heaven."

Hunter held up his bottle as a toast to her dear departed cousin, which Molly smiled and accepted. She acknowledged by clinking her bottle against his. Both took a mouthful of beer, and Molly continued her story.

"I didn't really have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. My parents had all these big plans of what they wanted me to do, but the one thing I did know was that I wanted to get to know the rest of my family a bit better. Living so far away, I only got to see them a couple times a year."

Hunter sat attentively, whilst knocking back his drink at a fair pace. Molly was alarmed to see how quickly he was consuming the alcohol; it was a pace she had no way of keeping up with. Hunter finished his first bottle and signaled towards the bar for another one to be brought over.

"You want another?" he asked Molly.

"Are you kidding me?" she replied, holding up her nearly full bottle for him to see.

"Ah... I see." he sniggered at her slow pace. "Carry on..."

Molly shook her head and resumed where she had left off. "Bob was always on the road with you guys, but Mikey and I spent a lot of time together. We we're cousins obviously, but everybody always thought of us as brother and sister. He looked after me."

"He was a good kid." Hunter said, paying tribute.

"Yes he was... He wanted to follow in Bob's footsteps, he'd had his heart set on becoming a pro wrestler from the first time he'd watched one of Bob's matches. I used to go along to training camps with him, to lend some moral support and keep him company. At that time I had no interest in doing the same thing... Becoming a wrestler that is."

"So, how did you?"

"It's a funny story actually... Mikey was booked to wrestle in a tag match at a show in... where was it now?" Molly pondered, trying to recall the location of the event, "Florida I think... That's right, we were on vacation down there and he managed to get a spot on a show that was running one weekend." She paused at that point to drink some more of her beer, and then carried on.

"His partner didn't show up. There must have been over a hundred people watching this event, and he was pumped to perform that night. A hundred people seemed like a lot back then!" Molly chuckled, fondly remembering the night in question. "So, he took me to one side and said something like... 'You're teaming with me tonight.' I was shocked to say the least."

Hunter seemed to be captivated by her narrative, all the while continuing to consume lager at an alarming rate. "What happened?"

"I told him no way, so he went away and sulked. He always used to do that, he had this way of making me feel bad if he couldn't get his own way. Needless to say, he made me feel so bad that I told him I'd do it. I'd never wrestled seriously in my life and was scared to death. Our opponents were like... huge."

"Well... they didn't kill you obviously." Hunter pointed out.

"Thankfully, no they didn't. As it turned out, I was a natural... Like a duck to water. The promoters down there were amazed at how well I performed, especially when they found out that I'd never really wrestled before!"

"That's some crazy shit Molls."

"Sure was. My career was born on that night... I never did find out who the guy was who didn't show up. I guess I am grateful to him, whoever he is."

"So am I." Hunter said, with a sly grin on his face. Sharp as a tack, Molly waved away what she considered to be a corny line.

"Hey! I mean it!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, okay..." Molly joked. She found herself really enjoying Hunter's company. Away from the ring and the business, he came across as a totally regular guy with regular emotions. And she could find no way of ignoring his rugged good looks...

"Right, you gonna ask me any questions?" he asked, evidently keen to talk about himself. Molly should have known better than to expect him to sit listening to her for longer than five minutes. She started to drink at a steady pace; she drank a couple of mouthfuls of beer, whilst thinking of something to ask him.

"Let me see..." she deliberated. "I could ask you the same question you asked me... But I've seen your DVD, so I know the answer to that one."

Hunter nearly choked on his drink, when he heard her mention that she had watched his career compilation. "You've cough watched my DVD?"

"Of course." she said, not believing it to be a big deal. "Come to think of it, there is something I would like to know."

"Fire away."

"Why me?"

Hunter frowned at her vague question. "What do you mean?"

"Evolution. Why did you pick me?"

Hunter finished his second bottle and tried to change the subject. "You finished that beer yet?"

Molly had a look and felt pressured into guzzling the few mouthfuls that remained in her bottle. Hunter teased her by clapping, whilst gesturing for another couple of drinks to be brought over.

"You're going to regret it when you end up having to carry me home, Mr. Helmsley." she jibed.

"I'll live with that, Miss Holly." he came back.

"Flattery will get you nowhere... Besides, you are not getting out of answering my question." she informed him.

"Do I have to?" he sighed, and Molly nodded. "Okay, where do you want me to start?"

"From the beginning is usually good." The alcohol in her bloodstream did not seem to slow up Molly's reactions at all, as she copied Hunter's response from earlier.

"Very good, you got me..." he commended her. "Why did we recruit you? Hmm... First off, 'we' didn't recruit you... 'I' recruited you."

Molly shot him a puzzled expression, which led him to explain his statement.

"Vince asked me if I had a problem with inducting a female into Evolution. I was fine with idea, I actually liked it... But the other guys weren't so keen, especially Randy."

"Okay." Molly said, intrigued by the revelation.

"Vince asked me who I wanted to take on board. Trish... No thanks, been there done that." Molly scowled at the mention of her name. "Lita... Unreliable... Victoria... Headcase... and so on. You get the impression."

"Don't get me started." Molly warned.

"Well, on the night you won the title, I saw you confront that Asian chick. I hadn't even considered you, but I liked what I saw."


"Yes. I headed straight for Bischoff's office and told him to put you in a title match. He seemed a little pissed, because you were late or something and that there was no way he could give you a title match. Let's just say I gave him a little gentle persuasion."

Molly found herself engrossed in his explanation. "Keep going."

"Do you remember walking past us in the corridor?"

"How could I forget... You have no idea how intimidating you four are!"

"The other guys ribbed me about letting you through... Well, they had a shock when I told them later that you were going to be joining us."

Her curiosity peaked at this point. "What did they say?"

"Ric didn't say a word. He does that when he's not happy about something. Randy... He said something like 'we don't need a diva, and we sure as hell don't need Molly Holly!' I think those were his words."

"Thought as much." Molly said, grimacing about the damning evidence presented against Orton. "What about Dave?"

"Batista? He was actually pretty cool about it. He was only too willing to help you win that title, he was buzzing when he returned to the locker room after your match. I'm telling you, he really admires you."

"I've noticed." Molly said, casting her mind back to some of the events that had transpired earlier in the day. Too much else had happened, for her to make any sense of that situation.

They continued to chat for a good hour or so, about a variety of subjects. Most of the chat was not work related; they talked about current affairs, likes and dislikes and some other menial stuff. Molly was so into the conversation, she hadn't noticed how quickly she was drinking. In no time at all she was onto her fifth bottle and beginning to feel tipsy. It was probably not the best time for Hunter to bring up the subject of her altercation with Randy Orton...

"So, what was the deal with you and Randy earlier on?" he asked, out of the blue.

Molly didn't find any resistance to ignore the issue and tackled it head on. "He's a jackass!" she slurred in a raised voice, attracting attention from the limited clientele still present in the bar.


"You summed it up earlier, he hates me... And I hate him!"

Hunter realised that Molly had maybe had too much to drink; though he was at a loss to understand how anyone could be drunk after four and a half bottles of lager. His taunting earlier had prompted her to speed up and that had proven to be a mistake.

"Okay, I get the message." he said, holding a hand up to halt further ranting. It was a futile gesture.

"Do you? I said I hate him!" she repeated.

Hunter picked up on the sets of eyes glancing in their direction, and decided it would be wise if they made a move; before Molly made a bigger spectacle of herself.

"Perhaps we should get going Molls, its getting late." he suggested.

"What?! So soon? I'm enjoying myself though!" she said giddily.

"I think its closing time." Hunter lied, hoping she would go along with him.

"Is it? Oh... okay." she said innocently, she was away with the faeries. Hunter helped her up from her seat, as she stumbled light headedly away from the table. Hunter left sufficient funds to cover the cost of the drinks they had consumed, and then some. He held on to Molly's arm and guided her shaky frame towards the exit, trying to hide his embarrassment of the situation.

As they left the bar, they were met by fine drizzle falling from the cool night sky. The fresh air hit Molly and startled her somewhat. She nearly tripped as the fuzziness in her head affected her balance; fortunately Hunter caught her and prevented a painful tumble.

She gazed dreamily into the eyes of her saviour, and felt the compulsive urge to kiss him. Such a spontaneous reaction would never happen whilst she was sober, but the alcohol in her system skewed with any logic. She sprung on the unsuspecting Hunter, planting her lips on his.

He was as startled as she had been when he had pulled a similar stunt earlier, but soon found himself caught up in the emotion of the moment. He didn't want to take advantage of the drunken Molly, but found the passion eat him up to the point where he couldn't resist getting into it. He caressed her bottom lip, sucking away contentedly, before he went one step further and probed her oral cavity. His tongue playfully tangled with hers, causing her to let out a low moan. She felt his hands slide down to her hips, then round to her back, massaging her tenderly.

After over thirty seconds of fervent kissing, Molly reluctantly broke away. Despite not being in total control of her actions, at that time she felt good about what she had just done. Hunter had impressed her all evening, and she wanted to show him how much she appreciated his company.

"Thank you... for this evening... and everything." she said in a muddled manner.

Hunter simply smiled and brought her in closer to his body, shielding her from the rain and cold. "The pleasure's all mine Molls... Now let's get you back to the penthouse..."


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