Author's Note:

I know this may come as a surprise, but there will be no sequel to Faith. So here is the Epilogue, enjoy it...or at least try to.

So what happens in 'happily ever after'?

Me and Mia realized that we'd made a huuuge mistake and decided to annul the marriage, much to her grandmother's liking. She wasn't ready to be a full time mom and I wasn't ready to give Ella up to a nanny.

I moved back to New York with Ella and started a business out of my apartment with Alex. Then I re-married Ella's algebra teacher when Ella was fifteen. Ironic, no?

Me and the wife, Ingrid, had six more children. Our oldest was named Holden. Then there was Paolo, and his twin Pablo. And there are our daughtes, Winter and Summer. And our littlest is named Zen.

Then me and the wife brought Ella to see her mother and Mia and I began a torrid love affair again. It was tres hot until my wife found out and left me. So Mia and I got back together again. It was better now because Ella was practically raised anyways. Only, she was pissed that she had to move to Genovia and leave all of her friends and her younger siblings. But hey, this is her mother, right?

Lilly moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts and married her girlfriend LuAnn. They are raising four kids together in a huge place on the Cape.

Alex and Evan broke up. Evan though Alex was way too flamboyant for him and realized that he was in fact straight. He began dating up a storm in America. He realized that he just never was attracted to European women for some reason.

And that's it. Our lives in a nutshell

You dont' seriously think that's our lives in a nutshell, do you? I'd think you would know better by now. I'm so totally kidding with all that stuff.

Mia and I are happily married, five years after our church wedding. We have twins on the way, and a son named Franklin Phillipe. Ella loves living in the palace and her great grandmother dotes on her. She is much more receptive to the princess lessons than her mother ever was.

I spend my days in the palace corresponding to fans of the princess. And I run the royal family website. As well as help run the technology staff. Mia knew I needed some kind of job or I'd go completely bonkers in that place.

Lilly married Boris in a secret ceremony; she never wants me to outdo her. So they married in a Buddhist ceremony (yes, they converted together. Odd for a girl that didn't believe in organized religion…I know, I converted for Mia but that was FOR MIA, not for any particular reason).

Alex and Evan are the ones living in Provincetown, MA. With five kids. Howie, Nick, Alexander James, Kevin and Brian. They've always been a strange couple.

Every once and a while we all meet up. All those involved in helping me and Mia. We all meet up in New York when Mia and I have business there. It's like old times…but with people who never got to see one another before…I guess.

In any case, everyone is happy and healthy and alive. We all fight and tease one another, but that's what friends do. And of course Mia and I argue, but are still thankful that we'd had enough faith to get us through all those years.