A/N: I know! I should be working on my other fics but.... I couldn't get this out of my head from me to write properly! So I bring to you another poem-ish one-shot. This is from the point of view of the My OC Miss Trinity Cosraff and it is obliviously about Dracula.

You say that you are

Cold and soulless inside

But when I look into your eyes

I see....

You have a soul after all

And that's not all

You have a heart too

One that beats like a drum

With the fiery intensity of a thousand suns.

When I look into you eyes

I see you human side

So very deep down inside of you

While you may scream

That you have no emotion

That you are cold and hollow

I alone know the truth.

When I touch your face

My hand is warmed

If I where to die right now

I know you would call out

My name till the skies grew gray.

You would fell the pain of loss

Because deep down you still human.

You're just a trapped soul

Calling for revenge and blood.

But I know the truth

That there is still some

Shred of humanity left in you

I see....

That you have a soul after all.

A/N: Ok that bit about her hand being warmed. That was proverbial. Just so you know . Please R and R, if you would and as always no flames please.