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"Flight 22, now boarding rows twenty six to thirty five," the clerk called out.

I grabbed my carry on and walked toward the desk. I'd been waiting three years for this flight. Three long years to be with the woman I loved more than life. And yes, I know its love because no one goes through what we have unless they truly love one another.

This story is long, and a lot of it is kind of sad. But if you keep up with it I'm sure you'll become intrigued as to how the princess and a pauper were able to fool everyone to believe that they were no longer in love.

May first. It was the biggest day of our entire lives. Well, it had always been an important day for Mia, it was her birthday after all. But then it became something incredibly different for us. But before I explain that to you, you need to get the back ground. Some of it you may know, but listen before you judge.

I had been in college for three years, well, finishing up my third year actually. I had my finals the following week, but that isn't important. What is important is how I spent those three years of college. And who I spent them with.
I started going out with Mia when I was seventeen, almost eighteen years old. She was only fourteen, almost fifteen, well, more like fourteen, but let's say almost fifteen so I don't sound like a pervert, shall we? I had loved her since I had been fourteen years old. She had been eleven.
She was entering her awkward years at that point, and yet I still fell for her. She had such huge frizzy hair, glasses, and had recently gotten braces. But I barely noticed those kinds of things. I just saw her as she was. A fun girl who liked Star Wars as much as I did. I never thought of it as a crush though, I figured it would go away as I got older.

But I was wrong. It got even worse. She and I became pretty good friends when she was in junior high and I was in high school. I tried impressing her with my shirtless look; or as Lilly would say my prancing around shirtless. I loved how the redness arose on her cheeks; she seemed really sweet. I realized that I was in love with her when she was in the eighth grade; I finally got out of my stubborn bubble and accepted that I, a junior in high school had a crush on a middle schooler.
But then she became a freshman. Then everyone found out she was a princess. I knew I should have told her how I felt before that night it all came out on the news. I should have told her long before all of the make over and princess crap came out. I hadn't known of course why she had gotten the make over, I simply assumed it was to attract attention from that nimrod Josh Richter. But I was wrong.
You have to give me credit though. I had given her subtle hints. I mean, I don't walk around half naked when she's not around, right? When I didn't know she was there she saw that I wore my shirts, but took them off once I noticed her. I played that sappy love song for her. I came to her rescue when Josh turned out to be a jerk, but yet we still didn't make any moves. She never showed any interest in me other than a friend.
She changed because her grandmother, correction, Grandmere, made her change.
I didn't realize her feelings about anything. I just tried to focus on school and on getting into Columbia. I knew I was getting in and therefore would still be able to 'bump' into Mia on occasion.
But then I started getting notes. At first I thought they were from her little friend Tina, but I soon found out from my little sister that it was from Mia, but her friend was writing them out and delivering them so that I wouldn't suspect it was Mia and therefore embarrass her by rejecting her. Ha, fat chance!
But then I was humiliated. She ran out on me after I declared my love for her during the Winter Carnival before break. She blew off my phone calls. Ignored my e-mails. But in the end, she accepted me. She danced with me. She told me that she was in love with me. Basically, she made my whole entire life worth it. I mean sure, getting into Columbia early decision is a big deal, but getting the perfect girl when I was only seventeen? Not many guys find their match that early, and I was totally lucky to have her in my life.

But then, half way through her junior year we broke up for a little while. It was possibly the stupidest thing I had ever done. All my friends had convinced me that I was missing out on the whole college experience. So, this is how it went...
We were at her loft, eating lunch. I had purposely made tension in the previous weeks so it wouldn't seem out of the blue that I was dumping her. I occasionally blew off plans with her. But she wasn't the type to say anything. She kept it inside, wrote about it in her diary, I'm sure. But she didn't say anything to me. But Lilly did in those weeks,
"Why the hell are you acting like this? Like such a turd?"
"Huh?" I asked, knowing that she was telling the truth.
"Mia is worried, but she doesn't want to say anything to you. She thinks you are just going through a phase. It's just a phase, right?"
I shrugged.
"Michael, you are an ass and do not deserve her. Why the hell are you stringing her along then?"
That was when I decided to end it. Well, to take a breather is more like it. Lilly had a point. I wasn't being fair to Mia. I owed her an explaination
So like I was saying (before I rudely interrupted myself to explain about Lilly) , we were at her loft, eating Easy Mac. She made it because she knew I loved it so much. She was trying to make things better even though she didn't know what had gone wrong.
This was going to be hard. "Mia, I need to tell you something."
She looked at me with those gray eyes so I avoided all eye contact. I focused on the painting that was hanging over the sink. "Yes, Michael?"
"I need a break," I said. Big sigh right there. Now here is where she will flip out, I'm totally sure of it. Maybe it'll snap me back into reality. Make me realize that this isn't what I wanted. Make me realized I wanted my crazy and off the wall girlfriend.
But she didn't flip out. "Maybe you are right," she said, surprising me.
"I know it's hard but I think- wait, what?"
"I mean, it is kind of strange meeting the one you are supposed to be with so young. If we are, that is, and I'm not saying we are. But if we are, we'll get back together eventually." I could see through her tough exterior though.
"Mia, are you sure?"
She nodded "Are you?"

I shrugged. This was not turning out like I planned.

"Michael, I'm not as dumb as I look. I can see that you want to go out with other people." She was wrong there though, I didn't. "And go out with your friends. I'm holding you back. Go out with your friends. I'll go out with my friends. If we're meant to be, then we'll get back together eventually."
I stared at her in amazement. She had changed so much since when we had first started dating. She would have been panicking right now. I mean, in the first few weeks we were dating (well, while she was in Genovia after we admitted we loved one another and we started calling ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend) she thought I was going to break up with her. She started to freak out then. Why isn't she now? I mean, she's invested the majority of her high school career to this relationship.

I had assumed that I would have to console her even though I hadn't the heart to see her crying. I was kind of hoping she'd cry not make it to be so damn easy for me to walk away. She was making it too easy for me to leave and never come back.
"I, um, well, I'm gonna go to my room. I'll...I guess I'll see you when you get back to Lilly's house," she stammered. I could tell her floodgates were ready to collapse.

To Lilly's house. It wasn't mine anymore. It was just her best friend's house now. Not her boyfriend's house. No. It was the asshole who just made the biggest mistake of his life's house.