Title: United

Summary: AU, takes place after Armada...An attack lead by the Terracons somehow sends five Autobots and five Decepticons to Earth. Now they must work together if they want to make it back to Cybertron alive.

Disclaimer: (Whoops. Forgot this in the first chapter...) I don't own the show or characters, but Tri Blade is mine. Waverider and Rica belong to a friend.

Author's Notes: M'kay...here is chapter two. I appreciate the reviews very much. Feel free to give me a few ideas or criticisms. Well...I think that's about it. I'd like to point this out before you get too attached to the story...There might be some yaoi between Hot Shot and Prime, I'm not sure yet. Maybe some Megatron/Tri Blade too. What do you think?

------(Chapter Two: Return of a Leader)

(Location: Cybertron, Training Grounds)

"Attention all units! This is not a drill! I repeat: This is not a drill! Cybertron is under attack!" Demolisher's voice rang out.

Sideswipe's optics widened and he quickly turned to see Scavenger's reaction...A calm expression masking an angry scowl and fiery optics.

"Scavenger?" He asked.

"All right...You three!" Scavenger looked at Arcee, Ultra Magnus, and Ironhide. "Report to Autobot headquarters. Sideswipe, go with them."

"But I...I can fight, you know that!" Sideswipe said, frowning.

"I know. That's why I want you to protect them."

His face light up. "You mean it?"


"Yes, sir! Follow me!"

The four Autobots transformed and sped back to the Autobot headquarters.

"Why wouldn't he let us fight?" Ironhide grumbled.

"You're all still rookies. You'll get your chance one of these days..."

'...if that's true...' Sideswipe thought, bitterly, 'then why haven't I gotten mine?'

(Location: Cybertron, Main Decepticon Headquarters)

"Finally!" Cyclonus grinned. "Some action! Come on, Tidal Wave! Waverider, let's go!"

"Calm down, will you?" Demolisher, who had just arrived, said. "We have a battle on our hands and we need you focused."

"Um..." Waverider rider ran out of the room, the others behind her. "Can he get focused?"

"Where is Tri Blade?" Cyclonus asked.

"Scouting with Jetfire, Prowl, and Soundwave," Demolisher answered. "They're trying to figure out what these things are!"

"WHOA!" Waverider stopped abruptly and everyone nearly ran into her. "What is that?!"

Before them were several panther like Transformers. They growled at them and watched them closely.

"Nice kitty..." Cyclonus said, taking aim.

One of the panther Transformers lunged at him. With a cry of surprise, Cyclonus flung his arm up and knocked the creature off. It landed on its feet and charged at him again. This time, Cyclonus managed to fire before it latched onto him. He hit it in one of the shoulders before firing again at its head. Growling a bit, it fell over and its optics dimmed.

"Ha!" Cyclonus smirked. "That wasn't so...UGH!"

Five more of the panthers jumped onto him and wrestled him to the ground.

Demolisher and Tidal Wave began attacking the others and Waverider helped in freeing Cyclonus.

"Stop playing around!" She snapped, knocking the last of them off.


"Optics forward!" Waverider pushed him against the wall and aimed her wrist blaster at a panther Transformer lunging at them. She hit it right between the optics.

"They just keep coming!" Demolisher said, knocking one off his arm and slamming it into a wall before shooting it.

"HEY!" A voice called. There was a flash and suddenly two Transformers appeared by them. "Start the party without us?"

"Skywarp! Thundercracker!" Demolisher scowled. "Quite standing around and help!"

Skywarp just smirked and they began fighting the other Transformers.

"What are these things? They aren't like any Transformer I've ever seen before!" said Thundercracker.

"We wanna know that too, trust me!" Cyclonus replied. "Good kitty...Nice kitty...HEY! THAT IS NOTa chew toy!!"

(Location: Somewhere west of the Autobot base)

"We can hold them off much longer!" cried Hot Shot. "There's just too many of them!"

Scavenger ducked and began firing again. "What do they want?"

"Hot Shot!" Jetfire and Prowl ran up to them.

"Jetfire, report!"

"These things are after our energon supplies! The security around the north mind has been breached!"

"WHAT?!" Hot Shot and Scavenger demanded.

Jetfire nodded and took aim at bird like Transformer. He fired and blasted off one of its wings, sending it to the ground. It explode on impact.

"Where are Tri Blade and Soundwave?" Hot Shot asked as they continued fighting.

"They're trying to help hold these things off until backup arrives at the mine!" Prowl answered.

"Who are they waiting for?" Scavenger asked.

"Hoist, Hound, Inferno, and Elita-1," answered Prowl.

Hot Shot transformed. "Let's go!"

Everyone transformed and followed him to the mine. When they arrived, Hoist and the others had arrived and were fighting alongside Tri Blade, Soundwave, and the other Transformers who had been on security.

"Everyone alright?" Hot Shot asked.

"Yeah, we're fine!" Elita-1 assured. "How many more of them are there?!"

"I don't know!" Skywarp answered. "But this is getting old and fast! Some help would be nice! There must be millions of these things!"

Hound was knocked to the ground by one of the panthers and it wasn't long before they managed to take down Skywarp, Waverider, Inferno, and Hoist.

"This is not good!" Hot Shot muttered, looking around quickly. They needed help and they needed it now. 'Think, Hot Shot, think! Ugh, Optimus would know what to do if he were here!'

He cried out in pain when he was shot from behind. He fell forward and landed on his knees hard, denting the metal. His vision was damaged when a bird Transformer flew into him and cracked one of his optics. Through his audio receivers he heard Tri Blade scream, vaguely seeing the seeker get a wing ripped off. Soundwave's face plate cracked when a panther rammed into him, and soon Cyclonus was buried under a pile of the robotic cats. Where were they coming from?!

"Hot Shot, what do we do?!" Scavenger called.

"I don't know," he admitted. "I DON'T KNOW!"

Through cracked optics, Hot Shot saw metal claws coming at him. Just when he expected the creature to strike, a bright beam cascaded onto the battlefield, destroy half of the robotic birds and cats in seconds. Some of them hissed and eventually all of them retreated as more and more beams came down on them.

"What's happening?" Hot Shot asked, looking up. He focused as best he could and saw...Optimus.

Then he blacked out.


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