Chapter Six-The Sakura War (Part 2)

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Chapter Six-The Sakura War (Part 2)

Ryu-ko slowly walked outside her room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and looking around. Mother Mikomi was standing there, holding a scroll. Blinking several times, the girl looked blankly at the scroll then to the old priestess holding it.

"It's from your Jounin…I think that she expects you to meet for training today."

Taking the scroll from Mikomi, she unrolled it and read the kanji without hesitation. So…they were to go there again…


As the three followed Karma down the cavern halls, Karma began to think.

'In no time, this three will be set off on missions. Lately, Genins have been sent on dangerous missions because the lack of Jounin and Chunin around here. I know that their first mission will most likely be C-rank...if not higher! I better start teaching them all techniques that will help them along the way.'

The wild Jounin then turned around and stopped in her tracks. She then addressed the three.

"Okay guys! I will now teach you your first technique! Behold!"

Karma performed a few seals and a burst of chakra came from her body.

"Ninpou: Houmen suji (Ninja Technique: Muscle Release)!"

In an instant, Karma began running around the room at a very high speed. The three genins couldn't even keep up. Karma then became visible again, and punched through a boulder without much physical strain. Kara, Ryu-ko, and Tei seemed confused.

"You all seemed confused of what just happened. I will explain. The technique I just used, Houmen suji, is a ninjutsu technique which makes the brain let go of any restraint it is putting on your muscles...making you temporarily more powerful and faster. You will each learn how to use this technique."

After a few minutes, the Jounin began to explain how to do it. It mainly consisted of concentrating chakra from the brain into the area you wanted to improve.


"Uh...yah. Sure."

Ryu-ko muttered out-loud, then thought to herself.

'Sounds easy enough.'

So she had to concentrate her chakra from her mind into the area she wanted to improve? Looking at her hand, Ryu-ko narrowed her eyes and focused with a great amount of intensity. At first, nothing happened... Then...after a good five-seven minutes, Ryu-ko felt a tingling sensation.

'Either my hand has fallen asleep on me-or this is it!'

Spotting another boulder similar to the one Karma destroyed, she runs over to it. Cocking her hand into a fist, she slams down on it with all her strength...and only succeeds in nearly breaking her fingers...


Ryu-ko clutched her poor hand, blowing on it and trying to end the pain...

'It fell asleep...'

Tei thought about the amount of chakra he would need to expel to perform the move correctly.

"I think I understand."

The only male Genin from Karma's team focused chakra to his quadraceped and arched his back. He began a charge at the caverns concave wall. He pushed his sinews to their limits. With triumphant bounds he noticed his speed increase beyond what he had been privy to earlier. His sandals forced a determined clack against the ground the unabrasive slope of the rock's form allowed him to make a determined vertical run... If he could just speed up. He could feel the muscles strain and contort.

"Come on!"

The slope increased and Tei found himself running acutely out of oxygen. The respiration in his leg muscles became painful and caustic. His Achilles' tendon swelled to a monstourous size and burst, shattering his concentration and washing him with an unbearable amount of pain. Tei's back arched as he yelped before collapsing to the floor.

As the three trained to learn the technique, Karma cheered them all on. She wasn't going to up on them-they could do this!

"Come on! You guys can do it if you try. Kara...let's see you try. GO FOR IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU ALL!"

Kara first examined the others. She saw Tei and Ryu-ko getting hurt so she became nervous. She didn't think that she would do very well learning this new technique, but she gave it a try...

"Here I go!..."

She started by concentrating her chakra. She was thinking how much chakra she should use. At first nothing happened, but she began to feel something strange in her muscles.

'I think I'm getting it...'

As she kept concentrating, she then felt numb and she was suddenly in pain.


A few minutes later, Kara became sore... She stopped, looking to her Jounin and her team mates…

"I don't think I'm going to do well in this..."

"Come on you three! You can do it! Keep it up! Believe in yourselves!"

Karma cheered for them once more; as much as she wanted to help them, this was something that they had to figure out on their own if they even dreamed on improving enough to pass the Chunin Exams coming up…

Tei clutched his injured leg. It was swollen and bruised but wasn't nothing too serious. He wished he had bothered to pay attention to some of that pain numbing jutsu they taught in the academy.

'Hmm if I can't walk, I'll focus on my arm strength then.'

Tei curled up his fist and much more gradually built up chakra. His concentration wandered from time to time back to his damaged appendage; requiring him to reapply chakra to his bicep.

He held his arm high above his head and landed a devastating thud on the ground. From the thud began to jet veins of darkness. The veins all turned towards the center of the cave.

'Did I do it?'

Lifting his hand to see the crater he surely caused with that blow, Tei grinned. Then, to his devastation, he found only a dead crawfish that had scurried under his strike.

Tei rubbed his leg trying to numb the pain. He had it elevated and the swelling had decreased. Tei decided to try the technique again. He began moving all of his strength into his right bicep, he then rose to his feet and channeled the chakra to his arm.

As he slowly moved towards a boulder in the dark corner of the underground labyrinth he felt the chakra circulate in his appendage. He lifted his arm and was surprised at the little effort it took. It seemed as if he had been wearing weights his entire life, and only now bothered to take them off.

With little strain he meandered to the stone. His muscle twitched as he brought his arm to a 4 o' clock position above his right shoulder. Then, in one fluent movement he brought his arm blazing forth while locking his wrist firmly. The bone in his hand held firm as an ear-splitting crack resonated throughout the natural made room.


"I did it! I broke the boulder."

The large rock vibrated as a spider web fracture spread across the face of the stone. The rock now halved, fell apart revealing two asymmetrical crystalline centers.

"Umm... Karma-sama, what are those?"

"Well, it appears like you have completed the training for this technique, so just wait around till the others finish. That rock is a geode, and I think that those are crystals…"

Kara began to be sore, but still, she gave it another try. She thought that she would be successful this time. Then Kara gathered all her chakra, and then she started to concentrate.

As she was concentrating, she felt her muscles flexing on their own. She felt very powerful all of a sudden, and she knew she can do this. This technique seemed so simple, but it was really hard. She kept on concentrating, feeling like she just came home from the gym. So she kept thinking that this would be done really quickly. Kara fell to the floor; she was way too tired to learn this new technique.

She really wanted to learn the technique. She thought of Suijin cheering her on.

'C'mon! I can do this!'

Kara knew that she had to learn this technique, but she was too tired. She decided to try one more time.

"C'MON! I can do this!"

Kara once again tried to concentrate. She gathered up her chakra and tried once more.

Her muscles began to be sore again, but she kept trying and trying. Kara felt something different about her muscles this time, just like she did the first time she tried to learn this technique.

Making a fist, she smashed it down to the ground. It then started to shake, almost as if an earthquake had struck it.

"Yes! I finally did it!"

Seeing that Kara and Tei had already finished, Ryu-ko didn't want to be left behind. She focused, finding a little spark of chakra, gathering it, whirling upon the boulder that she had first struck and slamming her closed fist against its surface. The rock fissured, and then crumpled apart, leaving pebbles and good throwing stones in its place.

As Ryu-ko and Kara finished learning the technique, Karma couldn't help but to smile once again.

"YES! CHUNIN EXAM HERE WE COME! ...maybe I am still getting ahead of myself, but you were spectacular! Nicely done! Well, time to move on to the next technique. Hope you are ready for it."

Karma turns around, and walks to a different part of the cavern, expecting the three to follow her. Kara follows Karma-sensei.

"So, what are we going to do now…?"

Tei let a smile creep across his face. With this move, he could boost his Taijutsu to reasonable levels.

"Thank you Karma-sensei, I will commit that technique to memory."

Tei felt himself progressing in the path that he had chosen and was proud.

'Maybe I will finally prove myself after all.'

As they walk down the caverns, Karma makes a sudden stop. Then she turned to the three genins.

"I will now teach you all a new technique! Here it goes!"

All of a sudden, Karma's hands begin to glow with chakra.


Then Karma runs at another rock, and smashes it to pieces. She looked back at her student to see them staring at her with wonder in their eyes. Or maybe they just though that their teacher was more than a little crazy…

"Okay everyone, this tech is called 'Burning Fists of Glory'. One of my original techniques, I might add. To use it, you need to wrap chakra onto your hands. When this is complete, you need to make sure the chakra stays balanced. Afterwards, you are free to attack to cause more damage to opponents. You may begin training...NOW!"

Kara was really tired, but still she watched Karma-sensei show them the new move. The technique looked very hard, but the small and shy girl wasn't one to give up ever.

"Here I go!"

Making a fist, Kara gathered chakra on her hand. She felt stronger in somewhat of a strange way, probably from the new tech that they had just learned. Then she thought she got it right, so she went up to a boulder and smashed it with her hands. Bad move!


Kara almost broke her finger, but she only got some bad bruises and it started swelling painfully. Ouch.

"Damn! I knew this new technique was going to be hard.. ARG!

Tei was aware of his low chakra pools, so he was a bit concerned with the notion of trying this technique so soon after the previous one. He watched as Kara made her attempt…and sadly fail…

'I suppose this is a necessary part of advancing; taking risks. I will try my best and hope I do not waste my energy.'

Beginning to circulate his chakra, he could sense how much of his pool he had used up. Half of his pool was gone. Tei was glad, as he thought he had less than a quarter left actually.

'The only way I could have this much chakra left is if... But when how long have I had this power and not known?'

With confidence, he shunted a large portion of his chakra into his hands. Similar to Karma's hands his glow with the intensity of the chakra. Unfortunately, as he moved his right hand back to swing he realized how grossly unbalanced his chakra had covered his appendages. Correcting the problem quickly, the chakra burst out of his hands and demolished the boulder in front of him. He nodded, this being something that he was skilled at, and then went to stand beside Ryu-ko.

Kara was once again pissed off for screwing up. Just like it seemed, it was hard. She still didn't give up and gave it another try. First gathering her chakra up again to fists, she then went up to another boulder.

'C'MON! It better work this time…'

Kara smashed her hand as fast as she could. The boulder made a small crack, but Kara got really hurt after that blow. Things just weren't going very well for her today…

"DAMN! I screwed up again."

Kara found herself once again trying. However, this time she was really mad. She took out all her anger and gathered chakra to her hand. After that she made a fist and stepped up to another boulder, ready to smash her hand through the boulder. She thought about how happy she would be if she mastered the technique; she could go and rub it in that street-ninja's face. What was that flirt's name; Suijin?

"C'mon! I have to master this technique!"

She swung her hand as fast as she could. Thinking about the pain she would feel if she messed up, she prayed that she would master this technique. After Kara took a swing, she didn't feel anything. She thought that she missed, but when she looked up, she noticed that she smashed the boulder to hundreds of pieces.

"Wahoo…Sensei! Did I do it!"

Karma had been distracted by several small, sightless fish that had been swimming in a small rocky pool to the side of the cavern, and she had gone over to look at them. How could they move with no eyes; was it chakra or…? She returned her attention to her Genin when she heard Kara's question.

"Oh, you are done already Kara; Tei? Nice job! I knew you could do it!"

Then Karma walked over to Ryu-ko and poked her, to see if she were still alive. She glared at her, causing for her to laugh right at her.

"Come on, come on…you're almost done…"

'Wrap chakra into your hands?'

Ryu-ko thought briefly, then peered down at her already bruised and filthy hands. She glanced up, looking from her sensei to her fellow two students.

'Right. I can do this.'

Closing her eyes, Ryu-ko delved deep into the inner spring in which her chakra laid. Feeling the warmth as the chakra flowed into her hands, she reopened her eyes and rushed forward. However, there was a mistake on her part. As soon as she let her focus shift to a target, the chakra again flowed right from her hands and dissipated. Ryu-ko was again at square one. Growling under her breath, she mentally chided herself for once again letting her focus slip.

Ryu-ko allowed the chakra to once again return to her hands, and, this time she refused to allow her concentration to slip. When all else failed, she did have a stubborn side to her, something that could be both a good and a bad thing. Clenching her fingers into a fist, the chakra-empowered hand slams directly into the boulder she was just aiming for.

It wasn't enough. While more bruises were added to her growing collection, the boulder was now sporting several cracks.

'Not enough chakra...'

Ryu-ko's father had trained her to use the least amount of chakra as possible to get a job completed; conserving what was left for other tasks. She had misjudged the amount of chakra that was needed; not expecting it to take as much.

Allowing a greater amount of chakra into her hands was the easy part-maintaining it there was much harder. Gritting her teeth, Ryu-ko backed up until she was about two yards from the stone. She was ready.

Running the remaining distance, she slammed her fist dead center of the boulder. The cracks multiply-then the boulder shatters from the force of the chakra-laced blow.

Standing there for a brief minute, she blew painfully on her hands. She then looked to her sensei for any further instructions..

"Alrighty my oh-so-wonderful Genin…your training is completed for today…I'm going to allow you the rest of the evening off."

Karma cheerfully escorted the drop-dead exhausted genin from the cavern, and they were stunned to see that where it had been early morning when they had arrived at the cavern, the sun was now slowly setting and the sky was growing into a darker hue…


With faintly muttered good-byes, the three parted ways to their own separate homes, and Ryu-ko found herself alone in the market district. They were packing up for the night, and suddenly one elderly man stopped her.

"Miss, take this."

He pressed an old, leather bound book into Ryu-ko's hands, and then disappeared into the crowd before she could even react.


Glancing down at the book in her hands, she decided to return to the shrine before she took a closer look at it…


Ryu-ko sat cross-legged on her bed, looking at the book that she held in her lap. There was a single word inscribed on the cover, but it was so faded that she could just barely make it out… It said: Chronicles…

Shifting her weight, she opened the book carefully, and then stared in open shock at the name written in ink on the inside flap of the front cover.

"Fuyu Syco…but that's…"


"Syco…so this is your daughter; you were right she's as beautiful as your wife!"

A man loomed in her vision, her hand being held tightly and in comfort by an even larger looking man. Her father; his ANBU mask hanging from a loop of rope on his belt; which also double as a shuriken holster. She could remember that he was a specialist of thrown weapons; kunai, needles, shuriken…it didn't matter to him… Nor was she ever scared when he was around, she knew that he would protect her. The ANBU known as Syco was her Daddy after all…


Blinking slowly, Ryu-ko snapped her mind from the memory in a daze. This journal…had been her father's? But…

She lightly touched the first entry, dated over fifteen years earlier. This was a journal from when he was younger; when he had been completing his own training…and when he had first met her mother; a shinobi transferred from Iwa…the Village of the Hidden Stone…

'How…how did that man…?'


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