A Walk in your Shoes

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Chap 10 Hanging on

The next bright sunny morning Kaiba climbed into his limo and made his way to Gamo. He had a feeling of suspicion, but he didn't think anything of it. The limo slowed to a shrieking halt in front of his building that was wearing a Gamo sign. Stepping inside he talked to the sectary, which told him to go to the 14th floor room 264.

Kaiba walked into the elevator then pressed the number fourteen. Music played loudly giving Kaiba a headache. When the elevator doors opened, Kaiba stepped out heading to room 264. Finding the room he opened the door to find the room empty.

"Hello?" he said his voice echoing.

Then he felt a whoosh and then felt arms pushing him down then tying a blindfold on his eyes. It all happened so fast he couldn't stop the people.

Joey stood next to Yugi waiting for customers. The door opened Mokuba running in.

" What brings you here Mokuba?" Yugi smiled.

" My brother he hasn't come back yet," he panicked.

" Back from where?" Joey asked.

" He went to see Gamo," Mokuba replied.

" Maybe I'll go check that-

" No Yugi I'll go," Joey offered, " you stay here don't want you to be involved in all of this."

" O.k."

Joey told Mokuba to stay also so he sprinted out the door.

Kaiba could feel the cool breeze of the morning blowing against him. Was he outside? He heard voices around him talking with and excited tone.

" Who's there?" he yelled but received no answer.

He felt himself being pushed. He had no idea who was pushing him. Kaiba could feel a tight bind around his hands he knew it was rope. Finally the person stopped pushing. He felt the loosening of the blindfold as he adjusted his eyes to the light. He was about to turn around to see who brought him up here but then stopped because he noticed he was on the roof of the Kaiba building standing on the edge.

Joey ran all the way to the Kaiba corp. building that was now taken over by Gamo. He busted the doors open seeing the sectary with a shocked look on her face.

" Did a man come through here?" he asked.

" Yes, but you can't go up," she responded.

Joey tried entering but was kicked out by two strong muscular security guards. He decided not to try that again and found a fire escape. Climbing the many stairs he saw a figure on the roof. Quicken his pace he reached the roof in time before anything happened.

" We know your secret Kaiba," they said.

" What secret?" he questioned making his way from the edge but getting a shove back to the spot.

" You switched places with someone," he said.

" How?"

" We tested how both of you were behaving," he said, "We called around a very helpful source told us. You might know him Marik I think."

" Marik," Kaiba growled.

" We found out we can't take over a building unless the owner died or gives it up," he said, " even after we kill you we still would have to get your brother."

" You are going to jump of this building," Jennifer explained.

" How are you going to make me?" he asked.

Thomas called out for his security guards. The two strong and tall men picked Kaiba up and held him over the side. Joey was surprised they were going to drop Kaiba over the side.

" Good bye Kaiba," Thomas grinned, " Drop him."

The two men nodded and let Kaiba go. Then they all laughed and headed downstairs. Joey was astonished and a little sad. He was about to go and give Mokuba the bad news. As he was about to climb down the ladder to the fire escape he heard a faint help. He quickly climbed up the ladder and went to look over the building there Kaiba was hanging off a pole.

" Kaiba,"

" Yes stupid mutt now help me," he said.

" I don't know you just called me a stupid mutt," he joked.

" You aren't serious," Kaiba said loosing his grip.

" Now tell me why I should I help you," Joey asked.

" Because I'm scared," Kaiba spoke.

" Kaiba scared?" Joey smiled, " wow I thought emotions were for the weak."

" Please Joey help me," Kaiba pleaded.

" Hm Kaiba begging," Joey pondered.

Joey knew it wasn't the time to be playing around with Kaiba but he couldn't help it. Kaiba let go of the pole as Joey took a hold of his hand. He felt a very powerful electric charge as he took a hold of Kaiba's hand. Joey pulled Kaiba up slowly then he fainted after Kaiba was safely on the roof. Opening his eyes he saw Kaiba staring at him. Wait Kiaba was staring at him.

" Kaiba we're back to normal!" Joey shouted with joy.

" We are," Kaiba smiled, " but we never became friends."

" Maybe not but I saved your life," Joey said, " and you don't need to be friends to do that."

" So someone did have to jump off a building," Kaiba said.

" Now that I saved your life you are going to stop calling me mutt right?" Joey hoped.

" No,"

" Why not?"

" I am not giving you any special treatment," Kaiba said pulling out his cell phone to call the police. The police cars arrived and from up on the roof Kaiba could see two really hard to see people being taken into pint size police cars.

" By the way," Kaiba began, " thanks."

" Your welcome,"

" So mutt what do you like the most about being a dog?" Kaiba smirked.

" Kaiba!"

Joey chased Kaiba down the stairs. Joey was happy to be in his body so was Kaiba. And as Joey chased Kaiba down the stairs he tired not to think about what would've happened if he never went back to normal. When they both got back to the Yami was smiling. Joey announced they were back to normal. Everyone cheered.

" Happy to be in my body," Joey said.

" Me too," Kaiba said.

After thirty minutes of talking Kaiba left with Mokuba. Then Tristan and Tea, and afterwards Joey was about to leave too.

" Thanks Yami," Joey said.

" Your welcome,"

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