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Chapter 15 - The Visit

Rukawa stood up and zipped his denims. With a careless movement he flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He grabbed the doorhandle, pushed the door open and stepped out, only to stumble on something left lying on the floor. Cursing silently, he regained his balance and turned to look what had blocked his way. When he saw what it was, he frowned irritabely. It was a pile of porn magazines.

"Hana!" he called into the apartment. He received his answer from their combined living and bedroom.

"What is it?" Sakuragi asked and Rukawa could see him leaning back on the bed to see to where Rukawa was standing.

"Didn't I ask you to get rid of these?" Rukawa said, lightly kicking the pile. Some magazines fell to the floor and spread open.

"I got them out from under the bed, didn't I?" Sakuragi said, showing an innocent face.

"And brought them here, next to the door, so that anyone who comes in will see them."

Sakuragi waved his hand light-heartedly. "So what? No one comes here anyway. At least not anyone who would mind seeing them."

"Wasn't your mother supposed to come today?" Rukawa reminded.

Sakuragi blinked. His mouth fell open. Then he jumped up, clutching his hair and letting out a shrill cry. "Oh no! That's true. Today's Tuesday, right? Shit, shit, shit! Look at the state of this room. Why don't you ever clean, you stupid kitsune!" He darted frantically around the room, picking up this and that and then letting them slip from his hands as he found something else which had to be taken to its place.

"Why don't you?" Rukawa asked, his tone annoyed although the sight of Sakuragi jumping about in his boxers was a pretty amusing sight. He walked into the room and grabbed Sakuragi's arm, effectively stopping him from picking up an expensive tea pot and running into a table. He circled his arms around Sakuragi's waist and pulled the redhead into a long kiss. Amusing wasn't the only adjective fit to describe Sakuragi's previous show. "After knowing you for almost twenty years," he murmured as he finally pulled away, "I don't think she'll care about a little mess. This is clean compared to your room in your mother's house."

Sakuragi's face was flushed and his eyes misty as he looked at Rukawa. "You think?"

Rukawa had to gasp at the sight. Waves of arousal spread through him and he tightened his hold around Sakuragi's waist, pulling their hips together and pressing his lips on Sakuragi's neck. "Yeah," he breathed. Slowly he trailed kisses along Sakuragi's jaw. "But lose the magazines."

"Okay," Sakuragi said and gasped as Rukawa's hands found their way under his boxers and up his spine. He trembled in delight. "Kaede..." he moaned.

Rukawa smirked. What a wonderful way of making him do what I want. I should use this more often. He brought both of his hands up and ran them through Sakuragi's tousled hair, at the same time kissing the tempting, swollen lips Sakuragi offered him. He felt Sakuragi's hands slipping around his neck and lowered his own to Sakuragi's waist again, pulling him closer and entangling their legs to get a better contact with Sakuragi's body. Sakuragi's hands digging into his hair, he pushed the redhead down on the bed and followed the falling boy, landing on top of his boyfriend's bare chest.

Sakuragi let out a faint whimper. "Ouch," he said but his voice came out barely above a whisper.

"Sorry," Rukawa apologized, his breathing growing heavier. His hands fumbled the waist of Sakuragi's boxers. They were about to really get it on when the sound of a doorbell reached Rukawa's ears. Nearly cursing aloud, he lifted his head and twisted it around to glare at the front door. Sakuragi hadn't apparently heard anything because instead of stopping, the redhead reached out and started kissing Rukawa's neck and wrapped his legs around Rukawa's waist. Rukawa groaned. If only he could continue this but... Fuck! It's probably his mother. We shouldn't keep her waiting.

Reluctantly, Rukawa grabbed Sakuragi's hands and pulled them down from his hair. With a little wiggling, he managaed to escape Sakuragi's strong hold round his hips and he stood up, breathing hard and his cheeks flushed. He gazed down at Sakuragi who was giving him a confused and dazed look.

"What's wrong?" Sakuragi asked, breathlessly.

9;Rukawa had to grit his teeth and clench his fists to repress his flaring passion. "Your mother's at the door," he explained. Not daring to look into the alluring eyes a second longer, he whirled around and took a few long strides to the door. With a series of nasty mental images, he managed to calm down his arousal, and after taking a deep breath, he opened the door, ready to welcome Sakuragi's mother to their humble abode.


That accursed smile, that doubly accursed ridiculous haircut. There was no mistaking it. Rukawa slammed the door shut.

"Aw, Rukawa! Why so cold?" Sendoh wailed through the door. The doorbell began to ring again. Sendoh had no intention of leaving.

Some people have no manners, Rukawa thought bitterly. Still, it was better to let the idiot in and then out of the apartment before Sakuragi's mother made her appearance. But not until after some preparations were done.

Rukawa darted away from the door, ignoring the incessant ringing of the doorbell, and rushed next to the bed. "Hana, put some clothes on."

"Huh?" Sakuragi was still out of it.

Rukawa fumbled under the bed, knowing Sakuragi liked to store his things there. He found Sakuragi's black, sleeveless shirt and white shorts and tossed them to the slowly recovering redhead. Then he proceeded to the bathroom to gather Sakuragi's underwear that hung drying and stuffed them into their closet. He grabbed a shirt from the floor, his own but it didn't matter, and gave it to Sakuragi. "Put this on too," he ordered sternly.

Sakuragi accepted it and put it on.

Rukawa scrutinized the room and Sakuragi with narrowed eyes and upon finding them to his satisfaction, went back to the door. He would've preferred Sakuragi wearing proper trousers but he had to let the grinning idiot in before they would receive a complaint for causing a ruckus in the stairway.

"Finally," Sendoh exclaimed as the door was opened. He stepped in under Rukawa's disapproving stare and sent a dazzling smile to Sakuragi who had just emerged from the living room. "Ah! Hanamichi!"

Rukawa closed the door with unnecessary force, glaring daggers at Sendoh's back. Don't call him Hanamichi, you asswipe!

"Sendoh! What are you doing here?" Sakuragi asked curiously, oblivious to the admiring look directed at him and to the angry glare directed at Sendoh. He had vaguely noticed Rukawa made him wear a lot of clothes whenever Sendoh was near but since he rarely let anything bother his peace of mind unless it hit him in the face, he thought nothing of it. The idea of Sendoh liking him had never even crossed his mind. That Sendoh paid so much attention to him was only natural to him; he was the tensai after all.

"I came to see how you two lovebirds are doing in your lovely nest," Sendoh answered eloquently. He offered a grocery bag to Sakuragi. "Here. I brought you a gift. Ah, mind if I use the toilet?"

"Go ahead," Sakuragi assented, already engrossed in the contents of the bag.

Rukawa's eyes narrowed as Sendoh made his way to the bathroom. Lately he had seen Sendoh's face much too often for his liking. Why the bastard had chosen to make their apartment his second home was obvious to Rukawa but he'll be damned if he let anything happen. Sakuragi was his, by right earned through numerous difficulties overcome, and he would not let anyone, least of all Sendoh, to steal the redhead away from him. To ensure that, Sendoh could not be left, under any circumstance, alone with Sakuragi. He had followed this policy with success for quite some time now but Sendoh had proven to be a tough advesary. The idiot seemed to be unable to admit defeat and this irritated the hell out of Rukawa.

Sakuragi had by now emptied the contents of the grocery bag to the floor and was currently sitting in the middle of the food, examining the packages one at a time and grinning to himself. "Look, Kaede! It's my favourite flavour!" he exclaimed, holding out some ice cream.

Rukawa removed his suspicious eyes from the bathroom door to stare at the ice cream. Throw it out a window, was what he wanted to say but he refrained from doing it because Sakuragi was so obviously happy about it. So instead of demolishing the innocent container, he held out his hand to receive it. "Give it to me," he said sullenly, "I'll put it in the freezer." After Sakuragi had given it to him, he went to the fridge, jumping over the piles of food Sakuragi had spread about, and tossed the ice cream in the freezer compartment. When he turned around, Sendoh came out of the bathroom, looking slightly disappointed. Rukawa smirked.

"Had a nice dump?" he asked with malicious delight. Fucking pervert.

Understanding flickered in Sendoh's eyes but his smile never wavered. "Not as nice as I would've liked," he answered easily.

Sakuragi looked up at the two dark-haired men glaring at each other. "What the hell is up with you two?" he asked, quite disturbed by the subject Rukawa and Sendoh had chosen. "Never mind, I don't wanna know. Kaede, do you remember what time mom said she was coming?"

Rukawa instictively glanced at his watch. "Around four."

"What time is it now?"

Rukawa had to check his watch again. "It's five past four."

"Shit! I better get rid of those damn magazines now," Sakuragi muttered, standing up and making his way to the door. He grabbed the colourful pile along the way and disappeared before neither Rukawa nor Sendoh could say anything.

Rukawa used this opportunity to stuff all the food into the fridge and into cupboards. Nearly all of it was sweet or otherwise unhealthy. That was how Sakuragi liked it. It was kind of annoying that Sendoh knew this much of Sakuragi although Rukawa had to admit it was probably because Sakuragi was always making his preferences known quite loudly.

Rukawa threw a sideways glance at Sendoh who had flopped on their bed like he owned the damned thing. Granted, there was nowhere else to sit since they hadn't bought any chairs, but still. It was their bed, his and Sakuragi's, and it was the last place he wanted to see Sendoh. So he grabbed a pillow used for decoration, though why they had such a thing was beyond him since the only place it could decorate (due to the always unmade bed) was the floor, and tossed it to Sendoh.

Sendoh caught it with ease gained from years and years of playing basketball and examined it with amused interest. "Ah, Rukawa. You shouldn't give gifts to other people behind Hanamichi's back," he drawled.

Rukawa seethed. "Get off our bed."

"Oh? You'd put your guests on the floor?"

"Every unwanted guest."

Sendoh chuckled and obliged. "It's good to see you're still so fierce about Hanamichi," he said as he settled comfortably on the floor. "You guys should buy a carpet."

"Shut up. And don't call him Hanamichi." Rukawa sat on the bed, looking very much like he was guarding it.

Sendoh only laughed.

They sat in silence. Sendoh tried to strike a conversation every once in a while but due to Rukawa's lack of response he soon settled for curiously looking around the flat. Then they heard a key turning in a lock and soon Sakuragi's voice reached their ears. He was talking to someone who a moment later proved to be his mother. Apparently Sakuragi had met her on his way to dispose of the magazines.

Sakuragi's mother appeared on the living room threshold. She returned Rukawa and Sendoh's greetings while letting her gaze travel over the room. A slight smile grazed her lips before she turned stern. "Really, Hanamichi! What is with the state of this room? Don't you ever clean?"

"Ah, well...that is..." Sakuragi tried to explain but failed miserably.

"When was the last time you did your laundry?" she continued, bending down to gather some of the clothes which were scattered on the floor.

"Ah! Those are Kaede's clothes!" Sakuragi exclaimed triumphantly.

"Do I dare to look under the bed?" his mother inquired, suppressing yet another smile.

"Ah- Ahahah..." Sakuragi looked sheepish.

"Sakuragi-san," Rukawa said, standing up, "would you like some tea?"

She answered she would very much like to and so they spent the next half an hour sipping green tea from mugs which Rukawa had to wash for the occation. He very grudginly offered Sendoh his share and the happy-go-lucky guy accepted cheerfully. The bisquits Sendoh had brought also went to good use. Then Sakuragi-san put down her mug and ordered her son to get her bag from the entryway.

"I met your mother the other day," she told Rukawa as Sakuragi was fulfilling her request. "She asked me to tell you she's coming to Tokyo next Friday. She would like you to inform her if it's okay for her to visit you then."

Rukawa nodded.

"We had a nice long talk and we came up with a good idea. At least we think it's a good idea."

"Hm?" Rukawa raised his brows in a questioning manner.

Sakuragi-san smiled. She took her bag when her son gave it to her and asked Rukawa to come and sit next to her. Then she took an object from her bag.

"What's that?" Sakuragi asked curiously.

"This," Sakuragi-san replied, placing it on her lap, "is your childhood album."

"What?" Sakuragi shrieked. He dived for the album but Rukawa kept him away, placing a foot on his chest and kicking him so that he stumbled backwards. Since Sakuragi was never one to give up, he made another desperate attempt to retrieve the album but Rukawa's interest had been piqued and so he ended up flat on his back on the floor. "Damn you, Kaede! Don't look at it!"

But it was already too late. The album had been opened and Rukawa's eager eyes had fallen on a picture presenting Sakuragi as a baby, smiling up at the camera.

"He's three weeks old in this one," Sakuragi-san told Rukawa, pointing at a picture further down the page. It showed a sleeping baby wrapped in a red blanket. "I was hoping for a girl but when I saw him for the first time I wouldn't have changed a thing in him. He was so adorable."

Rukawa agreed to this with his whole heart. He had to fight down a smile as Sakuragi's mother flipped a page. The following pages were filled with pictures of Sakuragi as a baby and as a toddler. In most of them, Sakuragi was grinning. There was one which Rukawa especially liked because Sakuragi only had a few teeth in it. Sakuragi had been a lively child, judging by the amount of pictures where the boy was covered with dirt.

"Does he still sleep with his mouth wide open?" Sakuragi-san asked at one point. By now Sakuragi had been pushed to the floor several times.

Rukawa couldn't help the smile rising to his lips. "Yeah," he answered softly. He didn't notice the surprised look which flashed on Sakuragi's face nor the knowing smirk Sendoh had nor the smile Sakuragi-san wore. He was too engrossed in the cute little Sakuragi smiling at him from every picture to control his expressions and tones. He finished looking through the album and closed it, still smiling. "Thanks for showing it to me," he said to Sakuragi-san while handing it back to her. He noticed suddenly that Sakuragi was blushing furiously and his eyes flew suspiciously to Sendoh, thinking the pervert had done something to the redhead.

"I didn't do anything," Sendoh rushed to defend himself. He grinned. "It was all your doing."

"What?" Rukawa was confused. Everyone was looking at him and smiling and he couldn't figure out why the hell they were doing it. "What?" he repeated, frowning.

"Nothing," Sakuragi-san said. She gave the album back to him. "You can keep it. I made copies of the ones I have at home. Your mother and I thought this would be a good way for your two to get to know each other better."

Rukawa accepted the album with pleasure. "Thank you."

"Your mother will bring yours when she comes here."

"Ah." Rukawa tried to remember if he had any embarrassing pictures but couldn't remember. Perhaps he should call his mother and tell her that he wasn't available next Friday.

Sakuragi on the other hand had an entirely different idea. He sprang back to life at the mention of Rukawa's childhood album and beamed at his mother. "Really? I can't wait to see it." He threw a lopsided grin at Rukawa.

Rukawa seriously considered telling her mother they had to cancel the meeting.

Soon after that, Sakuragi-san left. Sendoh went with her, offering to take her to the train station by his car. As he stood in the threshold of the flat, he patted Rukawa's head and told him to be a good boy. This earned him a dirty glare and his hand was violently slapped away. Not feeling upset by this at all, Sendoh proceeded to give Sakuragi a peck on his nose. He managed to get a glimpse of Sakuragi's flustered face before he was thrown out of the apartment, courtesy of Rukawa's fist, and the door was slammed close in front of his face. He heard Sakuragi yelling and Rukawa calming the redhead down and decided it would be best to take his leave. For now.

"Shall we go then?" he asked pleasantly, offering his arm as a support for Sakuragi's mother. She was a bit thrown off by what she had just witnessed but agreed to Sendoh's help anyway. "It keeps Rukawa on his toes," Sendoh explained. Sakuragi-san didn't really understand.

Meanwhile Rukawa had managed to persuade Sakuragi to drop the plan of ripping Sendoh apart. Not that Rukawa didn't like the idea but now that they were finally alone again, they could pick up from where they had left off earlier. He advanced to Sakuragi and before the redhead could say anything, he had him pinned down on the bed.

"Let's continue," he muttered into Sakuragi's ear. His voice sent tremors throughout Sakuragi's body. He could feel the redhead quivering.

For a while Sakuragi resisted but then he gave in and circled his arms around Rukawa's neck and pulled the man into a searing kiss.

"Glad you agree," Rukawa smirked as their lips parted.

"Smug bastard," Sakuragi huffed but his eyes shone with warmth which never failed to melt Rukawa's heart.

Rukawa sealed Sakuragi's lips in another fierce kiss and let his hands roam hungrily over Sakuragi's shirt-covered chest and sides. He inserted one of his knees between Sakuragi's legs and again felt the shivers run through Sakuragi. He moved his lips to Sakuragi's neck and sucked and nipped at the rosy skin.

Sakuragi ran his hands through Rukawa's hair and pulled the man closer to him, yearning for the pleasure Rukawa's lips and hands promised. "Kaede..." he breathed out. "I want you..."

Rukawa thanked their young bodies for their ability to react so readily. He lifted his head to gaze down at Sakuragi's brown eyes which had become so soft Rukawa hadn't thought it possible. He smiled. This time he would be gentle, he would do it slowly and lovingly and let Sakuragi feel everything he could possibly offer. Lowering his head to peck at Sakuragi's lips, he smiled again. "I want you too. I love you."

Sakuragi's already red face flared.

Rukawa chuckled. "Show me that cute face of yours," he whispered into Sakuragi's ear. "Let me hear your voice." He wasn't disappointed as Sakuragi continued to fulfill his wish all throughout the night. Well, what else would two healthy, young, love-crazed men do at night? Let them have their fun.

The End