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-Seeing Red where Warren came and shot Buffy and Tara happened differently. Tara was never shot. Only Buffy. Willow did not go evil, and they weren't in the bedroom or the Summers house, or Revello drive. Xander called the hospital, and they came and took her away. Buffy died again on the hospital, but they got her heart beating again, and then they all got Warren and put him in the jail, making him fess up. Spike did not try to rape her, and can't hurt her. She never did anything, let alone kiss him- except in the one in the 3rd Season where Willow messed up the spell.
-No Connor-from-Darla-and-Angel thingy. No A/C period.
-Takes place in S7, after Buffy is thrown out and back in the house.
-Faith did not get out of prison and Angel did not get his soul taken away- Buffy would have felt it if he did. Soulmates and all.
-Doyle has not died, and Cordy is still with him, they are not married but serious. Both of them get visions now.
-Angel has not come yet, and Buffy has not gotten the scythe yet.



The one name echoed off of the crinkled and crumbling walls in Buffy's mind where she enclosed what she had left to love from what she despaired of. She was still in love with him, after all of this heartache, after all of this time others tried to convince her and themselves that he was in the past. And it didn't help either that she was the mother off....

Buffy shut that part of her thinking cap off. It was too late to do anything and the memories only brought pain and tears. She couldn't afford any of that at the moment.

But oh, how she loved him. His image gave her the dreams she never told anyone about but her diary and her sister. Her real sister, not the one that was made out of her.

On most days her passing thoughts of him were dilluted, passed off like old ghosts. That's all he was to her on those days when her mask was stronger-a ghost of a memory. Then there were those cloudy afternoons where the euphoria of their love caught her, beat at her chest and slipped the world out from under her. She loved. That was important. It made her different from anyone else and it lifted her heart to heaven. Apart from him and holding the pain in her chest seemed to burn her, cause her feet to catch afalme.

Angel, her cradle-robbing-creature-of-the-night boyfriend, as she had once referred to him. He had laughed at her words yet they were so true. She had not been innocent of the dark when he met her but of relationships... she was tired of this heartache.

He didn't understand what she meant then; either that or he ignored it. Her normal life that he wanted for her was overrated, and there was no way that she could ever have found it; without him she would not even try. She was the Slayer first-and-foremost. She had meant that she wanted a little bit of normalicy, in that some things would stop happening to her. He wasn't normal, and either was she. And she was fine with it. She was the slayer, and whether he was vampire or human, she wanted him. It made no difference to her.

He couldn't see it that way though. Wouldn't see it that way.

Buffy was still untrusting of her so-called family though. It wasn't right. They had thrown her out, Her, because they couldn't trust her. That made no sense. Buffy brooded over it for another half an hour.

Then the knock came from the front door, a sound and certain pounding like a tree snapping in half.

It was daylight out, but she had sent the potentials with everyone else to get some aggravation out. Plus, she wanted the house to herself for once. Those damn girls and people that professed to love her suffocated her in their needs.

She held Mr. Gordo to her side while she walked down the stairs with gentle thumps as she bounced down at a rhythm.

It wasn't vampires. It couldn't be. It was still daylight out. She slid her hand over the silver knob.

Instead, it was a robed person/demon. And the last breath she breathed fell out of her in a blue chill.

Faith paced her cell. Something felt off, but she couldn't tell what. Her eyes glanced at the four walls. She was caged. Slayers weren't meant to be in cages, like black panthers. She strutted back and forth, in circles around her square cell. One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Faith counted the long, sure steps from one side to the other.

She hated it. With a growing fury.

Time passed slowly in these cells and the blood in her flooded through her veins rapidly. She needed a fight. Her fists had warn away the few punching bags in the womens' prison. A hardcore bitch, it was often that other women came after her. The guards knew not to hold her responsible for the blood that flowed when she was attacked.

But Faith could hardly count those as fights. She didn't want to kill someone again.

The thoughts of escaping roared through her mind, but she squashed them down with the memories of when B came to talk.

Ever since Buffy had come back from the dead, she had come to the jail to talk with her sister slayer. Buffy had told Faith everything, from her being in heaven, to being taken out, and then having to pretend again. She told Faith that she hadn't even called Angel or told him she was back because it was too bright and harsh everywhere. And the scoobies had not contacted him either. The scoobies talked about her being over him right in her face as if she was a convenient piece of furniture, despite what was the truth. Willow had been there when the ensouled vampire had let out an enraged scream, a furious and raging anger out at the sky when she told him of B's death. And still, the Watchers, witches, and others that had books there to find answers had not bothered searching for anything. Damn stupid weaklings.

Tara was the only one to understand at all, B had said. Still, Buffy had not said anything to them about her being in heaven. But then she had not talked against them when she was thrown out by the rest of them either.

Faith sighed at thoughts of Buffy. She had been surprised to find that Buffy was jealous of her as well. Faith was in awe of Buffy because she had friends, family, love and a life. But then, Buffy was jealous because Faith was free. Although now, she was kind of en-cased.

Buffy had told her of every one of her experiences.

Especially the one that took place after her 17th birthday; no one else knew that the special night the Slayer had with the ensouled vampire had resulted in a shocking pregnancy. Somehow, Buffy had kept that from everybody, including the scoobies that thought themselves so helpful. She'd told Faith when they'd gotten back their trust and talked some problems out. Faith, not someone who let emotion affect her if she could help it, felt a burn in her heart for B. To go through all that and still fight...

A guard came down the row and hesitated before stopping in front of Faith. She was the legend in these parts. Everyone was afraid of her.

She raised her eyebrow when she heard that she had a visitor. B wouldn't be down here this soon after her visit two weeks ago. There was no reason Angel would be here already. Her skin crawled at the entrance to the doorway.

When she entered, she saw someone in a long robe with their back to her.

"Yo. Who are you and what do you want?" she asked, when she was seated.

The guard had left already.

Buffy saw the robed figure and her skin crawled and pickled up all along her arms and her back. She knew this feeling. But she had no time to widen her eyes because the robed figure had already spoken something she couldn't quite understand. Something in her chest seemed to freeze. The Slayer knew what was about to happen.

The figure turned, but she still could not make out who it was.

Under the hood, the figure smiled and whispered something.

Both slayers were dead before they hit the ground.

They had died at exactly 12:00 pm in the afternoon.

The PTBs did not see that happening and did not at all like the course that those deaths created. It threw off all the prophecies they had set in motion with one, if not both of these slayers.

So they did a little dabbling. They took both souls and found them an time where they could be of use and still fulfill their duties. They sent them to a Mr. And Mrs. Winters.

And on January 21, 1985, Buffy Anne and Faith Hope were born into the Winters family, (That means they will be 18 in S7) as twin sisters (not identical of course). They looked the same as they did before, as if they'd kept their bodies. The two children were like night and day. Together, they were twilight.