Title: A Daughter's Honor

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Prologue-Tainted Memory

The sound of soft laughter wafted on a cool, flickering breeze that blew through the Village of Konoha. Two youngsters, a boy and a girl, were sitting in an orchard, eating the apples they had pilfered while the old man wasn't looking.

"That old fart isn't around, is he? Do you see him Sasu?"

The girl glanced up to her comrade, the chibi Uchiha Sasuke-who was seated as lookout in the apple tree. Not seeing the old man, he took another apple and dropped it to the girl.

"Nope. He's still inside."

She didn't catch the apple, but pounced on it before it could roll away. Sasuke leaped down from the tree, landing on his rear end on the carpet of rich green grass.

"Think that's enough?"


The girl smiled prettily at Sasuke, her intelligent gray eyes going into the cutest of shapes. Sasuke grinned proudfully, feeling his ego increase at the admiring look she gave him.

"Yoru, let's see if Itachi wants some too!" He raced off toward the residences of the Uchiha and Fuyu clans.

Yoru nodded, trying to hold on to the half-dozen apples as she ran after him, her medium length ebony hair trailing behind her.

"Wait for me, you dope!!"

Sasuke acted as if he didn't hear her, only stopping when he reached his home.

"You dopey meanie."

Yoru pouted and panted hard, scrambling to keep a hold onto the apples she still carried.

"Heh heh."


Yoru stuck her tongue out at Sasuke and the two of them entered the building. From that first step, they could tell that something was wrong. An eerie silence filled the house. Normally, at this time Yoru's mother was over there and helping Sasuke's mother with dinner. The two clans' were close friends with each other.

Sharing a glance with each other, the two youngsters slowly walked to the kitchen door. Where there should have been cheerful laughter and happy voices, was silence.


Sasuke pushed opened the door, which had been left cracked opened. It caught on something, and wouldn't open completely. Combining their strength, Yoru and Sasuke shoved the door hard.


The two women lay where they had fallen. Yoru's mother was slumped over there counter where she had been cutting up vegetables, while Sasuke's mother lay butchered on the floor.

The apples forgotten and falling to the floor, Yoru made as if she was about to run to her mother's side, but Sasuke stopped her and pushed her behind him.

"C'mon! We have to find our fathers!"

Sasuke gripped Yoru's hand tightly, and pulled her out the door. His heart was pounding with fear and an aching sadness, but right now he was too numb but the sight of his mother's lifeless body to allow himself to cry. Yoru's tears fell uncontrollably down her cheeks, and she continued to throw glances over her shoulder as if she expected for her mother to spring back to life and come to comfort her.

"Dad? Dad, c'mon!"

Sasuke banged hard on the door of his dad's weapon room, the place where the shinobi stored his equipment. Both his father and hers used this room for practice, sparring against each other and honing their skills.

The door slowly creaked open.


The older boy stood there, holding a blood-stained kunai; Sasuke's father lying in a heap at his feet.

"Why did you...?"

"To see what I was capable of."

"That was it...you...you killed everyone for that reason?"

"It is important."

Itachi's cold and empty eyes settled on his little brother and his young friend. The kunai flashed toward the both of them.

"This way, Yoru!"

Sasuke yelled, half-dragging his friend out the door, back outside, and into the forest. The sound of Itachi's pursuit spurred them to run as fast as their little legs could go.

Feeling as if they had been running forever, the two were forced to stop. That reason, and the fact that they could run no further. There stood a cliff, and a waterfall spiraled down it to the misty pool far below them.

Itachi stepped from the treeline, and slowly made his way to the youngsters. The kunai he held was being thrown up and down with alarming speed.

"Sasu, look out!!"

Yoru stepped into the way when Itachi slashed with the kunai in a down-curved motion.


The kunai's blade sliced directly across Yoru's face, barely missing her eyes and continuing down to about mid-cheek. She stumbled backward, her left foot hitting the slippery and damp edge of the ledge.


A scream of absolute terror was the last thing heard, as the young girl slipped and fell into the mist. Sasuke raced to the cliff ledge, yelling Yoru's name until his voice was hoarse and he could yell no more.

Itachi slowly and sedately moved to his little brother's side. Sasuke looked up at him, eyes filled with his own fear.

"Don't kill me."

"You are not even worth killing, foolish little brother. If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me...and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life."

Itachi vanished back into the forest, leaving Sasuke to live.

"Yoru... YORU!!!"


"Sasuke...Sasuke...WAKE UP, DAMMIT!"


Uchiha Sasuke opened his eyes, greeted by the sparrow-haired Uzumaki Naruto. Mentally, he winched at the brightness of his teammate's hair-that was something that would certainly wake you up. Sasuke rubbed his ear. Damn, did Naruto have some lungs on him.


"God dammit, you cold freak, all I did was wake you up!! You looked like you were having a bad dream so I thought that you would be grateful for once!"

A cold glare was sent in Naruto's direction.

Haruno Sakura sat down beside of Sasuke.

"Naruto's right, for once. You were tossing and turning and yelling as if demons were on your tail."

"Where are we?"

Sasuke's voice felt abnormally dry, and hoarse. He took a swig of water from the canteen, which needed to be refilled from the steam anyway.

"Where we fell asleep last night. Remember? We're on our way back to Konoha. Kakashi went ahead of us so to talk with the Hokage."

Inner Sakura was worried about Sasuke. He seemed...distorted. Unfocused. Totally unlike his normal self.

"By the way...who's Yoru?"

Sasuke's gaze snapped up and his dark eyes met those bright blue and curious ones of Naruto.

"What? Don't look at me like that; you kept on saying that while you were sleeping. So...who is it?"

"She...was an old friend of mine."

"She?! GRRR!!!"

Flames appeared in Sakura's eyes. Inner Sakura was vowing that she would kill this Yoru-girl if they ever me.

"She died a long time ago..."

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