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Buffy and Faith had an exciting first week at Hogwarts, and made a lot of friends. They also gained attention, although they weren't very comfortable yet.

Harry was probably having the hardest time getting used to his new uhm, legacy. (I don't know how else to put it.) He was raised in solitude by his aunt and uncle, and barely fed right. And you couldn't even really call him raised. He was just stuffed in a cupboard or under the stairs, and given scraps to eat. He was basically a pet to them. Actually, he was probably lower on the scale.

Ron was getting used to everything at a normal rate, and only managed to get lost a time or two a day. His brothers being there probably had something to do with that.

Hermione was in the library a lot, and the others had to nearly force her to get some action other then walking and reading.

Buffy and Faith were often in there with her, but never spent too much time in the room that gave them a small feeling of homesickness. But neither could tell why, not that they knew a lot about many things that happened to them.

The two girls were rarely seen apart, they were so close. But when they were apart, they constantly talked with each other any ways through their link.

At the head table that the professors sat at, many of them took bets and chatted about the students. Harry, Ron Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Buffy Winters, Faith Winters, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Nevil Longbottom, and a few of the other students were on the top gossip list, if there was such a thing. And their characters got attention from the professors even out of class.

Hagrid seemed to favor the Gryffindor crew, and thought about the thestrals thing often. He mentioned it to the other professors, and a new topic was gossiped about, with a few of the students they had been so chatty about.

Hagrid always liked a bit of gossip, but never liked it when they were mean or held rumors. He kept himself updated on the basics though.

The Care of Magical Creatures professor had the view of the Winters' gazes and just knew there was something about them. They were important, but never let on about it. He knew something was in them that was not in any of the other students, except maybe Harry. But he wondered about it often.

He went back to his food and got back to listening to the teachers talk.


Angel went up to his room after telling Cordy to call Sunnydale. He was a little bit, okay, a lot in shock at the moment, and just wanted to get some rest. He doubted he would sleep though, so he just made up his mind that he would get some bodily rest, and lay down for a while.

Cordy made the call back to her home town when she saw that he was upstairs, and on his way to the room.

She pushed the button at the top, which was meant for a house on Revello Drive that a certain blonde used to live. At the ring tone, she squirmed. She always did hate it.

She was connected through the phone line, and it was someone from her past that answered.

"Hello?" It was Xander Harris.

"Hey Xand. I-"

"Cordy. Oh good, then you can tell him."

"Oh, we already know Buffy died, again. We got an anagogic demon named Lorne around, and he did his mojo. I actually called to tell you some things, and hear the latest info."

She heard Xander sigh after a moment of silence. "At least Willow doesn't have to tell him again."

"We were all split up into three groups. Giles took some to the hospital. Me and An took some to the store, while Wills and Dawn took the rest to the mall."

"What do you mean 'some'?"

"Oh, you haven't heard?"

"Heard what? The last news from there we got was that Buffy was back alive."

She heard a strangled sigh come from Xander, and knew it was because she wouldn't be coming back again. "About two months ago, the Watchers Council was destroyed- it got blown up. A lot of people and potentials died, and these guys have been chasing after them. So now the humble home of Dawn Summers is becoming a sort of hotel for the many Potentials that have joined here hoping that the slayer can protect them."

"Faith's gone too." Cordy shot out.


"Faith. We got a call from the woman's prison around one telling is that she had died, she was found murdered in the visitors room. Her heart had stopped, so they're debating that it could have been of natural causes, but being a slayer, she was in fine health. Someone could have slipped drugs into her system I guess. But I don't know." She trailed off.

He took a breath in and let a long exhale out. "Ah, Cordy, just another day on the supernatural side of the hellmouth I see."

"We're not in Sunnydale."

"Yeah, but you're from there, close enough, and we're on it."

"True. So, how did she die?"

"We don't know. Dawn... she found her. The door was open, and she was lying there... Dawnie hasn't spoken since. We were gonna go bury her, but she's just disappearing..."

"Oh God. Wait, huh?"

"Oh. WE came in a little after they did, and saw her. For the last hour or so, she has been fading. We can move her fine, but we don't want to... Everyone is forbidden to go into the kitchen until we can do something. And let me tell you, with thirty hungry, teenage potentials, a watcher, witches, zeppo, ex demon, key, and regular guys... it isn't easy."

Cordy took her time to snicker, making Xander silently smile on the other line. At least some things haven't changed.

"Cordy, I'll call you back in a bit, and see if you can talk to Giles. He's taking this hard again. I, can't really go through this right now. Kay?"

"Kay. Talk to you later." She hung up and started too walked to Doyle who was in the kitchen with Fred and Wesley.

She stopped when she groaned though. She had just realized something. She had just had a civilized conversation with one Xander Harris.

She groaned again and continued to the kitchen.


Lorne lied. He wasn't gonna go look for Gunn. He knew the guy would be fine. He just wanted to go back to his club, which was shut down for a few days, and have a good alcoholic drink, and a nice cry.

He broke down for the girl when he got there, no longer in the presence of those he had to council for. He saw Buffy clearly now, and had a good picture of her life- all of it. He knew a lot of her secrets, and there were a few even he was hesitant to tell his vampiric friend.

Like the fact the she had always remembered the day. He wasn't going to break that to the guy willingly. That had made her numb. He took the day that made her happy back, and had never told her about it.

He saw the way she was when Angel left, and knew that if Angel had seen her when she hadn't had her happy fa├žade on that he would have probably just stayed or killed himself to make sure he didn't go back.

He wondered about the twins. He only got to see the basics, but knew that they were special.

He laughed softly to himself. Babies are basically impossible for vampires-let alone with slayers. The force of their love allowed her to conceive and carry to full term though. And she ended up with twins.

It was kind of ironic if you thought about it.

He was confused as thoughts of her life flashed in his mind though. He hadn't told them about what had happened. When she died this last time, he hadn't seen much of it. It started to fade in a way, almost like static. And then there was a bunch of other static there.

He didn't know how he was going to be able to get the children out- and if it would really work with Dawn anyways. She was made out of her sister, so her blood or essence might react to that of her sisters, instead of a family member's.

He sighed. When he finished crying, and got his guts back, he would go and talk to the vampire about it.

He had no idea what was going on, but it was something big. He knew that for a fact.


At Hogwarts, everything started happening like it did in the movies/books until the sixth book/movie. Except that Buffy and Faith were deep in to the 'trio' now 'quintet' (is that a the word?) and were learning a lot.

They were even at the top of the grading score with Hermione.

They both had identical spots on the Quidditch team, and were careful not to mention any of their 'extraness' to anyone, not even their friends often. It was too personal.

By now, Hermione was with Harry, and Buffy had finally managed to get Ron Weasley to ask her sister out. They were officially a couple, and now all that was left was Buffy, with Ginny in a fifth wheel sense.

Hermione always wondered why Buffy never even tried to go out with anyone, and turned down the many boys who asked her. She also wanted to know about the ring that had always been on Buffy's ring finger. But since she had never been allowed a good look at it, she couldn't go research it.

But Faith assured the girl that her twin sister was just waiting for the right time. She had a love, and all she had to do now was find him where he was left.

The dark brunette herself had no idea what she was talking about, and it just went to confuse 'Mione, but she left it alone for a while, and decided to enjoy her time with Harry.


In Voldemort's hide-out, the dark lord smiled. He had gotten rid of the pesky slayers that had been said to defeat him, and now all he'd have to do was kill the Potter child.

He smiled evilly, cruelly, and his follower, Lucious Malfoy, stood before him, ready for his next assignment.


And in Sunnydale, or I guess you could say it/he/she is all over the world, the First took the form of Buffy Summers, as it decided to cause a little pain.

It took her form, and dashed into the house. "Dawnie, shouldn't you be at school?"

The younger Summers girl knew not to believe the form, that it wasn't her, but she couldn't help the tears.

The First stood up straight and kept the slayer's form, and took glee in the pain the form was causing. "Your sister was so good when she succumbed to the darkness. She was like a piece of chocolate when you've been denied for millions of years." It taunted.

Dawn put her head down and looked at a knife that was lying on the counter, but remembered the form of one of the potentials that killed herself, and ran into the living room, and up the stairs into her sister's room.

It was still up like a shrine, even though some of the potentials had growled about the room being wasted.

The other slayers had shown up though, and knew about their predecessors' life/lives, and they decided to use the empty house next door for their own housing. About half of the potentials stayed with them, while the rest stayed with the scoobies.

The few other watchers left had shown up, and started to compare notes with the grieving watcher.

Giles called AI a few days after Cordy had called, and they had discovered that it was quiet there, and they knew about Buffy's death. He was sad to hear the news of Faith's death, and within the day, the slayer after her had shown up.

They all were worried about who and how the slayers they knew were murdered, but no one could come up with anything.

AI didn't tell them about the other subjects Lorne had found out, and they got to work to try and figure those out as well.

Gunn had returned about a day after Lily had come to them, and he had shared what he knew.

Angel was heart broken at what Buffy had had to go through, and in the end, it hadn't helped much. But he stuck with the knowledge that he might be able to find his children, and bring them home. He was just sorry that Buffy wouldn't be around for their lives...


Dawn laid in her sister's bed all day, trying not to burst into tears as she had done many times all day. She felt insecure about her life now more then ever.

When Buffy had died two years earlier, she had had the scoobies to back her up and vouch for her protection. But now that the end of the world was coming, her place was more as a scooby.

But Dawn had recently found that she wasn't ready for it.

Since they had come to Sunnydale and Buffy had made the best friends within a short amount of time in a way that Dawn just couldn't fathom why, she had wanted to be with her, or be her.

And then she had found out about the supernatural and stuff and it had just encouraged her to get into what her sister had to spend so much time in.

It didn't hit her until after Buffy had had to kill Angel and run away that Buffy didn't necessarily want to do it, and that it entailed bad things. That had only scared her off for a short time though, and pretty soon, she was again wanting to be part of it.

Then her big sister had thrown her off of the tower for her, and it had hit Dawn that this was something that Buffy never had had any choice in.

'So that was why Buffy always wanted to make her decisions on her own.' She thought. Buffy had always hated how people had made her decisions for her, and that they usually entailed to be the exact opposite to what Buffy would have chosen.

Dawn got out of her broody thoughts for a moment as she reached over for Mr. Gordo. He had always had a calming affect on both of the Summers girls.

When he wasn't there though, Dawn frowned and sat up slowly. When she realized that the pink pig was just not there at all, she sighed and her frowned changed to that of someone in painful mourning. She lay back down again and got back to her brooding.


Spike was rummaging through Willy's Alibi room for some decent liquor and maybe some blood. The whole town had just about evacuated itself since the earthquakes and problems started up retroactively.

It was funny if you thought about it.

After all of these apocalypses and problems the little town of SunnyHell had had since it had started a rumbling and a grumbling a little before the slayer got here, they had finally gotten some kind of sense as to the town not being completely normal.

And now that they had run away, there were very few people left to claim all of the things that had been left behind.

He smirked and laughed as he glugged down a bottle of an expensive bottle of very strong beer with a mix of herbs that could get you nearly high by the time you finished it.

He kicked over some of the furniture that would be no use, and the souled vampire, childe to Druscilla, decided to throw a fit.

He eventually laid down on one of the benches with the half filled bottle of herbed beer, and another bottle with straight tequila as he prepared to brood his ass off.

'Hmm. I sure hope the Poof is in for some competition.' He thought, as he prepared to go into deep brood mode over the Slayer, or Buffy Summers rather. She wasn't the only slayer, and she was dead.

He sulked down in the gloomy bench to the abandoned bar.

The sun was high in the sky, but the vampire was to drunk to notice as he just laid there in a competition of brooding.




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