A Walk in Your Shoes

Chap1 Yami's Secret

Joey walked into school with his friend Yugi he was happy today because his sister Serenity would be coming to visit him. He was thinking about all they would do and wasn't watching where he was going making him run into Kaiba.

"Watch where you are going Mutt!"

"I was gonna say sorry but now I don't think you deserve it,"

"Even if you did apologize I wouldn't except it," he said.

"Move out of my way Kaiba,"

"No you need to move Mutt,"

"I am not da dog!" Joey yelled.

"Then stop barking,"

That was the last straw Joey gave Kaiba a punch right in the face causing him to get a bloody nose. Not surprised by Joey's actions Kaiba swung at Joey's stomach hitting directly.

"Joey and Kaiba stop fighting please," Tea pleaded.

"The mutt started it,"

"Yami this has been happening a lot what should we do?" Yugi asked.

"I have an idea just wait and see," he said grinning.

The look on Yami's face told Yugi that idea wasn't going to be good. When they got into homeroom they were lucky the bell rang after they walked in.

"What happened to you Mr. Kaiba?" Mrs. Siaki asked.

"Nothing," he said.

"O.k. today we will be having a speaker come to our school during 6th period," she said.

" Is the speaker a movie star?"

"Not really,"

"Then no way am I going to be caught dead there,"

"It isn't optional," she said as the bell rang.

In Algebra class Yugi turned in his chair to talk to Yami about what he was going to do.

"Wait and see," Yami said still grinning.

"How long do I have to wait? What will I see?" Yugi asked.

Yugi's questions weren't answered because Yami just smiled saying nothing. This didn't make Yugi feel any better. After school Yugi and his friends went to the arcade for games and food mostly food.

"Did you know what that Kaiba did?" Joey asked everyone.

"No," Yugi said.

"When I was answering a question in history he laughed," Joey said.

"Laughed why?" Yami asked.

"I don't know but I am gonna find out and when I do he is going to get it," Joey said.

"Does anyone want to play a game with me?" Yami asked.

"Your on pharaoh," Bakura said.

"Anyone else want to play a game with me?" Yami said looking around to only see Bakura jumping up and down.

Since no one wanted to play a game with Yami besides Bakura he decided he was the only one to play with.

"Did anyone listen to the speaker?" Tristan asked.

"Oh you mean the man that was talking about peer pressure. No I wasn't listening to him," Marik said.

"I thought what he was saying was very true. I believe people are pressured into doing things because of their peers," Ryou said.

"Hey Joey I bet you can't chug down a whole glass of orange soda," Tristan said.

"I bet I can," Joey said.

"See," Ryou said.

Joey took the glass and began to chug down the orange soda but then Mokuba and Kaiba walked in and Joey spit all the orange soda all over Ryou.

"Joey, what was that for?" Ryou asked soaked with soda.

"Kaiba and Mokuba in the arcade," Joey said pointing at the two people at the door.

"Have they ever been here before?" Tea asked.

"Don't think so," Yugi said.

"We should be nice and invite them over," Tea said.

"No," Joey protested.

"Hey guys over here!"

"Big brother look it is Yugi and his friends,"

"I gotta go get Serenity from the airport," Joey said.

"Don't worry remember you asked Mai to go get her and come to the arcade?" Tea said.

"I did?" Joey asked.



"Now where was I oh yes Kaiba, Mokuba over here!" Tea shouted.

"Big brother we should go over there," Mokuba said.

"And show people we know the loud girl?" Kaiba said.

Tea was being really loud trying to get the Kaiba brothers attention. Everyone in the arcade was staring at her but she didn't notice because she was too busy yelling. Kaiba tried to ignore Tea but he gave in and went over Mokuba following behind.

"Hey I didn't know you both come to the arcade," Tea said.

"I didn't think they knew there was an arcade," Joey mumbled.

"Well Mokuba begged me to bring him here," Kaiba said.

"No Bakura I don't want a rematch I won fair and square," Yami said.

"I don't care," Bakura said.

"Well I do? Hey Kaiba Mokuba what are you both doing here?" Yami asked.

"Mokuba dragged me here," Kaiba said.

"Really well it seems like my plan will be working after all," Yami said showing a smile that proved he knew something that the others didn't.

"What plan?" Kaiba asked.


"That reminds me," Joey said, "why were you laughing at me today in history?"

"I was surprised that you knew the answer. I didn't know dogs were that smart," Kaiba smirked.

"I AM NOT DA MUTT!" Joey yelled.

"You're acting like one,"

Yugi looked at Joey then back at Kaiba they both were staring angrily at each other. Yugi knew this wasn't going to end well.

"Kaiba just because you can insult people doesn't mean you should," Joey said trying to stay under control.

"It's fun to insult you because you get angry so quickly," Kaiba said.

"If my life isn't already complicated you have to make it worse," Joey said, "you and your perfect life."

" You think my life is perfect?"

"Yeah. I am Seto Kaiba Billionaire CEO of Kaiba corp. I am so rich I don't know what to do with all the money," Joey said making fun of Kaiba.

"You think running Kaiba corp. is easy? I barley have enough time to take car of my brother or have a life of my own," Kaiba said.

"Well at least your brother lives with you. My sister lives far away and comes to visit once in a while!" Joey yelled.
"I am sorry," Kiaba said in a sarcastic tone.

"You don't know what it is like to be me," Joey said.
" You have no idea what it is like to be me," Kaiba said.

Yugi looked to Yami to see his smile growing. Wondering what Yami was planning he pointed his attention back to Kiaba and Joey as they both stomped out of the arcade.

"Come Mokuba let's go," Kaiba said taking a hold of Mokuba's arm.

"I haven't finished my game," Mokuba whined.

Joey opened the door of the arcade leaving angrily as Serenity and Mai walked in.

"Did we miss something?" Serenity asked.

"A lot of something," Yugi said shaking his head.

What is Yami planning? Is it something horrible find out next chapter.

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